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Isuzu Trooper Timing Belt Problem

I change the Water pump of a 1995 Isuzu trooper and I change the Timing Belt wrong. I know it for the strange sound that it makes in the engine.

Do the valves of this SUV get damage?

How can I change It?

Can I find the user manual of this SUV some where?


  • I have a 2000 trooper w/ 80000mi., guess I need to repl. belt. can it be done by the home mechanic? does this engine have an interference engine? 3.5 liter. Water pump have to come off when doing? trooper guy2
  • hello im currentlly restoreing a 92 trooper and have the timing belt in view its definetly a oneday job if you want it done right and i definetly recommend takeing the radiator out first it gives you tons of room and its not that difficult to do as to the valves.. it can damage them depending on how far off the timing is but i think its safe to assume your ok because it wouldnt run if its to far off. manuels are semi ok to find i bought and recommend a chiltons manuel at advanced auto parts... Good luck
  • Thanks quimozabi, when doing the timing belt, does replacing the water pump at the same time make sense? I was told this on my Isuzu P'UP '93 that I had. Had it done too when having the belt repl. But checking the owners manual, it says the timing belt should be done at 100K miles. Mine is at 80K, and thefactory had the engins repl. when the truck was 1 yr. old. approx. 12000 mi. So I guess I have a few years to go before I get to 100K, but notice the warrenty, which is out of date now, required to change at 60K. Big difference. I think I will do myself in a couple of years.Will take your advise, get a real manual, Chiltons. Good luck with the rebuild, trooperguy 2
  • i have an m reg isuzu trooper duty 3.1 and the red light on my dash is on which says t belt!
    what do i have to do dont have a clue about cars and sick and tired of being conned at the garages!!!!!!!
  • If t-belt light is on, then you definitely need to change it. If you look in your service pack you will find that t-belt change also time sensitive. Sounds like yours is well overdue.
  • I recently rebuilt the engine on my 1998 trooper and am 99.9% positive I have the timing belt in the right position. I have no power and backfire when i push the throttle until about 2000 RPM. any suggestions?
  • Have a 94 Trooper 3.2. Changing the timing belt. Cannot get the crankshaft pully bolt to break loose. Any advise/ Help! Also is it possible that the belt slipping has bent the valves? The truck would not start.
  • atfdmikeatfdmike Posts: 414
    I have the same model, DOHC. The bolt is a bear to loosen. I use an impact but I had to remove the radiator to use it. I have since seen where if you CAREFULLY use a long breaker bar and wedge it against the frame or other hard point and then quickly bump the starter it will break the bolt loose. I suggest unplugging the connectors to the coil packs in order to assure the engine does not start. I have seen this done but not on an Isuzu, but I see no reason it would not work, as it is a right hand threaded bolt. Also, the harmonic balancer is a slip fit so it will usually come right off if you are careful to use a remover or carefully apply even pressure to it on opposite sides. Good luck

    This engine is a non interference engine, according to the experts. There is a warning in the manuals, but I am pretty confident that you should not have any damage unless you really over revved it or drove it a long time with it mis timed, .....which usually cannot be done as the engine will run poorly if at all.
    One guys opinion.
  • I am in the middle of changing the timing belt on my 02 trooper. I cannot get the serpentine belt tensioner off to get to the timing belt cover. I have taken all bolts out but there either is a dowel pin or another bolt inside the tensioner. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • My '95 Trooper quit running. It turns over and tries to start but it's as if it's not firing. I assumed it to be the timing belt needs replacing. Anyway, I started pulling spark plug wires to take out the plugs as the Chilton suggested and when I got to #3 plug the wrench came back drenched in oil. What's the significance?
  • well You need a long !/2" drive Breaker bar or at least a 24" craftsmen (strong one) and a pipe over it for leverage(mayb). I have a 32" I got from harbor freight. Use a small socket not a long deep one. Use a 14" pipe wrench tighten it up top lip inside of
    pulley bottom lip tight against outside of pulley lodge other end against frame or something very solid and pull lefty loosey righty tighty
  • changed the cam belt but how do you turn off the warning light on the dashboard
  • brentb1brentb1 Posts: 18
    you need new grommets that go in the under side of the valve cover.that will stop the oil getting into the tubes
  • That is due to bad spark plugs or cables, or maybe the O2 sensor too.
  • Have a 3.2 L DOHC motor in a 97 isuzu trooper. My timing belt has gone out and I am looking to replace it. I am wondering if this motor is an interference motor, an if I could have incured damge to my valves etc when the belt failed. I am torn between replacing the belt or removing the heads to see what, if any, damage their might be. any comments and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Pull the head and check. Nothing like replacing the belt to find that valve damage has been incurred.
  • There are 2 bolts hiding behind the tensioner housing the spring
  • If you haven't already done it, there is a slide switch on the back of the instrument cluster. Push it to the opposite position. You alternate it each time a change is due.
  • Take out cylinder #1 plug and turn motor to 90 degrees (or more) past TDC.
    get a few feet of 1/4 to 3/8 nylon line (or rope) and feed it into the cylinder through the plug hole until you have a hand full in the cylinder. When you un screw the bolt the valves will close and the rope will compress in the cylinder stopping the piston.
    You may need a length of pipe to extend your breaker bar to make it easier on your back. I have used this trick a hundred times and have never bent a valve or piston rod.
    To tighten the bolt remove the rope, move piston to 90 deg. BTDC and reinsert the rope. Hope this helps someone! Cheers.
  • Pretty in depth for a shade tree and you dont have to remove the pump. It is interference.
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