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Isuzu Trooper Timing Belt Problem



  • No, Well I dont think so. I think the Engine is whats called Non Interferance. My belt broke on me, same engine in my 95 Troop 3.2 DOHC as you have. although I was not driving the truck at the time the belt broke. I was getting off work and went to start the truck and thats when mine broke.
  • How do you realign the cam sprockets after they have spun out of sequence?
    what are the marks on the cam shafts, and how are they aligned?
  • lemon19lemon19 Posts: 8
    I change out the engine on my 2000 trooper 3.5L and decided to change the water pump and timing belt. After installing the engine, the car run loud and seems to be misfiring. I found out that only the right head bank is working, because when i pull the coil for plugs either 2,4,6 the car doesn't stall or at like its about to choke. If i pull the plug for 1,3,5 it dies right away. I'm pretty sure my timing is right.. Need help bad....
  • On a 1992 Trooper 3.2L SOHC (Vin V), Several issues:

    1) I cannot find a cam sprocket alignment mark on the passenger's side. The driver's side sprocket has a line stamped in the rim of the sprocket and another on the "front plate". The two cam sprockets are quite different. The passenger side has two notches 180 deg apart. One of them lines up approx where the SOHC diagram says. But I can't find any mark/dot/dimple on the front plate. Someone did scribe a mark on the front plate and painted a mark on the sprocket.

    2) There are clear marks on the drivers side cam sprocket, but they are not where the SOHC diagrams indicate. The driver's side is closer to where the DOHC marks are located.

    3) The cam sprocket marks are way off (~90 deg) if the crank sprocket has the keyway/notch at 3 o'clock lined up with the mark on the oil pimp. But, I did find a reference in the Chilton's manual on the '96 3.2L which says "verify that the pointer on the crankshaft aligns mark with the mark on the lower timing cover". I take that to mean 0 deg on the timing scale on the t-belt cover. My marks line up if the crank is in that position. (Interestingly, the "to install" procedure says align the crank sprocket with the oil pump marks. Re-assembly should be the reverse of disassembly.)

    I just want to be sure I've got things in the right position for installing a new belt. The homemade mark on the passenger-side sprocket is one notch off from the others.

    Is there any way to be certain of the passenger-side cam sprocket without having to pull the valve cover?


  • My Trooper is the same year with apparent TBelt issues too. 86k miles I've checked everything but the TBelt. Any suggestions before I take the plunge?
  • Does anyone know how to re-time this engine after the timing is lost? I have this Paris Dakar edition trooper and it got a water leak under the intake manifold from a old oil ring on a water tub. So, since the engine was torn down as much as it was I thought I should change the timing belt. Well, the time got off when it was put back together and did not start. I was told it skipped a tooth and the timing chains were too loose. So I bought new timing changes and tensioners. everything is back together excepted putting back on the timing belt. I need help in getting the cams in the right position to the crank. I found alot of info on newer engines but not the one I have. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Herman.
  • wolffarmerwolffarmer Posts: 1
    edited June 2014

    To remove the Serpentine belt tensioner. Looking at the thing from the front there is a bolt 45 degrees up and to the left of the center pivot of the tensioner. 12mm socket gets it. Then need an 8 mm Allen wrench. Not sure what they are called now. And unscrew the center bolt and the tensioner comes right off. Only took me about 3 hours to figure this out, Feared that center bolt would take the tensioner itself apart but it is ok. Now to figure out the power steering pump so it goes back together easier.

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