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Nissan Quest Heating / Cooling Problems

46ts46ts Posts: 7
I have a 99 Nissan Quest that I have replaced the blower resistor in order to get the low speeds to work on the fan. The new $34 resistor burns out after 3 days. I suspect there is a short somewhere or something is causing the resistor to overheat. Has anyone found faults related to this? The dealership said there is a second resistor for the rear air, where is that? They said by the other one, but I did not see it. Leaves blocking air flow over the resistor? Bad Bearings on the motor causing excessive resistannce? The ac does not work and I noticed that no hot air blows out of the rear air vents. Any ideas?


  • mowakymowaky Posts: 2
    we have a 98 Mercury Villager and had trouble with the A/C not working. We replaced the plug and harness that go to the A/C unit. However, it would still only intermittently come on. So we took a pair of needle nose pilers and scraped the metal on the plug itself. (the prongs) and than it made a good connection. We haven't had a problem with it since. Try that and see if it works.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
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  • I have 1998 Mercurry Villager and now it is winter
    it takes a longtime to warm up. No warm air comes out of the vents until I start driving for a prolonged period. As soon as I stop, vents start blowing cold air. Same issue with the rear heater. Also the car has Water Coolant smell once van is driven with the heater on for a longtime.
    Otherwise the car is normal and does not over heat.

    Took it to a mechanic. The car was very low on
    Coolant water and he found a Coolant Leak from the rubbber Radiator Hose. He said this is a big job, since to replace the upper radiatr hose, will require removing lots of stuff and replacing the manifold gasket.

    Does this make sense? Do I need to do all this
    to replace the rubber hose?

    Your opinion please.

    Thank You

  • What you are understanding as the upper radiator hose is possibly not the large radiator hose but the small coolant bypass hose near the intake manifold. Ask your mechanic specifically. Unfortunately it is a labor-intensive and expensive job to replace this small hose. You may also have a defective thermostat, as these thermostats have rubber seals that deteriorate and may them defective by overcooling the engineer. That would also affect how much interior heat you are getting. If you have this mechanic do the work, I would suggest you also have him replace the thermostat. If you are losing coolant and drive your vehicle for a prolonged period, you will overheat your engine eventually. So you should take care of this soon. Good luck!
  • gberlogeagberlogea Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Villager with dual A/C. I have replaced the A/C compressor and accumulator and for a few weeks I had ice cold air front and back; to my surprise, now is only in the back that is still ice cold, in front being barely colder then outside! What could be the problem? What buttons I should press on the A/C controls to reset the ventilation system?
  • cadrivrcadrivr Posts: 2
    My wifes brother has 1000 miles on his 07 nissan quest.
    Front A/C has stopped working twice. Dealer has told him
    it may be a bad resistor. Dealer advised him to let them
    know if it happens again. Is this a known problem? Any
    information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • 46ts46ts Posts: 7
    My experience has taught me that a resister will blow when there is too much of a load on it. It over heats and the element inside breaks like a fuse. In my case the blower was drawing too many amps to operate. There was a drag on the armature causing the resister to blow. I can't say this is the same for you, but it may help in trying to identify the root of the problem.
  • cbohlmancbohlman Posts: 1
    I just replaced the A/C compressor in my wife's 2001 Nissan Quest and now I am experiencing the same problem you had with your 1997 Villager, i.e. A/C blowing ice cold air in the rear of the van, outside ambient temp from the front. Can you please tell me what you did to fix your Villager A/C problem??? Thanks!
  • Rear a/c upper vents blow only warm air, front a/c works fine in both recirc and outside (normal) positions. All controls work fine, blowers work fine in both front and rear. Rear air does not get cold; front air frigid cold. Any ideas?
  • ob1ob1 Posts: 6
    Has anyone had their AC fade out on long car trips. During two recent road trips my AC seemed to lose blowing power and cooling power. During the first incident we stopped and turned the van off...when we restarted we had no AC at all and rear AC would not even turn on. After a second re-boot everything came back to normal. During second road trip AC just seemed to lose blowing and cooling power. I would fan on high and could hear a louder blowing sound but with little air coming out of the front vents.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    We had this happen, for the first time, this weekend. We started the van, AC was on auto and rear AC was on high, it was 95 degrees here. I was about 1/2 mile from home, going 35, on flat road, and AC/fan front and rear, just stopped. The display showed like everything should be on, but, about 10 seconds later, it all turned back on. It hasn't happened since. Any ideas from anyone??

    2004 Quest SE
    42,000 miles
  • nothing this bad, but I've had surging. Replaced the in cabin air filter (a crappy design if ever there was one) and the surging stopped. I understand why, it was DIRTY. I had about 39k on my 2004 Quest S, and I WILL change that filter more often (I think 12k is the recommended interval)
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    ernie144: Where is the cabin air filter located on your Quest S? I didn't think the Quest S had one.
  • i have a 1997 villager the heater controll unit in the dash board has stoped working all together i found that the circuit board in the controll box is burnt out so i bought a new one for $275.00 installed it and the rear air and heat works but the front wont turn on at all i replaced the front blower mottor still wont work has any one had this problem or any suggestions on how to fit this
    please help
    thank you
  • Start to experience this problem recently: (Winter here in Canada)

    The front control has no problem. Hot air is blowing.
    But, there is no heat coming out of the rear control; only cold air.
    (Temperature control is already set to HIGH)

    After driving a while, the air at the rear starts to warm up a little bit.
    But, it is still nowhere close to the hot air blowing at front.

    Does anyone know what the possible problem may be?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Anyone found an answer to the dual a/c issue: front a/c blows warm, while rear a/c works fine?
  • 46ts46ts Posts: 7
    I think the problem may be either vacuum or cable connection to a by-pass door in the ventilation system that is not completely opening or closing causing restricted air flow. It may also be a valve in the AC system that directs the freon between the front and rear AC systems. I would take these theory's to your local Nissan dealership and discuss with the service department. They should be able to bring up a schematic showing the AC ventilation system and where that door or valve might be and how it is operated.
  • My wife noticed that no hot air came out of the overhead vents although I set the rear control as hot and at max. Is that normal or something was defective? Only some hot air came out from the grid at the 3rd row seat foot. I vaguely remember this was an issue raised a while ago. Please let me know.
    05 Quest SE
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Check your owner's manual but I think the hot air should come out from the floor vents and not the overhead vents.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I was going to say the same thing but mine's a '99 so was afraid Nissan may have changed the duct work or something. Only cold AC comes out of our roof vents.

    Steve, visiting host
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