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Ford Ranger 4x4 Problems



  • my 06 ranger does the same thing,have an appointment thurs. hope my garage is better at figureing this out.......
  • Good Evening vicc24,
    Let me Know what You Find Out. I had to use my 4x4 this week and it was still bucking or feels like you hit Bumps that are not there. I use the Truck for Work and I need to get there on the snow days. Keep me posted on what you find out. I have an 06 Ranger about 58,000 miles on it. PrayerHiker
  • fastgtfastgt Posts: 1
    I have a 4wd 93 ranger. my 4wd works but the problem i am having is when im in 2wd driving down the road the front diff acts like its trying to lock in 4wd. if i come to a stop it will grind and thump. when i take off it grinds, if i push the 4wd button it locks in and its fine, push the button to go to 2wd and its fine. it acts up every now and then. anybody have any suggestions or fixes.
  • i have a 2000 ford ranger xlt and i can turn it over to 4 high and low and and light comes on and you can hear noises to it like it kicks in but it dont kick in at the wheels i have to take the wheel caps off and take the boot off and lock it in myself its like its somethin with the suction not kickin it in and out..anyone know anything let me know plz..thanks
  • Im not the greatest with the knowledge of things so help me out. My ranger died today on the side of the road after a huge pope, it seemed to start to slow down then it poped and started to clank alot, i pushed clutch in and engine stayed running when i let clutch out it dosent go anywhere. any ideas? 2.9l 1991
  • I have a ford ranger xlt 2000. which way do you turn the tooth gear to tighten up the emergency brake..also is it opposite on each side or do you turn them the same way on each wheel???
  • sounds like you blew the clutch...sorry
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Emergency brake? Most have an 'turnbuckle' type adjuster in the single cable running back, before it splits into two cables.

    I think you are talking about the 'star adjuster' on rear drum brakes for the automatic adjustment? Where you put a tool or screwdriver thru a slot on the back plate and move it up/down? I never know which way to turn these, you just have to pull the drum off and mess with it to see which way tightens the bands (screws the adjuster out). Then remember after you put the drum back on. If this adjuster is 'close', backing the truck up and stopping it multiple times will make this auto adjuster put the bands into adjustment. If it's overly loose, you will not have any rear brakes and it would take forever backing up, so in this case you do have to do a manual adjustment/tighten thru the slot.
  • Want to hear a good story on my POS 02 Ranger XLT 4X4! Well I have been trying to fix my odometer for quit a while now. Put in new worm gear, put in new transmission speed sensor, and still not working. Today I am going to purchase a used cluster with about how many miles my truck should have on it. Also my timing chain guides need replaced(LOTS of chatter), my ABS breaks kick on when I am almost to a complete stop(needs new hub), and it needs new lower arm bushings on passenger side(LOTS of squawking!). Oh it is also stalling when I put in reverse(new spark plugs needed).... I LOVE my POS Ranger!!!!
  • the speed sensor on a 99 ranger is located in the rear axle,not sure on a 02 model hope this might help.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    10 year old truck. Give it some love, do the maintenance it needs.
  • I will, but all these parts plus labor is very costly. Even with a friend mechanic doing all the labor. It was $440.00 just for the timing chain kit at Autozone... I will fix it all and wait for the next thing to break on it. I could understand if I beat on the truck, but I baby it. My friend has a rolled over(not odometer roll over) ranger same year as mine and his runs like a champ and he BEATS on it, weird. I will not ever buy another Ranger. I think I am going to go diesel next and atleast get better gas mileage.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    And pay 20% more for diesel.
  • I would pay a little more for the diesel, but I would get better gas mileage than my Ranger Danger.
  • can any help me i got a 99 ford ranger and im not getting any response from my 4x4 selector on the dash and no power to the shifter motor when i plug the motor in the plug coming out of the cab.. i check every single fuse, and both my 4h an 4l indicators on my dash keep flashing . and im stumped. and after i check all the fuse now i have no turn signals and my key chime wont go off. so i could really use the help.
  • I would go through your fuses again to get the key chime and signals to work correctly. Possibly you mixed a couple of the fuses. They take the specific fuse for a reason. For your 4x4 I would check the 4x4 control module. Have a ford mechanic or someone with brains on fords to check it. Good luck
  • 06 Ranger 4x4, when driving in a straight line I get a whining noise that sounds like very bad tires, when taking a long sweeping curve to the left the noise ceases. A friend tells me it's the RH wheel bearing, someone else said they are a bear to replace. Any advice would be most welcome. I'm fairly good at auto repairs in general.
  • I would replace the whole right hub. Couple hundred maybe to do it. If you replace the whole hub you won'r have to worry about your ABS sensor or anyother sensor down there going bad for a longer time than just changing the bearing.
  • Thanks so much for the advice, so I take it you have seen this problem & resolution previously?
  • Ken, did you ever figure this out?? I have this same problem right now. Can you help? Thanks
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