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Honda Passport Electrical Problems



  • jimbakejimbake Posts: 1
    Hello, our passport's driver side power windows suddenly stopped working. The passenger side windows both work (for now?) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • k, so this '01 passport check engine light keeps coming on. then the car tries to die. like it wants to stall. it does stall or stop running when the air gets turned on. any ideas on what to check?
  • yarddog3yarddog3 Posts: 1
    My mechanics are stumped and said they cant help me. For some reason my passport picks different times not to crank. There is no pattern and if the car sits overnite it will crank. I have had the car to the mechanic several times and it never fails it crank..Tonite we went out to eat(about 45 minutes) and it wouldnt crank..I called AAA with a wait of an hour. After 30 minutes I tried to crank and it did...If I get someone to jump it off it will crank...This is really frustrating...
  • You wrote: down next to your left foot is a panel. 1 screw and then pull it of. the problem is the relay in the center. there is 3 relays the dash tailights and liciense plate light relay is the center relay.

    Thanks ever so much for this answer. You have saved my Isuzu Rodeo. When the taillights stopped working, along with the dash lights, I took it to the Dealer. They informed me that the only thing it could be, was theHeadlight Switch on the left side of the steering wheel. Est. Cost to fix, $1,200.
    Since your post, I have ordered another relay for $34.00 and have installed it. Everything works fine now. Never knew that there were relays under that panel.
    Thanks again.
  • I have a 2002 Passport with a new battery, battery connections and starter but It still won't crank over. It has power to the headlights and dash and horn but not to the windows door locks or fan blower. I don't see any of the fuses that are blown. Would appreciate any input.
  • I have a '98 LX Honda Passport that is 4dr 4 wheel drive. My car has been having some strange electrial problems. For a while when I used the turn signals it would blow out a fuse and when the car shifted into 3rd gear it would make a hard clunking noise & it sounded like the transmission was going to fall out. When I changed the fuse then everything worked fine. To avoid having the problem I just stopped using my turn signals. I recently had to have the car inspected and for some reason when they did the turn signals everything worked fine. Since it didn't blow out the fuse I used my turn signals all weekend. Then all of the sudden the power outlet didn't work. Then today the radio, clock and the dome light aren't working. When I checked the fuses the dome light fuse was lit up - even after the car was turned off. When I went to replace it the fuse blew again and still stayed lit up and it didn't fix any of my problems. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • For starters, when we bought this vehicle used, all that was wrong was the timing belt had slipped. by the time we got the tools and parts to change the timing belt, the battery had went dead, so i had the battery de-sulfated, and made brand new again. after the battery was installed again, we noticed that somehow from time the vehicle sat, it developed a major short that was blowing the Main 100 AMP fuse. we went ahead and installed the new timing belt, but still have yet to find what is causing my short.

    when the alternator is disconnected, the short dissapears, but i do realize that this could possibly be because the alternator being disconnected causes the circuit to close to the rest of the componets. i had the alternator checked at autozone, and it tested good. tested at orielys, failed. so i bought a brand new alternator, hooked it up, and i still have the same problem. ive taken off all the covering on the wire going from the alternator all the way to the harness behind the main fuse box, and there arent any shorts or cuts in the wires, we've had the starter checked at autozone, it tested good, the wires that connect to the starter dont seem to be damaged, and ive also taken off every fuse in the main fuse box, then tried bypassing the main 100 amp with a 4 gauge wire while the alternator was connected, but there was still a short!! somebody please help me
  • I have a 2002 Honda Passport that will not start. I have put 2 batteries, an alternator and starter and had the grounds checked. The darn thing keeps draining the battery and will not turn over. I am a lost for what to too with it next. I use this car to go back and forth to work and to transport my elderly mom to her doctor’s appointments. Wish I had the money to purchase something else but I don't. Please help
  • I know it has been a while since your problem started, but just wondering if you got it fixed. I had a similiar problem with CEL and reduced power light. Took 3 mechanics and 7 months to diagnose properly and fix.
  • lraderlrader Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem. Once in every 80-100 starts, it won't start. Nothing happens when you try to start. We replaced the ignition switch and the starter relay. Also, the battery terminals. I always starts cold, in the morning, but sometimes when it is parked at an angle, or after getting gas a gas station, it won't restart. The only thing that sometime helps is to turn it to start, then turn the headlights on and off. It doesn't seem to help to pull it in and out of park to neutral. Did you get your problem fixed? Do you thing it's a ground? It usually happens when my wife is driving and she gets off work late at night out-of-town. She refuses to drive it until it's fixed.
  • I was wondering if anyone could help solve my problem.
    My 1995 Honda Passport tail lights and dashboard lights are not working properly. Whenever I insert a new 10a fuse the lights come on momentarily but then very quickly blow.
    Could anyone steer me in the right directions. This did not always happen, so i'm a little confused.
  • stype3stype3 Posts: 1
    I have a'98 Honda Passport, and the headlights have stopped working. The high beams still work though. I replaced the headlights fuse, with no change. Can anyone help shed some light on this, PLEASE?! :confuse:
  • My 2002 Honda Passport is doing the same thing as yours. It wont crank and the windows,door locks, interior lights,radio and fan blower do not work.
    The dash, horn and headlights do work.
    Did you ever find out what was going on with the car?
    Does anyone have any advice?
  • It sounds like you need a new alternator. My passport did the same thing a few years back, after replacing the alternator, the problem was solved. Good luck!
  • favenfaven Posts: 1
    The trans dipstick for my '95 Passport EX is missing. I'm using a universal dipstick, but I believe it is incorrect. Could someone PLEASE email me the distance from the top of their dipstick (measure from underneath the cap) to the "H" mark and also the distance from "H" to "C"? My transmission has me stranded (no power) and I need to eliminate this possibility first.

    Many thanx,
  • I have a 2001 Honda Passport. When trying to start the car for the first time every day, engine turns over but car will not start. There is a faint gas smell from engine. If I let the car sit for 10 minutes, it will start normally and perform as intended.
  • I have 1995 Honda Passport 4x4 that I just bought. Overall I am happy with it except no heat comes out of the vents even though the fan is working at all speeds. Temp. gauge is at 1/3 and stays there when engine has run for 5-10 minutes.

    Other problem, probable completely unrelated, is dash lights and tail lights don't work. Head lights, stop lights, turn indicators, etc work fine.

    THANKS in advance for your help.
  • Concerning your dash and tail lights it's the relay behind the kick panel on the drivers side under the dash, there are three of them I don't remember which one it is.
    I think the horn relay is the same which is under the hood can be used as a replacement till you can order a new one if you need your lights to work.

    I have the same problem with the heater which I have yet to solve.
  • My 99 passport was doing same thing upon checking wiring to fuse box i found many wires shorted and now in need of wiring diagram and possible wiring harness to return car to good working shape. afraid of possible car fire. :confuse:
  • josh40josh40 Posts: 13
    i have a 95 honda passport that every time you crank it it blows the fuel pump fuse and it's the only fuse it blows. i removed the wiring harness from floor board to pump and found no problems with wires and cranked it with the harness unhooked and it didn't blow the fuse ran a jumper wire to it and cranked it and it blew again. removed fuel tank ran pump off seperate power supply and ran fine. but once back in vehicle it blows the fuse any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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