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Nissan Versa Engine Problems



  • sschwsschw Posts: 8
    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to give everyone and update. The Nissan Field Engineer came out and found the bracket was not secured to the car the bracket to the Steel Evap System lines were not installed correctly causing the vibration. So far so good.... No NOISE!!! Hurray! The engineer fixed it. Great job! Nissan. I guess the robot at the factory was tired. I am just glad it got fixed after 9 times to the dealership. I had a lemon law attorney lined up to go if they could fix it this last time. Hurray and thank you to the Nissan Engineer. Great Job! Thanks everyone. I hope my story helps anyone else who is having a Vibration for the engine. :)
  • ...or move to a different province or territory for those of us in Canada. Hmm, it might have to be a different country the way it may be going.
  • rwgreenbergrwgreenberg Posts: 154
    Hi. My good friend has a Versa which he loves, except for one thing. Every so often he turns the key and NOTHING lights, no engine turnover...nothing. If he gets out of the car and shakes the vehicle it will then start (sometimes he has to repeat the shaking routine a few times). Any thoughts on this would be appreiciated. Rich
  • harrycheztharrychezt Posts: 405
    had a 90 sentra xe(3 speed automatic)...and a 97 200sx...
    automatic/base model. 90 stalled at 7K miles, and they reset the timing, replaced the plugs, and that was it.
    97, 65K, refused to start.... was told ignition coil issues, starter needed a rebuild, and all due to timing chain slipping a notch... off set timing, thus messing up other items over a few months time(made it difficult to notice, except a few times it was difficult to start up, and it's cold here in the Midwest in late Nov..).
    Over 1K in cost.
    Anyhow, I test drove an SL Versa hatch... CVT... and really liked it, alot.
    Now, though, with all of these stories of car not starting unless one shakes it, or 9 times to a dealership to get a fix...
    has Nissan really changed much since out 97 200sx issues?
    I really like the Versa I drove, but... these stories give me pause, and make me reconsider giving Nissan a 2nd chance.
    The most wild thing I heard here is the car having issues with warm starts, due to ethanol, etc...
    maybe they will fix this for 08?
    This is a unique complaint(first time I have heard of it, from any maker).
    Hoping to hear better news before I decide what to buy next time!
  • theyurostheyuros Posts: 5
    Versa S HB, bought new last week.

    I've been driving for about 18 years now, so I *think* I have this whole "starting the car" thing down, but for some reason this car's ignition is fickle. Either that or I'm doing something wrong.

    Sometimes it starts fine and others, it takes me several tries for it to start. There is no sound, the "idiot" lights engage, but the car just does not start. I was trying to start it with the doors open (kids don't like climbing into a hot car), and thought maybe that was the problem. No. Do I need to depress the brake? No. I tried stopping on "on" for a second instead of just cranking it over. Again, no sound emanates from the engine. Just like when you try to start your car when it's not in park (yes I have done that, many years ago in college. That AAA guy was VERY understanding!).

    Am I the only one with this issue? I feel stupid, like I'm missing a step? SOMETHING??

    PLEASE, shed some light on this for me! :confuse:
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I don't own a Versa but I heard on the radio recently that Nissan issue a warning about having the key fob too close to a cellphone. Unfortunately, I didn't hear what kind of problems it would cause. Do a Google search and see if this could be the problem.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,019
    I recall hearing something about cell phones and key fobs, but it's not a Versa issue. A quick search turned up a couple of news items...

    Drivers of some Nissan and Infiniti vehicles are finding their "intelligent keys" and cell phones just don't mix.

    An incoming call can erase an electronic key fobs' programming, rendering some 2007 Nissan Altimas or 2007 Infiniti G35 sedans immobile.

    Nissan North America is telling owners to keep their phones and fobs at least one inch apart at all times. The plastic keys use radio technology called near-field communication, which allows a driver to unlock and start the car while the fob is in a purse or pocket.

    Nissan says some cell phones, if touching the key while sending or receiving a call, may alter the key's electronic code. When that happens, the key cannot be reprogrammed.

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  • theyurostheyuros Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info, but unfortunately, I do not have the Intelli-Key system.

    It's weird, but it seems to be more prevalent when the car has been sitting out in the sun for a long period of time.

    Taking it to the dealer tomorrow. The car is brand new and I'm going to be a little upset if it's the starter already. Hopefully it's just a wiring issues.

    My husband checked under the hood and noticed the cover over the battery "bolts" (for lack of better term) was not on snuggly?

    Thanks again!
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    I would say the vast majority of versa owners are quite satisfied with their cars, and most have not experienced any problems. Every make and model of car will have its lemons. But the versa is a completely new vehicle, and some design and/or assembly problems are bound to show up. Thats a risk you take when you buy a fist ever car, or redesign of an old one. If you realy like the car a lot, and can wait a few months, you might consider holding out for the 2008 model. It should be for sale no later than sept.
  • bikedorianbikedorian Posts: 48
    "But the versa is a completely new vehicle, and some design and/or assembly problems are bound to show up."

    The Versa's not completely new. It's uses a Renault platform that's been out for a few years. The engines new but the Japanese have been building 1.8 four bangers for decades with few problems so it's not like they need to re-invent something.
    The rest of the vehicle is new and that's where the problems seem to be. These problems can be fixed on the fly so outside of a major inconvenience for a few unlucky owners, the rest of us should be good to go. Folks who buy the first several thousand of any vehicle should get rebates for being beta testers. If a new problem crops up, ya get it fixed and a check for your time. Ain't gonna happen but I like the idea. ;)

  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    My guess would be most of the problems are probably in assembly, not design. getting the assembly plants to correctly asseble a car to specs for the fist time has got to be a challenge.
  • factionfaction Posts: 9
    I had this problem.
    My invoice states that "ignition relay in IPDM E/R was not fully seated." They fully seated it.
    Then it says "Found intermittent NATS malfunction code P1615. Replaced BCM, reprogrammed keys."

    I don't know if that last bit has anything to do with the first bit, but there you go.

    oh--parts--FP number 284B1, controller assy (if that is any help)

    I also had a bad battery which they replaced at the same time.

    Car worked fine after that, but now I have noticed that you have to crank it just a little harder than usual to get it to start. Might this just be related to usual wear?? I'm going to ask them next time I go in for an oil change.
  • factionfaction Posts: 9
    Weird. I use 10% ethanol all the time and haven't had any problems. At least that I have noticed.

    Are your problems like "have to crank it to start" problems or something else?
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    The rest of the vehicle is new

    Not quite. The Versa, or Tiida in many parts of the world, was first released in September 2004. It's only a new model in North America.

    What's new is the assembly line for the Versa in Mexico. The plant has been there awhile, but the line is new.
  • bikedorianbikedorian Posts: 48
    Quite. The engine and much of the electronics are brand spankin new. That's pretty much "the rest of the vehicle" in my book. YMMV.

  • streakerstreaker Posts: 5

    I guess I never responded to this message from February 2007, My cars problem is that after driving my Versa and then parking it, the car won't easily start occasionally. The engine won't turn over without trying for five minutes or so. I have had no problems like this since going to only ethanol free gas. My car was checked out recently and they found no problems. The manual mentions that you can try up to 10 percent ethanol but if it has a problem with "warm starts" (car engine has been recently used and is still warm but it won't easily start) then go back to regular gas. This is exactly what happens to me with ethanol in the tank. Nobody else has experienced this??? Obviously, Nissan technicians are familiar with this problem. I wonder why I am the only one who seems to experience this?
  • rags2rags2 Posts: 4


  • I have had my Versa since March. Have had the fuel pump replaced once already. They are picking it up tomorrow to replace it again. It will crank and crank and not start for a while. The mechanic (the first time) told me to turn the key just a little (to where the lights come on) for about 30 seconds. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't. They said it wasn't getting the burst of fuel to the engine to start the car. I like the car but it has been in the shop more than I have driven it. The people at the dealership know me well and I know almost everyone's name. I don't want to know them...I just want to come in for my oil change and go. It had problems with starts in the sun and "cold" starts where it sat overnight. I had to wait 2 months because the first pump was on backorder. By that time the problem was so bad it would hardly start at all. I have no idea how long it will be until I see my car again. I should have stuck with Toyota.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    It sounds a lot like deposits on the valves. when carbon builds up on the valves (usually caused by driving a very short distance (like moving it) and then letting it sit, the valves cann't properly seat. If the valves arn't seating properly, you won't get enough compression to keep the engine running. It could very well be poor quality gas, ethanol blend, fuel filter, or something like that. If it eventualy starts after holding the gas peddal in while cranking it for 30 or so seconds, then that probably your problem. the reason it will start after cranking it for awhile is because the valves (while moving) will knock off the carbon deposits.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,019
    I'd tend to agree, it sounds like the fuel pump really wasn't the issue. The symptoms make the fuel pump a candidate for the cause, but not the only candidate.

    I recently had a wheel bearing replaced on an Altima, and the new bearing completely failed inside of 90 days under normal driving conditions. Bad part so it was replaced, but if the replacement fails, I'd have to start looking elsewhere for the cause.
    Even if I assume the parts are ROTTEN and fail 5% of the time (a ridiculously high figure, but it will illustrate my point), if I put a second part in and it also fails or doesn't correct the problem, the chances of me having gotten two bad parts in a row is down to one quarter of one percent. (0.25%) Something else HAS to be causing the problem. Throwing another of the same part at it isn't likely to solve things in my view.

    The fuel pump would have been the easy fix, if it had worked. Just like putting more air in a low tire is the first, easy try. Then the tire goes low again and you check for leaks in the tire, or the valve stem, or at the seal to the rim. Sounds like some more detective work is going to be needed.

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