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GMC Acadia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hscottmhscottm Posts: 1
    Bought 2011 SLE over the weekend in Pittsburgh. Went into the search wanting FWD and only heated seats. FWD fairly hard to find, though, so options were limited and we ended up with a model with splash guards, trailering package, and dealer-installed DVD.

    MSRP $36k + $2k for DVD = $38k base.

    Had GM supplier discount (although we had asked for non-supplier discount offer and it was within $500 I think) to get to $34.5k, then $3000 in current rebates (including $1k GM retention rebate).

    With $4000 trade, Agreed on $30,500 plus TTL.
  • ladyleahladyleah Posts: 5
    2011 Acadia SLT-1 AWD
    Sticker; 45,005.00 with options of navi, sunroof, carbon black color, and trailering package (which added 4,010 to the base)

    Offer of 42K before incentive
    Final car price: 40K

    19K for trade (which was fair)
    1,610 in sales tax (NJ is 7%)
    199.95 doc fee :(
    7.50 tire tax
    $102 to trasfer plate

    So, I guess the OTD price was techinically 41,817.45?

    I thought that was a good deal.
  • Silver Slt1 - dual sunroof - step bars - dvd - hitch
    2011 5,000 miles demo

    38663.70 + ttl using 0% for 60 months

    Carl black in Orlando, FL
  • pdude1pdude1 Posts: 47
    Prices haven't moved much for the 2012 models as I have seen some SL for 31-33K.

    What are people paying for their new 2012 Acadias?
  • Interested in SLE-2.
    Wondering ?% off the MSRP is about right?
    Thank you.
  • @kegels said:
    Where can I post Acadia lease questions? I posted this earlier but no response, perhaps posted on the wrong forum. Can I post it here?

    I got the following lease quote for an Acadia SLT w/ Nav, DVD Pkg, 19" wheel, HUD and trailer pkg;

    Term: 36 months, 15K mi/yr
    Price: $40,844($500 over invoice)
    Residual: $23,201
    GMAC Rate: 8.05%
    Drive-off Due: $1,454
    Monthly Lease Payment: 785(including insurance)

    Is this a good deal? Pls advise. Thank You

    You are going to pay $785/mo to lease a 40k car? Are you crazy?

    Maybe I didnt get the best deal (although I got a good value for the trade in of my car)

    Acadia SLT1, AWD, with NAV.

    $44k MSRP

    Paying $1800 out door, plus $450/mo 39mos, 12k mi/yr

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