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2008 Scion Xb



  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    Thanks...Well they are putting something on there, I would sure like to know what they are...
  • The tensioner froze and the chain slipped a bunch of teeth. I've got the timing cover off, using the manual, etc... and can't seem to get the timing chain set correctly - I line up the marks as noted in the manual, turn the crank by hand, and the marks never line up again.

    Any suggetstions?
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    My 2008 xB developed a noise in the rear about about 20k miles. I first thought it was the tire and that a rotation may take care of it. It didn't. It would start at about 30 MPH and reach the loudest about 60. Some days it's louder than others. I put on about 2500 miles a month on it, and is now just over 30k miles. I figured I better take it in to the dealer to look at it and see if it's the tires or the bearing. Turns out the rear right bearing and hub is bad. Good thing I'm getting this done under warranty. The dealer quoted a price of $850 for the job, and at first wanted me to admit I'd done something stupid like hitting a curb (which I didn't). I had to get him to ask Toyota to cover this under warranty. Doing a bit of online research on the xB and other Scion communities, the xB rear bearings have had a known history of early demise since the first generation. Someone said they were taken from the Echo and put on the xB. Are they the same as the ones on the Corolla? No wonder they're going bad. Some people have had multiple failures of rear bearings. One person replaced five in about 150k miles. This scares me as it's not a cheap job. Although some have said aftermarket bearings are much better and will hold. It's the OEM Toyota ones that are bad. Anyone else have had a similar experience?
  • bsmart2bsmart2 Posts: 15
    mac, i'm about to buy a used 2008 xB with 49K miles on it. I don't know the service history on it. what kinds of things should i look for with this many miles on the engine/drive train. its out of warranty for sure, but is that anything to be concerned about?
  • bsmart2bsmart2 Posts: 15
    :mad: Driving the 2008 xB about 75 mph and the windshield starts making a squeeling sound from time to time. Anyone else experienced this? it mostly happens when a gust of wind occurs at any speed above about 70 mph. really aggravating for a vehicle of this class.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
    A reporter is interested in speaking with a current or former Scion owner who may have lost interest in the brand. Did Scion get too conventional/mainstream? Does it need to return to its edgier roots? If you care to share your comments, please email your daytime contact info to [email protected] no later than noon on Tuesday, July 19, 2011.


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  • sr77sr77 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    My wife had her RS 8.0 in for windshield issues four times and has had three windshields installed, so far it seems to have stopped. But we dont trust it, we drive around listening for sounds now, each time expecting to hear something.
    If it wasnt leaking water it was whistling very loud. However, the way Scion handled it we are never buying another Toyota product. They did offer to make four payments for each of the trips to the dealership. We wanted out of the lease to get into another Toyota vehicle. The corporate rep decided that the windshield leaking water or making noise was two separate problems and not related. Although they said all the problems came from not doing the seal properly. We should have gotten a lemon lawyer.
    We have purchased nine Toyotas' in the last ten years. We currently own two second gen. xB RS, I have a RS 5.0
    I'm so glad we didnt purchase this car, just 2 more years and it becomes someone elses problem. Maybe it will get totaled this winter to rid it from any other poor sucker from being stuck with this miserable piece of crap.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Yesterday my 08 xB (71k miles) had all its brake warning lights (ABS, VCS slippage, VCS off, handbrake) come on while the vehicle was moving. The lights did their usual thing after ignition,and then had gone off, only to return a few minutes later. I pulled over to check my handbrake was indeed released and could feel no resistance when I moved the car. I drove with the lights flashing for about 30 minutes, and they went off by themselves.

    I checked the internet for this problem, and lo and behold there is a sleuth of posts about this exact problem on many Toyota owner bulletin boards. I could be something as easy as a corroded wiring harness leading to an ABS sensor in one of the wheels (Toyota obviously does a bad job of insulating the wiring), or a bad ABS sensor (a few hundred $$), all the way to a bad ABS computer ($3K).

    At this point of my ownership experience, I'm rethinking about keeping this car. My engine has started the dreaded oil burning issue, and I have to check the level weekly. With this potential $$$ repair ahead of me, I don't want to wait for anything else to happen.

    It's obvious that this is a problem across the entire Toyota line (Scion xB, Rav4, Lexus, Tundra, etc. owners reporting), but Toyota is not doing a thing. This is a potential safety issue as all the ABS and VCS systems are turned off when this happens. I'm not happy with Toyota at this point, and this is my second Toyota after a happy experience with a Corolla.
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