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Chrysler 300M Maintenance and Repair



  • gbuchaigbuchai Posts: 1
    The cam and crank sensors have been replaced and The engine will not start. Timing belt has been replaced. Battery is good.
    Can't do analytics without the engine running.
    No spark to the plugs.

    Please help.
    Has anyone had this problem and what was the solution?
  • skip68skip68 Posts: 2
    I have a banging noise from the rear of my 2001 300M I took it to 2 muffler shops and had the rear struts replaced.

    Any Ideas?
  • i have a 99 Chrysler 300m ...the battery light came on while I was driving and the lights in the car went dem ... the outside light weren't Eveb on ... I tried excelarate but the car Was actb like it didn't want to move ... I finally got it home and the light in sude the car began to flicker on and off .. and the car Wldnt stay idled once I turned it off no start please can some one help ..
  • trob6975trob6975 Posts: 1
    First you want to check your alternator and battery if the charging system is working properly. Most shops can check the status of these two items within 30 minutes. If the problem continues there might be electrical damage involved that needs to be addressed by an electrical auto mechanic. I have a 2002 300m special and it did the exact same thing on the road.
  • Ok so recently I have been having some issues with my car. One day I was driving down the road and all of a sudden all of the interior lights in my car started blinking. Then a few days later they would come on while I was driving and stay on. I couldnt turn them off. It happened for a few days and then it stopped. It hasnt happened again. Then a few weeks later I had to go run some errands and after about the third place that I stopped at when I went to start my car it wouldnt start. I had to sit there for about 30 minutes and then it started. Now it just does it randomly. I thought maybe it was the heat since it was over 100 degrees outside when this started happening. I figured with the heat outside and turning my car on and off multiple times while I ran in places just didnt mix. Now its cooler outside and its still happening. It only does it when I have alot to do and have to run in and out of places. Every single time I have to sit and wait for 20-30 minutes and then it will just start.........PLEASE Help me. I have no clue what to do. I keep getting stuck in the worse places with my 2 babies in the car.
  • These are 2 separate issues. The blinking lights, usually accompanied by the clicking sound of the circuit breaker tripping, is associated with the dimmer trim wheel. I've had this problem over the years and it's just no big deal. It comes and goes with no particular rhyme or reason. Sometimes I just roll the trim wheel to full on and full off, then put the level where I want it and the blinking goes away. Annoying, but not a problem.

    The stalling - there are a couple of different issues here. I had a stalling problem while driving and it turned out to be the fuel pump. My friend had the intermittent start problem and it turned out to be the camshaft sensor. This sensor tells the ECU where the cam is in it's cycle so it knows which plug to fire and when. This sensor was replaced and his problem went away.

    Could it be something else - yes - but these are good starts. It's still a great car. I have 230k miles on mine.
  • while driving my chrystler 300m the wheels locked up but the steering wheel was turning just fine ..the mech said he had never even heard of anything like this ever happening.. the bolts were sheered off
  • Can i ask what fixed your no start problem? We have changed cam sensor, crank position sensor, the timing belt is fine. Still wont start
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