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Toyota Celica GT - Troubleshooting



  • I have been having the same problem with oil as CHARMON1972 and it is aggravating to keeping having to put oil in my Celica. There is no smoke and all the fluids are not taking on is it ok for her to be drinking that much oil? The problem became noticed after I did an oil change, and drove 9 hours out to where I go to college. Any ideas as to what is going on or proof that it is ok for her to drinking that much oil?
  • As I said before, I still have to put in a quart of oil every sunday. I have got 204,000 miles on the Celica. I drive to my two jobs every day, 100 miles a day. Once a month I drive from West of Baltimore to New York. I repeat: I get 30 miles a gallon normal, and more on the highway. What more proof anyone needs... Celica is a great car. Maybe it should be linked with the Bunny that "Goes On and On and On..." ;)
    My friends want me to get rid of it or take to to a mechainic to get the "problem" fixed... Yeah, like I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, and he loosened them up so bad, I have to keep going every four to six months or al the teeth are going to come off. Man, I regret the day I set foot in a dentist's office... just so I could use the insurance money. But that is another story...
  • diazcruzdiazcruz Posts: 2
    I have seen this problem with several brands fof cars, increase oil compsuption and no smoking or leake. Check the radiator water for trails of oil and the oil cap for signs of water. white wax ( sign of contamination of oil due to water). If you find either of the signs or both then your problem most likely is the head gasket.
  • diazcruzdiazcruz Posts: 2
    In most cars you need to bleed the system in order to remove the air form the lines or it will overheat regrdless the new parts. Need to to turn the heater on while filling the radiator in order to bleed the air out. In sone cars there is a bleeding screw either on top of the radiator or close to the thermostad housing. Hope this helps
  • bionictonybionictony Posts: 2
    The oil consumption problem is on early models of the toyota 1zz-fe engines. anywhere from 98-02. The toyota corollas and geo prism has this problem also. it is a piston and piston ring problem. It's the way they were designed early on. the only way is to either replace the entire engine with one from a 2003+ corolla or replace with newer piston rings and pistons.
  • 01celica01celica Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Celica GT and it seems to be using 1 quart every 500-700 miles. On the hwy it seems to consumer more when driving over 75 MPH. In town, the car consumes less oil. It has the 1zz-fe engine. I've owned it since 75,000 miles and it now has 99,000. I have black oil specs on my bumper so I know it is coming out but it doesn't smoke or leak. At 80,000 miles I had the catalytic converter replaced under warranty. I get 31 MPG in town and 34 on the highway. I will seafoam the engine sometime this summer and see if consumption changes. I've used high mileage oil and that may last slightly longer but not much if any. I figure I need fewer oil changes since I replenish so much oil. I figure I will just keep keep adding oil. My guess is I will need to replace another catalytic converter after 75,000 more miles and the O2 sensors. The cost of that service at the dealer was $350. When gas prices go up, I have no problem trading the good mileage for a little extra oil use. Thanks for yet another confirmation that others have this problem.
  • jkonjkon Posts: 3
    I am looking for a 2003 Celica GTS service manual. Can anyone help please?

  • hello, i had a family member drive my 86 celica from california to montana it made it half way and the top of the radiator blew up. it had no problem water was full no warning at all. i check every thing water pump thermostat cant seem to find any thing wrong. if anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks
  • lugenlugen Posts: 2
    It started in the last few weeks where I press hard on the bake and it feels like something gives. The car stops, but it is weird, I am thinking the ABS is acting up, but no lights etc. If I shut the car off and coast and stop it feels fine.

    Any ideas out there?

  • worthy1worthy1 Posts: 1
    1992 Cleica GT. Just replaced Alternator. Just porior to replacing noticed low beam worked OK but high beam and fog lamps while on low beam stopped working. Figured replacing alternator which was bad would also fix. Well it didn't. Checked No.2 fuze block and headligh relay. Seem OK. Any ideas?

  • My wife has this same car and also has the check engine light on (could mean many things), however i took it to get emissions done and they said the catalytic converter needed repair/replacement. I know need to figure out what it needs and he said it could cost up to $1,200. I think that is way to high.

    Any thoughts or ideas on how to reduce the cost? Is it something that can be replaced by me?
  • My Celica is 1999. I am sure your car is also after that and has the diagnostic feature in it. See the manual, or check under the dashboard under the steering column area. If so, you can invest in the dignostic tool for a little over 100 bucks. Plug this in per instructions (insert key in ignition, DO NOT START, plug the diagnostic tool in, turn the key to on BUT do NOT START THE CAR). The tool will beep and the trouble code will be displayed, like P033, or something. Then look up in the the enclosed code book table. It will tell you the problem right away.
    You might have a defective oxygen sensor or thermostat or some small problem, which you can replace yourself, from NAPA or Western Auto or Pep Boys or buy over the internet for less than $50. If it is major, like the catalytic convertor, at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing you weren't "taken for a ride"- (ha-ha... pun intended). Good Luck
  • Sorry, worthy1. I could not figure out what your problem could be. I never had any such problems, and I checked with my friends, too. Most likely it is the battery, not retaining the charge enough, or does not have the high "Amps" capacity. If the battery is good, then the wiring is probably shot. Usually, after 5 to 7 years, most of the wiring insulation deteriorates; it may look fine, but there are "invisible" kind of electric leaks, and some of the contacts have soot and grime inside which you may be able to clean with "contact cleaner" sprays from Radioshack. I don't know for sure, if anything, short of replacing some of the wiring harness for the lights, will work. A higher amp battery might be able to overcome the problem... but again, it is trial and error: may work, or may not. Good Luck
  • Hello everybody. I have a 1990 toyota celica gt (2.2 liter engine). It's been a great car.
    The ignition has locked up and won't turn when I insert the key. I have tried pulling hard on the steering wheel (turning both left and right) as I try turning the key. The ignition won't budge.

    If anybody knows how I can solve this problem while avoiding costly repair bills, I am all ears.

    I had another key made at the local Toyota dealership, but that did not solve the problem.

    The Toyoata dealership said a new ignition cylinder costs $90.

    Will installing this cylinder solve the problem, and is it difficult to do? I am somewhat mechanically inclined.

    Thank you.
  • You should buy a handheld engine scanner. Many brands sold on e Bay for $20. It will read out any fault codes. The P0420 fault code is catalytic converter running low efficiency.

    The catalytic converter may be bad, but most likely the cause is fuel /air mixture is not optimum, therefore fuel burn is incomplete, causing high level of pollution that cannot be completely cleaned by the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter itself is probably OK and does not need replacement.

    Try cheap fixes of the air/fuel mixture problem first before other expensive fixes. The air filter is probabaly old and dirty, and should be replaced. It should be replaced every 15K miles or when it looks dirty. New Toyota OEM air filters are sold in eBay for about $12. Toyota dealers sell for $30, yuk!

    The white filter fiber should look white and clean. The engine sucks in a lot of air through this filter. Dirty filter would reduce airflow into engine, causing rich mixture that causes low gas mileage, high pollution and rough idle.

    If new air filter still cause low-efficiency catalytic converter then look to make sure all rubber vaccumm hoses around the air box and the fuel injection unit are properly connected and not leaking.

    Perhaps spraying carburetor cleaner into the fuel injection unit's throat to unstuck the valve would also help...

    Look at the symtoms, figure out all possible causes, then try the cheap fixes at the root cause first. Dont just fix the symtoms. Would be expensive and sometimes useless.
  • P0420 catalytic converter fault may be caused by rich air/fuel mixture. The converter itself is probably OK.

    Replace the air filter should increase air intake, balance out air/fuel mixture and solve the problem. You can buy Toyota OEM air filter in eBay for about $12. Dealers sell for about $30.

    Check all rubber vaccuum hoses around the airbox and the fuel injector. Make sure they are connected and not leaking.

    Check the cold air valve in the airbox in front of the air filter. It may be stuck in close position, causing rich fuel mixture. Spray some WD40 into the valve to lubricate it.
  • You can buy it in eBay for about $10.
  • I just paid $3oo to have 2 motor mounts replaced and i still have a wired vibration through out the drive train-- it really shows up in 3rd gear (automatic) while gaining speed. after reaching cruse it settles down and rides OK. its a 95 celica gt and the CV joints are OK so they said. is it something in the trans? :cry:
  • dalicea97dalicea97 Posts: 15
    I need to replace a fuse for my dash clock and I wonder if I need to replace it in the fuse block on the left side of my instrument panel inside my car or outside in my engine compartment?
    Thank you for the response. I appreciate it. :confuse:
  • I am having the exact same problem with my Toyota Celica Gt 1988

    It idles rough while I am in park, and when I accelerate it starts off very slow and finially catches up... I have like 165,000 miles on it too. Did you EVER find out what the problem was or is????

    Michelle in Las Vegas
  • I have a 88 Toyota Celica Gt. with 160,000 and I am having problems with EXCESSIVE GAS CONSUMPTION. I did the tune-up, new fuel regulator, filter..

    It also when I try to accelerate from a stop position...its bogs down or takes a little bit to catch up .. I had the injectors cleaned when I first bought it. I bought the car April 08...and it was the same then.

    They sales person said they just changed the fuel pump..

    I would fill my tank and get about 245,000 miles out of ..NOW I can get only about 150,000-160,000

    Is there a way for me to have a friend do some of these tests at home with a tool??


    Wheres a free online toyota celica GT site that I can see the service manual???

    My CAMSHAFT is needing a gasket I was told and the other camcrank I think..Do these help with the diagnoises???

    Las Vegas, NV :confuse:
  • dalicea97dalicea97 Posts: 15
    The fuse problem was caused by a burnt taillight socket. I replaced my taillight with harness(sockets) and my clock works properly. You might have them check your transmission which may need to be replaced to maybe control the acceleration on your celica. :)
  • stx_fanstx_fan Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 Toyota, Celic STX, (which has been a great car) I just recently put a new alternator in because the lights would dim when I turned the radio on or I was unable to use the windshield wipers with other devices i.e. radio, lights and eventually the car would stop running and act as if the battery was dead. After letting it sit over night it would start and after driving a short distance the same would begin again.

    All was well for a few weeks and now the windshield wipers turned on by themselves and would not stop running (The mechanic unplugged them from the switch and said I needed a new switch). Last night the brake light came on and would not go off (I removed the fuse). Being a single mother of 3 (no child support) I have done some car repair work on my own but I am not sure were to begin with this problem. Additionally, if I have to take it to the mechanic I want to have an idea of what to expect. Can someone give me information on this problem?

    Thank you!
  • aponteaponte Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Celica GT, in the last couple months I hear like a humming, buzzing sound that get some high levels into the drivers cabin. I already check and replace the wheels bearings, transmission grease and check the tires for any deformation and I still hearing the sound. The humming-buzzing sounds sometimes getting worse.

    Any recommendation for the next step to check :(
  • I am working on a 1993 celica GT wiht a automatic trans I'm told that the only transaxles that will interchange are 1992 & 93 Celica GT & GTS. I have a trans out of another celica with the (part # JT2ST85NO) can any one tell me what year this transaxle is?

    7 1993 celica gt and gts
  • Hello I bought a 1992 celica GT with the 5S-FE motor. The engine was overheated and the head was warped bad. Had the head repaired and I rebuild these egine from top to bottom. My issue now is I reassembled the engine and it wont start. So i started troubleshooting and found I have no spark... I have power from the ignitor to the coil but nothing coming or go form the pick up coil in the distibutor.... Now on another note the car has an older alarm that I can find nothing on. I did a reset as the original owner had showed me, still did not start. So i pulled the fuses to th alarm (which was told buy a local alarm install guy may work) and still did not start. So Im just at my wits end here and somewhat confused witht these car now. Any help here would be nice and thank you for your time.
  • jc62584jc62584 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2000 Celica GT and the first time I put gas in the car I had trouble restarting it. The tank was not quite half way so I topped it off and went to start the car up and it revved to 2000 RPM or so and immediately dropped to 0 and shut off. I tried again and revved the engine myself for a few seconds and once I was able to shift into drive it ran fine. The next time I filled up the same thing happened. Anyone have a suggestion or similar experience?
  • jasper1981jasper1981 Posts: 1
    hi, its probably your key. my celica had same issue. You have to get a key from toyota directly. the number they need is on the passenger side door lock. so u gotta take door panel pass side off and get the number off lock. i had to take mine out but your key is probably worn down and not pushing the pins all the way in making the steering whell not want to unlock. I think my key was like 15-20 dollars. try that , good luck
  • lugenlugen Posts: 2
    That is called blow by. All it means your engine has wear. How many miles are on the car?
  • I have a 2000 toyota celica GTS, When i push on the throttle like if i was to start off it will rev from 1000 RPMS to about 2000 - 2500 RPMS and then drops off to about 500- 700 RPMS, after that if i hold the throttle it revs up fine till i let it idle again. i put a new throttle position sensor into it but it still does it. any ideas what might be wrong???
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