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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Maintenance & Repair



  • I have an '06 Fusion...The entire light ensemble had to be replaced as it was burnt out...I was told that it had been re-designed due to this. Good luck!
  • Wow.. well thats something to look out for. Thanks!
  • Yeah, I had the same problem. It was fixed under warranty. Outside of that, my car has been absolutely outstanding.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Yes, mine does this too. At one point it read 107 in my garage and it was 85 outside! Took about 5 minutes for the sensor to adjust to the outside temp once I got going..
  • I have lost a couple items that slipped between the cover of the center console/cup holder while it was closed then opened; does anyone know how to get inside the center console?
  • Has anyone answered #26?

    I have lost my cell phone that slipped between the cover of the center console/cup holder while it was closed then opened; how do you dismantle the center console to get inside?
  • I have a 2007 Milan and the head light adjustment is broke . What do you have to remove to replace the headlight housing.

    Thank You
  • I have a sel 2006 v-4. there is a popping sound coming from the right hand side of the dash bored. also on the right hand side airbag there is a discolor around it. anyone have this problem??? please help.
  • 2006 Fusion (40,000 miles) is making a clanking noise the first time I press the brake pedal after changing directions. After the first brake pedal application, no more noise. Did some research and came up with some similar issues on other cars, seems like noise is caused by brake pad clips not holding brake pad firmly and the noise is the pad moving.

    Took it to local dealer and dealer says the problem is after market brake pads. The problem is that I've never had the brakes serviced. Advisor says he looked at the pads and they are practically brand new...asks me if perhaps someone else drives the car that could have had new pads put on. Says only way to fix is do a complete brake job on pads, turn rotors.

    Has anyone else had this issue with the clanking noise, and is there any safety issue, or just an annoyance? Why the dealer can't just replace the pad clips, I don't know. Well, yes I do, that service would not generate much of a fee.

    Look forward to thoughts.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Did you look at the pads and are they brand new? That would be a dead giveaway. But I've never agreed with the logic that you always replace the pads and turn the rotors every time. I've replaced pads only with no problems assuming the rotors aren't damaged and aren't vibrating when applying the brakes.
  • at 4800 miles had trans, flywheel and clutch replaced. the alignment pins from the flywheel had broken off and went through the trans, caused a nice oil leak on my friends driveway. (actually clutch fluid). talked with some ford engineers and said there had been only a few other cases of this happening with early fusions and that the cause was improper installation.

    also noticed that the side airbags in the seat where not that great of fit, I can see the airbag itself

    other than that the car is great, good quality, the body lines are good,
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Dealers have to follow the service requirements from Ford. Ford says to turn the rotors when pads are replaced, dealers have to do so.

    I was told that the rotors have to be turned so that they wear in the pad right?

  • well yes you turn a rotor to fix the out of round condition and the parallelism, plus it does help a new pad wear, and makes the rotor all smooth and a non-directional finish.

    also its one of those things that if your doing pads then you should do rotors at the same time

  • Is it hard to remove the console?
  • chenlpuchenlpu Posts: 1
    This is a brand new Fusion 08 SE and engine service and transmission service lights are on. We took car back to dealer and they said that some rodent just bite wires under the hood. Such thing is not covered by warranty and we have to pay it.

    It is interesting that our neighbor's Fusion was attacked by squirrels too (told by the same dealer). I am wondering whether this is a design problem from Ford or not ?

  • blumsteinblumstein Posts: 38
    Yes, it is. Ford didn't realize at the time of the car's creation that the word "fusion" just happens to mean "diner" in rodent language.

    You'll notice that there are no complaints from Milan owners on this problem.


    {PS: This is an early April Fool's Day post}
  • elkeinelkein Posts: 19
    I just bought a fusion SEL AWD, in the manual it state that the AWD system is zero maintenance and sealed. I take that to mean it should last to 250K or so without changing the oil. I'd only worry about it if it pee's on the driveway someday, or develops noise.
  • 1lowmilan1lowmilan Posts: 1
    Take your vehicle to the dealer they have an advisory concerning this problem and it will be fixed for free. It takes about 40 minutes...
  • vvbusymomvvbusymom Posts: 1
    Our 2007 Fusion with 23000 miles on it has just burnt up it's clutch. The dealer says it is not covered by the warranty and wants $1300 to fix it. Has anyone had any similar problems? We are not new to manual transmissions and find it hard to believe we did anything to cause this.
  • Can anyone recommend how to remove the drivers side door panel? I need to remove it to replace a busted side view mirror.

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