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VW Jetta GLI vs Honda Civic Si



  • marksandmarksand Posts: 181
    2. the "decontenting" I know about is, no more Climatronic available.
  • :confuse: How is that even a question???? I mean, the Jetta is kinda cool, I'll give you that. But the Honda Civic is definitely a nicer car. It looks more civilized, yet it stands out. I'm not saying the Jetta doesn't, but......
  • erok22erok22 Posts: 9
    You've got to be kidding me?!?!?!?!? A Civic compared to a GLI is more of a young teenagers car. The GLI is more of a grown-ups sedan. A GLI fully loaded is $33,000 out the door. A Civic is what.....$25,000 at the most? The Civic's interior is very plain and boring. Their automatic transmission is not even close to a DSG. The GLI has a quality interior along with an amazing automatic trans. The GLI comes standard with bi-xenons, The 2.0T FSI engine is far more superb than the Civic's. Also, not saying these guys are always right, nor do I agree with them ALL the time, but Car & Driver, Motortrend to name a few show that the GTI is much better compared to the Civic. I know that's the GTI but pretty much the exact same as the GLI just in a hatch form. I mean to each their own but how could you HONESTLY sit there and say...." It looks more civilized, yet it stands out?" Civic's are a dime a dozen.....GLI's not so much. That's is just ignorance to me........
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    I'll agree that the Jetta probably has more creature comforts than a Civic Si, which doesn't even come with an automatic, so that's mostly a moot point. The Si engine is the better engine, with regard to quality and reliability (as is Honda in general), but it isn't very flexible for a DD. I like the Si interior just fine and don't see a problem with the red-stitched Alcantara trimmed Recaros and the nicely embroidered "Si" logos being "boring"; the stereo is quite nice also. I would've liked HIDs, but I paid $13,000 less than the VW, so I can live without, since I got a reliable car that will out handle the overly heavy VW and do so at a bargain price. I'd like to know how much you'll spend on maintenance after your VW goes out of warranty.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Motortrend to name a few show that the GTI is much better compared to the Civic.

    Oh, I'm glad you mentioned that article, where the Si beat out the GTI. You can find it here. :)

    The Civic's interior is very plain and boring

    Since you like Motor Trend's opinion , they refer to the Civic's interior as having "a zoom-zoom feel to the Si's cockpit (sorry, Mazda) that entices constant revving of the engine."

    The 2.0T FSI engine is far more superb than the Civic's.
    Whereas the GTI always feels like it's on simmer--with its peaceful demeanor, softer suspension, and low-end grunt--the Si thrives on full boil, giving off the most steam with the engine screaming near 8000 rpm and the raspy exhaust belting its song like AC/DC. - Motor Trend

    That "far more superb" engine is torquey for sure, but "far more superb?" I don't buy it.
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    Civic vs GLI/GTI

    My 5 cents here from a Honda fan:

    I have owned a 2006 Civic EX coupe and a 2008 VW GTI. I'm the driver who wants to feel power but doesn't want to hear road noise. With that in mind the VW is a superior product. If VW had a better reputation for reliability then I would be a VW fan and would consider Honda's/Acura's as practical economy boxes. Its obvious that VW is competing with products built by BMW, Mercedes etc. Honda is not attempting to match them but provide an alternate. The Honda products are practical and fuel efficient so they have many minimums. I believe if a Civic Si had the same sound dampening ratio as found in the GLI/GTI the Si with its current horsepower would not beat a GLI/GTI.

    Its a matter of preference and the willingness to handle repair issues for me. Not every GLI/GTI is going to have reliability issues. Its just the chances of it are higher vs a Honda. One other thing you don't have to be at 7000 plus RPM to be satisfied with a GLI/GTI. I've seen a poster claim the following: "I'd rather push a VW than drive a Honda". I thought it was funny but until a person drives a new GLI/GTI/R32 I don't see how they can talk bad about VW. BTW I'm currently working on my 2008 Honda Civic's interior to reduce the road noise so its more like the VW. ;)
  • I have owned Hondas (Civic EX, Accord V6, S2000) up until buying my 06 GLI new (my first VW), which I use as a daily commuter car. It has a sweet 6-speed, 18" wheels, gets great gas mileage (though on premium :(), and has all the luxury accesories I could want. And while the regular maintenance on it is pricey at the VW dealer, it has been completely trouble free. And at 30k miles, it feels more solid than my old Hondas, which had rattles galore by this time. To me, it is more grown up, providing additional luxury, but still allowing me to unwind the engine and have fun when I want to. I grew tired of having to rev rev rev all the time with my Hondas.

    I also like the little "German engineering" details. I love that after reading the manual, I learned that the headlamp washers only spray every 5th time the windscreen washers spray (everytime would be excessive ;)), and how the wipers adjust where they park on the windscreen to lengthen the life of the wiper blades, and how nearly everything can be adjusted inside the trip computer, even the brightness of the dome lighting!

    Of course, one could argue that this type of thing just means more can go wrong, and I agree, but I haven't had a single problem, save a rattle, in 30k miles. So IMO I have Honda reliability with German soul. Now if only VW could replace my dealer with my old Honda dealer!
  • PLEASE do not compare the current Si (FG2) to previous years. This current Si is leaps and bounds far superior than previous years. This is the only Si that drives and feels like a solid German car. I am employed by Mercedes-Benz, the best automotive company in the world, let alone German manufacturer, and I can't stop driving my Si. The MotorTrend article comparing the Si to the GTi says it all. Need a 4-Door to compare to the GLi? Honda has you covered with the FA5 (4-Door Si).

    For my commute to work, I originally leased an 07 Honda Civic LX Coupe 5-Speed and although it served it's purpose of getting me excellent fuel economy, the performance I craved wasn't there. 9 months later, I made the switch to an 08 Si Coupe and it was the best decision that I have ever made. My co-worker was driving a 2006 VW GTi and he wanted an Si. He asked me to email him my pros and cons on the Si and I emailed him with:

    Good gas mileage (I do 60-miles round trip every day to work and I average about 31-mpg)
    Handling (One of the best handling cars I have ever driven. I can pull 0.91 G on the skid)
    The Price
    Performance (0-60 in 6.3 secs and the 1/4 in 14.8 secs)
    i-VTEC Powerband (Power and engine note sounds spectacular. "Wow! What an engine note! Equal parts angry hornet and formula bike" - MotorTrend)
    Honda Reliability
    Helical Limited Slip Differential LSD
    6-Speed Manual Transmission (One of the smoothest shifting manual transmissions I have ever used. Effortless shift throws)
    8,700-RPM Redline
    Exhaust Note
    2-Tier Digital Speedometer / Tachometer Display
    Steering Feel
    Maintenance Minder System
    Styling (Inside and Out)
    Clutch Feel and Travel
    Comfort (Racing seats are firm, supportive, and plush. Is that possible to have all 3?)
    Interior Room (Front)

    Drive-by-Wire (DBW) Throttle System (RPMs do not immediately drop when you shift gears sometimes)
    Low Torque Numbers
    Black Interior (Only comes in Black, which is what I wanted, but every piece of lint or dog hair shows)
    No Leather Option (Would have been nice, but the cloth/suede material is excellent in feel. Wears pretty easily as well and starting to see some fade spots)
    No Heated Seat Option
    Interior Plastics scratches easily
    A/C Vent right behind Steering Wheel (Not a real Con, but I’m starting to run out of ideas)
    Interior Room in the Rear (A bit cramped in terms of leg room in my Coupe, but maybe that is because I am 6'1" and my driver seat is way back)

    That’s pretty much it… it's one of the best cars I have ever owned.

    I am not a hatch fan so I will never put a GTi on my list of cars to get. As for the GLi, I don't think it has the performance I am looking for. I am a coupe guy so I'm crossing the GLi off my list as well. To each their own, but you know how I feel about my Si. Nothing bad to say about VW though...
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