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This is supposed to come out in 2008 or 2009 maybe? They're going through major road testing right now, I guess to get everything right. I think it showed at the Geneva Auto Show, but I haven't seen too much about it. It will be cheaper than Honda or Toyota, so that's a good thing, I guess. I don't know much about Kia, but I feel like their cars have improved a lot over the years. Any thoughts? Here's some more info: d/#respond


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    This has some figures, and says a little over 12 seconds to 60, and a little over 53 MPG.

    The Rio I drove was ok(the sedan). The normal automatic is about 10 seconds, maybe a few tenths over 10 seconds to 60.
    From 0-40, it felt slow,but after you hit 40( probably 4th gear), it was fairly quick, quiet.
    Not a bad handler. Ride was ok. NVH tolerable.
    It is maybe an inch- 2 shorter than the Yaris sedan.
    The fabric was odd in the car, but not too nasty.

    Edmunds chose the Rio and Accent as best sedans under 15K msrp, for Editor's choice, recently, over all the other smaller vehicles, so, it must not be too bad?

    I would take it, but it is slow.
    I guess this Rio hybrid is no slower than the Honda Civic Hybrid, but may actually get a few MPG more( and cost less, although this car is smaller, but can easily accomodate 4 adults, maybe 5, for a very short trip).

    It does have a higher seating position than many other cars.
    I think the "normal" version gets 36-38 MPG hwy.

    I would get one, but it's too slow ( around here, if you can't hit 60 around 9 seconds of time, they try to run your over).

    Anyhow... it may prove interesting.

    Maybe if this is a big success, they'll update a few other vehicles with hybrid?

    take care/not offense.
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    So, this was at Geneva already? Wonder why there was so little press(internet) about it, then?

    Anyhow, I Hope this makes it to production, and gets to the USA within a year. Sounds like it mgiht be heading this way.

    Hyundai(Kia) was touting the Accent and Rio hybrids,and they were supposed to have been out in USA already, last Spring-Summer! The story was that due to the currency differences, they would Lose Money on such vehicles, so they decided to not build them, at the time( that's a shame... I'd trade in my 04 Sonata for a Hybrid Rio today!).

    Hybrid Civic is over 22K MSRP. 50-51 MPG.
    Rio getting 53+ mpg, for less money, plus, you might get to add, or not add options(like all Kia's have)?
    Same 0-60 time as the hybrid Civic?
    If all I need is MPG, and room for 3- 4 people, tops... and Under 20K? Where do I sign up?
    Here's Hoping they decide to sell some, maybe NLT 1 year from now.
    Like I said, if they had some here now, for 17-18K, I would even take the upside down deal on my loan of 2-3 K(could afford to, at this price, vs 22-23K msrp for other Hybrids), and still be ahead(especially on money saved on gas).
    24 MPG avg, combined, for 04 Sonata, vs 50+ for Hybrid Rio?
    That's an easy decision.
    I have heard rumors of Toyota saying they would have hybrid versions available, for all of their cars that sell 100,000+ units per year, soon, in USA?
    If this is true, that should be some incentive for Kia to get moving, and offer something in a simlar MSRP, MPG-range, etc, asap.

    take care/not offense.
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    Try this link instead. This is probably the only car I would trade my 2006 Rio5 in for! - d/
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    Kia is testing 4,000 Kia Rio hybrids on the streets of South Korea? That really should help them work out any kinks from Engineering to Manufacturing to real-world driving. I like the Kia Rio and I will be watching this one through it's development on the internet.

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