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Volkswagen Eurovan DIY Tips



  • sam203sam203 Posts: 8
    I disengaged the ignition switch as you suggested and the key turns. Now what
  • sam203sam203 Posts: 8
    Ok, I did disconnect the ignition switch per your instruction (last reply was from my spouse) and the cylinder did turn with key in it. When I toggled the new switch's inner white keyhole-shaped recess to 90 degrees and then reconnected and turned the key, all the dashlights came on again as before when the first switch failed! Very strange. Also, I could get the gear shift into neutral. This was different from before as the gear shift wouldn't budge.
    Bottom line though, still no engine on. No clicks either.
    Do these symptoms give any clues?
  • skypantsskypants Posts: 2
    Your link is dead already. I just need to remove the steering wheel so i can drill a hole to remove the lock core. Any info on how to remove the steering wheel on a 2001 EuroVan?


    I replaced the ig. switch but the lock core is broken and needs to be replaced.
  • Your wheel bearings or CV joints are starting to break down....You will end up seizing the wheel! Stop driving and get your vehicle to a mechanic who can replace the inner and outer wheel bearing in the rotors of both wheels(should be done in pairs.) This should be a very simple and quick fix that should run you about $129.00 a wheel. I hope this helps.
  • I'm having the same 2002 mv ignition switch problem. Ie, Dash lights stay on when key removed, and no resistance when turned to "start" position. My question is, was this just the switch or did it turn out to be the cylinder lock as well, and does that mean a dealer must perform the repair in order to reset old remote keys to new cylinder?
  • There is a small pin at the base of cylinder that engages the switch. That pin sheared off. The dealer wants a fortune to replace the cylinder. So i removed the switch from the cylinder and pulled it and the wires to the left side of steering column. We use a flat head screw driver to turn the switch that starts the car. The key is used to disengage the steering lock and de-activate the ignition immobilizer.

    Works great, lasts a long time, cost zero! Its a little ghetto but the car isnt worth the couple hundred bucks it would take to fix it properly.
  • Txs for the info. Sounds like you never removed the old broken cylinder? I'm hoping I can at least get the car started w your technique by operating the switch with a flat head... Were you able to remove the switch without pulling the steering wheel? Any chance you can point to the diy instructions? link mentioned in 2011 is broken. thanks again.
  • Go getto! I'm driving it now w your help, and no need for a tow. It was the broken cylinder lock tang, switch is still operational... and no need for steering wheel removal on my 2002.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hello weekender3, the link that you posted is no longer working. Can you post it again or email the instruction to me. For no reason ABS and hand brake lights are on. BTW I have 1999 Eurovan GLS. Thanks.
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