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Hyundai Genesis Sedan 2009+



  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I agree the Sonata will not age well. I think the Kia Optima is MUCH better looking than the Sonata - I actually enjoy the TV commercial.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I'll disagree there - Kia could've done so much better than that Superbowl ad.
  • carowner5carowner5 Posts: 3
    I'm thinking to install a bike carrier under rear bumper, that wouldn't make my Genesis look ugly. Any experience with aftermarket products, recommendations?
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    Its actually a trailer hitch you will be installing. Curt and Hidden Hitch both have models that usually bolt on with no drilling required. U-Haul can also sell and install a hitch, although theirs tend to be bulkier. I would expect between $150 and 200 for a class II, 1 1/4" receiver.
    Depending on how many bikes you intend to carry and your budget, I would recommend the Thule Helium or Yakima High-Lite series racks, they are very light weight and easy to get on and off the car. Another important feature is arms that fold down...this makes parking much easier when the bikes aren't on the rack.
  • skartskart Posts: 6
    I am looking to buy a Certified Preowned 2009 Genesis to replace my Toyota Avalon which is a great car but has 240,000 miles. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions in terms of what price I should pay with 16K miles - 3.8L V6 with Navigation. I live in NJ. Also do I need to change tires for snow driving since it is a RWD car
  • Suggest you check out www/ for an appraisal. Looks like it should be worth about $25,500 or thereabouts, depending on options, condition, color and whether it is from a private party or a dealer.

    Good luck.

  • skartskart Posts: 6
    Are u in NJ - I have checked it. Appreciate that.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,651
    Mid 20s seems about right for value of an 09. I know I'll probably be flamed for saying this, but I will anyway. I would be very careful coming out of an Avalon for a Genesis. I had two Avalons (03 and an 06) and they were both great cars. I enjoyed the roominess and the soft ride. I have an 09 Genesis and it rides much firmer than the Avalon and can get unsettled at times. I can't stand the ride, but its a pretty good car otherwise.

    As for snow, if the Genesis is riding on the OEM Dunlop SP Sport tires it will be a handful in the snow. I would replace them with a better tire more suited for all weather driving or get dedicated snow tires.

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  • skartskart Posts: 6
    I have not yet test driven the Genesis. I could not agree with you better. I have a 1998 Avalon XLS and is awesome. Other than the firm ride, are there any other areas/concerns I need to watch for. How many miles do you have on the Genesis? I commute everyday 30 miles one way and then would like to drive this to my long distance trips especially if I am not going with family. How is the gas mileage? I get only 21/22 mpg on my '98 Avalon
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Don't see why you'd get flamed for your post - there's a lot of good info there. If the original poster prefers a firmer ride, maybe it'll be better for his needs.

    Having had a RWD sport sedan until recently, I concur with the suggestion to get snow tires. Without snow tires, mine performed about as well in the snow as a motorcycle.


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  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,651
    Don't see why you'd get flamed for your post - there's a lot of good info there.

    I may be getting my forums confused... on another site dedicated to the Genesis, I've had a few instances where I was flamed for knocking the ride.

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  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,651
    Other than the firm ride, are there any other areas/concerns I need to watch for.

    Mine had a few issues, all fixed by the dealer promptly. There are posts about it here. I have about 24K on mine and for just about a year has been away from the dealer except for maintenance.

    I average right around 20 in mine and that is mostly city or gridlock highway. It will pull upper 20s all highway quite easily. It is a pretty quiet car and either of the two Lexicon sound systems (I have the 14 speaker no nav car) are fantastic.

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  • skartskart Posts: 6
    Good input. Will use it to evaluate my purchase.
  • tpricetprice Posts: 46
    edited August 2011
    I have a 2009 4.6L and have been very happy with it. I have 10 months left on the lease and currently plan to buy it. Having said that, it's been to the dealer twice in past 3 weeks - once to repair the tilt/telescope switch and today to replace the knob that controls the a/v navi inputs. If it stops here, my plan will still be to buy it out. I went through the first winter with the Dunlops and it was horrible - the worst winter driving experience I've ever had. Last winter I went ahead and got dedicated winter tires (Michelin X-Ice 2's?) and it made a HUGE difference. Prior to that, I thought winter tires were primarily marketing hype but can say I became a true convert. We just came back from a 5 days 2000 mile trip and the Genesis performed flawlessly - except for not being able to use the navi due to the knob issue - -just as we were entering the NY city metro area of all times (luckily my phone provided adequate back-up!). Enjoy.
  • buddycbuddyc Posts: 10
    16K is sure extremely low mileage, and given my excellent experience thus far with my 2009 Genesis 3.8, I would certainly pay right at appraised value if that is best you can do. As for snow tire need, I live in Mass and put Nokian snow tires on all 4 wheels this past winter, it did make a big difference in handling with all the snow and ice we had this past winter. Am swapping out the OEM Dunlops (which are horrendous in winter, btw) each spring/late fall. Good luck ... can't recommend the Genesis more highly!
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,651
    Am swapping out the OEM Dunlops (which are horrendous in winter, btw

    If there was ever one thing agreed upon about a car it is how horrilbe the Dunlops are in winter driving. I have never heard one word to the contrary on any forum.

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  • Nope. I live in Bend, which is in the high desert of central Oregon.

  • pogo5pogo5 Posts: 10
    I live in Milwaukee Wi the first winter I took the duncraps off, Put 2 Bridgestone Bliz. On the back, now it is like front wheel drive. Don 't leave home without them!
  • skartskart Posts: 6
    Great article. Is that March 15th 2011. I am assuming that you have a Genesis 2009 and are proud of it.
  • skartskart Posts: 6
    Also are those tires good in the rain also?? I have never driven a RWD car and want to make sure that I getting some good advice from the people who have owned this car for 2 plus years. If you have any other insights also it will be helpful
  • The car is well worth the investment. Had mine for 24000 miles. However, if it still has dunlops, make them replace them, "deal breaker". Worse damn tires, ever mounted on any vehicle
  • doug71doug71 Posts: 20
    I've owned my 2009 Genesis 3.8 since Sept. of 2008. It presently has 38,000 miles. Best auto that I have ever had. I ended up putting Goodyear Advantage Triple Tread tires on the car. Really good in the snow and very good in the rain. Again, the Genesis is the perfect car at an attactive price point. :)
  • miklomiklo Posts: 67
    I agree the dunlop tires suck,they are the worst tires I have ever had,Your lucky I had to replace mine at 17,000 miles but at least the dealer paid for 2 new ones after I raised hell.
  • I too have noticed a noise on my 2010 Genesis and I am bringing it in for service. Either its a wheel bearing, tranny or as mentioned, bad tires. The noise seems to get worse at around 40 mph, a howling is the best was to describe it. It sounds like a Jeep Liberty with all 4 snow tires.
  • buddycbuddyc Posts: 10
    Though I've never had the noise issue you describe, sergio, I did have issue with the OEM Dunlop tires on my 2009 Genesis -- they were fine in summer, but unstable to the point of dangerous for my New England winter. So I now have Nokian WR G2 tires on it, originally just for the winter, but I now run them year round and they are phenomenally smooth, excellent in heavy rain, quiet on highway, and IMO a perfect complement to the stiffer Genesis suspension and RWD. I would recommend them to anyone for this car ... and not incidentally, my 3.8 premium Genesis sedan (black with wings both front and rear) gets questions still whenever I fill up for gas, at stop lights, in my driveway ... everywhere! The question usually goes like this: What IS that car?! And I'm so proud ... just bought mine off lease and plan to drive it until I trade it (if my heart can stand it) for a new one ... or an Equus. :<)
  • car109car109 Posts: 4
    YES, the Driver seat is small and pumpy. i am only 5.9 and 182 LB and it is small seat.
    Edmunds should sent such information to all customers and to Hyndai.
    Buick Lesabre 2005 has much smoother and comfrtable ride VS. Gensis 2012.
    Toyota Avylon has a nicer ride.
    They might need to put the [non-permissible content removed] of the steering wheel to add space to driver seat.
    Improve the design for comfort.
  • car109car109 Posts: 4
    Genesis 2012-I have no idea why the ride is pumped, and seat (front) are small.
    I honestly it is a ride almost like a camry 2012 with double the price.
    I also rented Santa-Fe 2012, and had poor ride @ 60 MPH or above.
  • My 2010 Genesis's display (no GPS edition) suddenly turned blue with wide black stripe across. Everything works as before: radio, A/C, CD, sound, etc., but can't see anything on screen. Dealer says the whole unit should be replaced, because the internal "display driver" is dead and cannot be fixed. New Lexicon unit (14 speaker edition) costs $2,000+. Of course, it happened right after the warranty expired!
    Any solution?
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