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Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems



  • FWIW:

    I haven't had the problem since I last posted. The only thing I did was really maintenance on the battery. I think our battery wasn't getting it's full charge as it should have been. The water cells in the battery were half empty, so after filling them back up to correct levels, and driving a couple of days to the battery could catch up on charging, I haven't noticed the problem even once.

    Methinks there are a lot of different scenarios that can cause this. Good luck to everyone looking for a fix.
  • Update on my 2006 Ody electrical problems

    1) 4 trips to Honda dealership only to find nothing wrong w/ the car. $$$$
    2) 1 new battery (replacement) at Sams' club (free)
    3) $3.99 new grounding connector for the negative wire on battery
    4) $15 to install new battery connector
    5) Being able to figure out the problem yourself without any Honda help- PRICELESS!!!

    FYI: the battery I'd gotten from Sams (Energizer) had a lot of problems (the associate at Sams told me that a lot of people were bringing them back due to premature failure)- so now I've gotten a new battery (Duracel). Also if you haven't already checked the connections on the battery terminals (the wire actually holding on the ends) I'd check to see if they come off easily or not. In my case they did at Sam's- hence the new connectors. We'll see if this fixes the problem.
  • jwilli5jwilli5 Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    Today my 2006 Odyssey's Bright lights, turn signals, temperture gauge, both power sliding doors, and my back windshild wiper and fluids all stopped working at the same time. Also my radio, when turned on, reads CODE. When pressing the radio buttons it comes up with a bunch of XXXX on the panel. Like its looking for some kind of a code. Any ideas why. All fuses checked, no go. Stopped and restarted van, again no go.. Any anwsers would be great. Thanks!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Sometimes a weak battery causes the electronics to go haywire. I would have a charging system check done which includes checking the battery, alternator, etc. Good luck.
  • rwhgrwhg Posts: 1
    My '05 Ody started the same thing this afternoon. Planning to take to dealership in the morning, have you found anything on this yet?
  • I would have your battery and alternator checked first. I had a similar situation (see my post earlier in this section), and I found out that it was the battery cable. Based on your symptoms I would be leaning towards either the batter or the battery cable. Whenever the cable is loose and not on tight it doesn't make an adequate connect hence the sporadic episodes of lose of power. If the battery and alternator check out (you can get them tested at a local auto parts store (autozone/napa, etc) for free), then you might need a more definitive eval at the dealership. Hope this helps .
  • ced31ced31 Posts: 2
    edited February 2012
    I'm familiar with the codes,every time you disconnect the battery,you have to enter a code for the radio and the nav(if equip).The reason for this is for anti theft protection,thieves will think twice before they steal built- in radios cause it won't work unless you enter the codes.The codes are usually located at the 1st page of the service manual,if you can't find it,go to the dealer,give the vehicle number,they can pull it out in the computer.
  • ced31ced31 Posts: 2
    Whenever I turn on my van early in the morning,I noticed the instrument panel is flickering,daytime running lights is not on,minutes later,it starts to flicker too.Slow wiper won't work and windshield washer won't spray.When I lock the van using the remote,a horn will sound to confirm that it's lock,but it won't.Checked all fuses,seems like everything's okay.Took it to dealer,left the van for the whole day,told me nothing is wrong with the van,so frustrating!!The colder the weather,the worst flickering you see!!Any suggestion will be really appreciated!!Thanks!!
  • I am considering buying a 2006 Odyssey Touring, but now a bit skeptical going by all the negative comments I read about it. The one I'm negotiating on has 146000 mileage, with a price tag of $9000.00; is it OK for that price? What alternative do I have? I need a reliable and cost effective minivan. Thanks.
  • thukuthuku Posts: 2
    I would consider an alternative if I am to take a loan to buy the Van.
    1. Honda Vans are highly priced than other minivans in the same class. Why?? They hold their value very well. That means for the same amount of money you would get a newer and low mirage option.
    2. I would rather buy an older vehicle that would not tie me in a loan for the nest 3-5 yrs. in other words by the time you get a return on the money you invested, the van will have lost value prestige etc.
    3. I could go back to 2005 model and get one with even better mirage for $2000 or so cheaper.
    I have a 2000, w/ 176000 Miles I bought for $3500 2yrs ago. The Van is good, and every tax time I give it around $500 for whatever it need. No issues.
  • Thuku, thank you for your advise, it is very instructive.
  • I am in the process of purchasing this vehicle with 139,000 miles on it and the asking price is $6995 from a dealership. Should I pay this price or should I try talking them down some. This will be a second vehicle for me.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Used Odysseys and Siennas are way overpriced. I recently bought a 2007 Uplander with 55k miles and 10 months of powertrain warranty left for less than $12k (taxes included). The dealer where we purchased the Uplander had a 2004 Sienna with 133k miles and no warranty remaining for only $1k less than the Uplander. For $10k, you can get a used Grand Caravan with probably half the mileage of the Odyssey. Good luck.
  • That price seems unusually low. One of the easiest ways to find a comparison for your car is to go to one of the car sites, edmunds, autotrader, nada, kellybluebook, and put in the info to find pricing. If you put in 2005 in autotrader most of the cars w/ 139,000 are being sold around $10-12,000. Given that you are buying it at a dealer I'd want to know why they are selling the car cheaper than the average. Lots of other factors to look into as well, ie. maintence, insurance, etc. Personally I have a '06 ody w/ 110,000 miles and I expect to keep it for awhile, but that because its been maintained. Buying a car unknown to you w/ a lot of miles could easily become a money pit. Also as some of the other posts mention there are much better deals out there for mini vans other than Hondas. I'd look at the Nissan Quest (they are a great car and don't hold on to their resell value as much- so you'd get a better deal) or even the newer Hyundais.
  • I have a 2010 Honda Odyssey that no longer recognizes the keys when I open the doors and sets off the anti-theft system (horn, flashers, shuts of radio, etc.). I can not operate any of the buttons inside the car (sliding doors, windows, locks, rear hatch) and have to remove the horn fuse to prevent a 2 minute anti-theft alarm every time I open the doors, hood, etc. However, to drive the car, I need to wait for the anti-theft system to reset, re-install the horn fuse and then I can drive the car but once I open the door the anti-theft system triggers again.

    To make matters worse, I am in the US military and stationed in Germany so the local Honda dealers don't know what to do and Honda America refuses to send any technical information for the German mechanics to trouble shoot with. Honda America keeps telling me they don't know what the problem is so they don't know what to send to the German dealer. Sheehy Honda, where I bought the car, has been little help, although they at least provided me with a recommendation to reset the key fob, unfortunately, that did not solve the problem.

    Can anyone provide advice?
  • Hi,

    Considering buying a used vehicle with this problem. Did you get a resolution on it? Any help much appreciated!

    Jim C
    Princeton NJ
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Can't they change the ignition lock and give you a new key fob and reset? They should do something given the vehicle is still under warranty.
  • Looks like I'm having electrical problems with my drivers side power seat. 2001 model, EX, seat will raise and lower but just the back half. Will not recline, will not move forward or backward (actually its all the way back so not sure if this is a problem) Took the cowling off to view, difficult to get the hole piece off because the mount screw in the back can only be accessed if I move the seat all the way forward (which is a problem now)

    Not sure where to put the voltmeter probes and what the numbers will mean. Changed the fuse to no avail. Tapped and fidgeted with connections underneath - to no avail.

    Any suggestions.
  • I have a 2005 Honda Odessey van, I had the dealership install a command start on it when I purchased it 3 Yeats ago. Having issues with the door locks, they always lock about 1 minute after I have unlocked them. It does not matter if the keys are in the ignition or not, the doors always locks. You have to be careful because if you start the van then get out to put stuff in the doors will lock when you are out. Have also had issues with the alarm going off a couple of times when I hit unlock when I am already in the van with it running. Even if I am driving and hit the unlock button the alarm sometimes goes off.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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