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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Rattles and Creaks



  • my 2006 trucks engine light started blinking would rev at 2-3 1000 rev then have a rough time moving she was bogging down and the more i drove it the worse it got took it to the shop . they said it was misfirng on 2,4,&6 changed cap ,plugs rotor changed three of the new plugs noticed 2,4,& 6 were black 1,3,& 5 were not mechanic cleaned some oxygen thing by the air filter did not help ..spent day with the mechanic he is stumped ...could this be something we r missing it is eatind gas like crazy he had mentioned that the exhaust coming out smelled foul what ever the means please help .......dont have much money to be throwing darts at a parts list and hoping it fixes the truck me please its getting worse the lower the gas gauge goes
  • crusin57crusin57 Posts: 20
    I have only been a member here for a short time and at first thought wow so many people with complete disappointment with their truck's. I have a 2006 silverado, i just bought it on july 14th. It has 58k on it, i thought what could go wrong with it. Well so far it's been in the shop twice and will be going back in tomorrow for more issues. I can't believe that it seems like everyday it's a new something. I have been driving chevys for over 30 year's and never have i been so disappointed in a product from GM.
  • my 2006 silverado has sixty thousand close to your truck mayb sixty is the number where everything goes to h@ll i thought i treated my truck like a baby
    i use it for work so i need to find a solution without breaking my nonexsisting bank account
  • crusin57crusin57 Posts: 20
    Ya i hear you on the bank thing, my truck had to be certified and e-tested by the dealer, i picked my truck up on a weds, two days after now friday the engine light came on, i thought how can this be possible it just had an emissions test and passed.

    On saturday morning bringing my wife to work the speakers started to stop working one by one, i almost couldn't believe it, Sat afternoon go to pick my wife up from work truck won't run, notice the sterio is completely dead, like no power, Dealer tells me the anti theft has activated, how can that be its been just sitting in my driveway.

    To make things worse it starts raining can't put the windows up because the radio controls the power there some how, 2 hours and 15 minutes exactly the radio power comes back on the truck started and i got my windows up.

    Now the front brakes sqeek, sounds like the pad warners and i have a rattle in the undercarriage some place.

    So now it going back to the shop again, 3 times in 4 weeks, Anyway i,m pretty fed up already, more towards the dealership where i bought it from so much so i filed a complaint with the BBB last night.
  • the more i am investigating the more i am coming to the conclusion that it might b intake manifold gasket seems like chevy has a lot of problems with that leaking i am going to keep investigating and call my poor mechanic cuz he only charged me twenty dollars for labor yesterday and poor guy was trying to figure it out all day in the nice hot humid ohio weather i think i owe him a couple of beers
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Holocker4,
    I apologize that your vehicle is having concerns. Has the dealership come up with an answer to your issues yet? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • after changing everything except the fuel injectors we come to the conclusion that it is the fuel injectors that go to 2 , 4 & 6 .i called the chevy dealership to see if it was possbly under warrenty since it only has sixty thousand miles and of course it was not . :mad: seems they should realize that injectors should not go that early and they should want to help their loyal customers ...maybe ill go to toyota after i fix this up my truck is paid off so everthing would b a proffit and toyota seems like they care about their customers
  • We have this problem too and they told us to start with it was a control module that is on the gas pedal (Over$300) well after replacing that they now ay we need to order a now throttle body(Over $300) and can you believe that with this happenening so much that there is not a recall, did you ever fix your problem, if so how did you do it.
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