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Half-ton Pickups - The full field



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    "as i will gladly plaster this forum with Chryslers Turds."

    My, my a bit touchy aren't we? Name calling? Threats? Why don't you go ahead and plaster? Don't let anyone stop you. Just remember Toyota is the leader in recalls right now. On the famous Toyota sludge you're looking at over 2.2 million vehicles.

    We haven't even mention the 4 star crash rating on the new Tundra from the NHTSA sending the Toyota engineers back to the drawing board confused as ever since they did a similar test and according to Toyota should have passed the NHTSA with a 5 star rating.
  • :shades: :) Go OBYONE GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The one suspension item on the 2500 that you mentioned is not associated with a factory equiped item, but a suspension component (pitman arm) part of an aftermarket lift kit.

    But, if recalls are your criterion for despise I wouldn't be belittling any other make if you're a Toyota lover.
  • LOL,I give up,you must realy think people are stupid ,Why would Dodge recall their products if it is an after market part?And are you telling me that every one just happen to install that same part? :P :confuse: So now we are going to ignore my facts about dodge ram 8 recalls in one year?pathetic! please provide some facts about toyota having the must recalls,Dont bother ,Here you go :P ...................This one almost slipped past us as we readied for the weekend, but Ford announced a big recall today, involving 3.6 million vehicles with a faulty cruise control switch that could potentially cause a fire. This is essentially a follow-up to the January recall involving 6 mil light trucks for basically the same concern. :lemon: ..........In case you're counting, and we know some of you are, this is sixth recall for speed control system concerns by Ford since 1999. Altogether there have been 10.4 million vehicles involved.
    Again please give some info on toyota 10 plus million recalls, If they are leader in recalls,..I have a lot more from Chrysler and Chevy, But i will let you embarrass yourself first ;)
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926

    Since I've had the pleasure to see this once in my life, I would bet that the frame is not what was bent, but that the rear box mounts got crushed.

    Best regards,

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    True that never crossed my mind nor the mind of that distraught Dodge owner. Hopefully that was the case as the repair cost would have been minimal as compared to his stress level.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Just curious, but did you ever own a GM product?

    A recommendation: instead of sporting a morally superior attitude, maybe a little humility might allow for intelligent and meaningful discourse.

    Here are some of those facts you mentioned but obviously missed yourself:

    07E009000 - SUSPENSION

    Recall Date:
    FEB 01, 2007

    Model Affected:
    2006 DODGE RAM 2500




    Potential Units Affected:


    In addition, the Transfer Case recall only affected 136 units. This "recall," by the way, never made it to individual owners because all of the affected trucks were corrected by dealers before they were delivered to buyers.


    Flatly stated, there shouldn't be any recalls on any model vehicle. There are different ways to consider recalls and the commensurate gravity of them. The number of recalls per year by a manufacturer, per model, the quantity of vehicles affected, whether the defect was an assembly, design or a component quality problem, and the seriousness of the defect. If you are going to play the raw numbers game, be careful. That technique has the maturity level of arguing that someone is less guilty of stealing because they stole less than someone else.

    Some may wish to distract attention away from Toyota's fallibility’s in other areas by concentrating on other manufacturers flaws, such as recalls in this case. But that sophomoric approach could come back to bite you.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    "It would be accurate to say that there have been enough issues with Toyota in the past couple of years that they don't have the spotless image they had a couple of years ago," said Karl Brauer, editor in chief of, an automotive research Web site.
  • BLAH,BLAH, BLAH ,A recall is a recall,There is no other way to put it, You keep talking about Toyota fallibility ,Compare to who? Thats what This is about,how can toyota be crap if everyone else is no better?...........General Motors: -73% at 1.4 million recalls (2005: 5 million)
    Ford Motor Company: -71% at 1.7 million recalls (2005: 6 million)
    Chrysler Group: 200% at 2.3 million recalls (2005: 765,777)
    Nissan North America: 83% at 1.3 million recalls (2005: 709,838......Toyota, for instance, finished 2006 with 814,507 recalls, far fewer than the over 2 million that were issued in 2005........Toyota:
    2.5 million US sales, 0.81 million US recalls, 32% recall rate

    4.1 million US sales, 1.4 million US recalls, 34% recall rate

    2.9 million US sales, 1.7 million US recalls, 58% recall rate

    2.4 million US sales, 2.3 million US recalls, 96% recall rate
  • :lemon: I don't really think anybody is trying to say Toyota is crap but that there is no reason you should be totally against American made TRUCKS. It's all a matter of personal opinion and which truck you like better for yourself. :)
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Who ever said Toyota was crap? I didn't. The first person to use that word in this dialogue has been you. If anything it's been Toyota people denigrating the RAM.

    If Toyota people are going to be so critical of other people's machinery, please be prepared to have Toyota's performance and record be fairly and critically examined. Toyota most certainly does not have a unblemished record with respect to recalls. Furthermore, recalls are only half the story. Our Avalon was not officially recalled until long after we had a severe sludge problem, which I might add, Toyota profusely refused to believe was anything other than our fault. We received the recall on our '99 last November.

    How about sharing where the numbers you included in your last post came from. Some your numbers in the previous post don't make any sense.
  • Well . . . I like . . . no I love my Dodge and I wouldn't trade it in for any other truck. My family loves Toyota seeing as to how they're hispanic and that is all they like but I'm all American. I'm Getting a sticker for my truck that says: " My truck was made with tools not chopsticks" HA HA HA. J/K ;)
  • How exactly does that works ? You are all American but your family is hispanic?They like toyota because they are hispanic? WOW,..That explains why you choose a Dodge Ram that gets recalls 8 times in one year,Yea! Good luck with your contraption, you will need it, Feel free to go to for proof, truck was made with tools not chopstick ? It probably made it through one year without all those recalls,
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Since you're such a stickler for facts (but not so concerned about math or accuracy), that would be seven, not eight recalls. The suspension recall was against the aftermarket manufacturer of the pitman arm, not Dodge.

    By the way, my company has over twenty RAM pickups (2003-2006) and not one of them has ever been recalled. Neither has my son's 2003.
  • Why do you get so offended when it comes to Toyota? :lemon: :cry: :cry: :mad:
  • Tundra was designed and is built in the US by Americans.
  • But is still a Japanese company, so bye-bye profits, they go right back to the Land of the Rising Sun to support the Japanese economy.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I knew there was a reason behind the failing camshafts and trans. Built in the U.S. that would explain it...something like in the movie Gung Ho.
  • You guys whine because the Tundra is built by Americans for a foreign company. Wake up, this is a global economy. There is a reason that the Tundra was awarded the most significant new vehicle for 2007 by Edmunds. Big 3 are left in the dust by this beast.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    That be the Tundra's trans right?
  • Give it up Hank Hill (Troll)!The Tundra is here to stay ,i will gladly take the Tundra over getting burn in every ford there is, Or any silverado that gets recalled 4 times in one year, Or dooooge ram that gets recalls 8 times in one year . :sick: :lemon:
  • Ok, since we are all venting strong opinions here, I'll join the fray. I have owned an 02 Tundra, and still own an 02 Sequoia (basically the same thing in a four door). They are quality built, 1/2 trucks. Hard to beat on a quality yardstick.

    BUT, I traded in my 02 Tundra for the last of the pre-cat-back Diesel RAMS with the Cummins diesel for two compelling reasons: I need a ONE ton, with a dependable diesel to do some towing of an average 40 foot fifth wheel.

    You CAN'T do that with a Tundra, even the new one. Not safely, anyway. And not without an 8 mpg reality.

    In my opinion, Toyota blows it again, in that they contemplated putting a diesel in, and didn't. And to my knowledge they still aren't thinking beyond a beefy 1/2 ton.

    When and if they make a one ton, serious torque and HP diesel, with dually back tires on the blacktop truck, I'm all there. In the meantime, you can choose from Chevy, Ford, and Dodge to do the job based on your personal preferences. For me, I chose Dodge because of the Cummins motor. But Toyota wasn't even in the running because of the relatively limited towing capability, no matter how good a truck they build. It just ain't big enough yet! I hope they read this, and get down to it. Then maybe some competition would begin!
  • I see what you are saying Titanium,I have a friend who has one of the older rams with the cummins diesel,It is far from perfect but he said most people buys the truck because of the cummins motor ,He said he can only manage 10 1/2 mpg ,But he is in construction ,He has a cap with aluminum brakes,Two extention ladders,Generator,Compressor you name it ,And if you have not heard yet ,Toyota will unviel a new Tundra diesel dually soon ,(source autoblog)So hold on to your hat, :P
  • The 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is not for another three and a half months, but Toyota is getting its ducks in a row preparing for what promises to be a big week in Sin City for the Japanese automaker. It's unveiling not one, not two, but three vehicles at SEMA, including the all-new 2009 Corolla. The current Corolla has been around the block a few more times than Toyota had planned, but still remains a popular vehicle for the company. The new model will include the familiar sedan body type, but also mark the return of a coupe/hatchback. We'll no doubt see a TRD version customized to the nines at SEMA, as well. If the fates are on our side, perhaps they'll show something rear-wheel drive (fingers crossed).

    Also present at SEMA will reportedly be a heavy duty diesel dually Tundra pickup designed to be a monster tow machine. It's only a concept and yet to be named, but the HD Tundra will be there to gauge crowd reaction to a dedicated heavy hauler from Toyota. The diesel will likely come from Hino, Toyota's commercial truck division, but Popular Mechancs reports that most of its engines are just too big for the Tundra's bay. The size issue could force Toyota to debut a new, smaller 4.5L diesel V8 that it's been working on. We'll have to wait and see what powers the Tundra concept, but we'd bet our last slot token that this particular Toyota will most certainly not be a hybrid.

    Finally, Toyota plans to introduce an FJ Cruiser Convertible concept at SEMA. Reportedly sporting a removable hardtop, sources say that the concept is likely a production prototype in disguise since going to all that trouble engineering a removable hardtop for one vehicle would be silly. To get an idea of what the FJ Cruiser Convertible will look like, take a peek at the aftermarket version.

    So there you have it – Toyota's 2008 SEMA lineup. Now that the information's out there, hopefully Toyota will start releasing official pics soon, as well.

    [Source: Popular Mechanics]
  • Well the parts are built by subcontractors OWNED by Toyota. Toyota is also having quality problems in its very own to imply that the US built parts are the reason things aren't working is retarded.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I need a ONE ton, with a dependable diesel to do some towing of an average 40 foot fifth wheel.

    You CAN'T do that with a Tundra, even the new one. Not safely, anyway.

    I'm sure some Tundra loyalist will disagree. For example,

    "#1550 of 1586 SUBJECTIVE FIRST 500 MILES by subjective Aug 20, 2007 (10:53 am)
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    The 07 Tundra 5.7 surely held up to the three quarter ton diesels as tested in the September issue of Consumer Reports. This test was an eye opener to me and I think it would be to most people that read it. I can tell you for a fact that my new Tundra would blow away my Hemi that I just sold. Those of you with doubts might like to get a copy and read the tests. I actually said closer to a three quarter ton than a half ton. I actually cant imagine how much closer you could get unless a new better generation of three quarter tons come out. My truck weights more than yours alone simply put does not cut it anymore!


    #1552 of 1586 Re: SUBJECTIVE FIRST 500 MILES [subjective] by bugchucker Aug 21, 2007 (8:40 am)
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    Replying to: subjective (Aug 20, 2007 10:53 am)
    Word is getting out to 3/4 and 1 ton owners. They won't even come up to the line against my Tundra anymore.

    So you see according to them you don't need no Ram diesel 1 ton...the Tundra will do it all :P
  • Like I say, I've owned both. Hook that 07 Tundra up to a 40 foot fifth wheel weighing 14,000 pounds loaded and haul it down the highway next to passing 18-wheelers. You'll be scared to death. Though, that might be a good'll want to get off the road anyway, so frequent gas station stops for the gasoline engine reality of 7-8 mpg at BEST will get addressed for ya!
    When Toyota does a diesel, one ton, dually, I'll be there. But they have tantalized us before with such speak (the new Tundra lineup was supposed to originally have a diesel option), and still haven't delivered. As I say, Toyota is a good product, but for real HD needs, it just comes up short. Not a critcism, just a reality.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I agree with the need for a one ton diesel truck. What concerns me is that some actually beleive what they read in Consumer Reports and somehow lose track of reality because Consumer Reports says so.
  • I agree that you do need a heavy duty turbo diesel for your 14K lb 5th wheeler and the Dodge is a good one. My 04 hemi was a good one with no problems, but I like my new Tundra better. I would never attempt to pull a trailer like yours with it. I like my new Tundra so much that sometimes I get carried away. If it holds up as well as my hemi, I will be very happy.
  • mule2mule2 Posts: 11
    To the man talking about hooking a tundra to a 40ft.trailer it would be crazy. I owned a dodge cummins it was a good truck.I got 14 mi per gal loaded. I own a new tundra now it will pull my 34 ft. jayco eagle 9700# easy.Thats all i need.12 miles per gal.The only thing i don't like about the diesel now is diesal is .30 cents a gal.higher. You will have more money left at the end of day with the tundra.I have a friend that wants to buy a new ford or dodge $45000.00 to $55000.00 to pull his camper to lake 6 times per year. Thats over kill.
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