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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • The CVT maybe a problem on the higher mileage cars, i was leasing 2007 Murano for 39 month, outside of the oil changes and 1 set of brakes i have not done anything else to the car, The CVT worked well for me and i do tend to have a heavy foot from time to time, with that said that does not mean the problem does not exist and nissan should own up to it, but like many others said it all depends how the car was taken care of and how it was driven, also this may not even be a consideration for people like me who are leasing the car and withing the time of the lease due to the car being new most likely will not see any problems.
  • Unfortunately I just learned that there was a Nissan CVT Customer Satisfaction Program today, but it expired 7/31/2010 (6 weeks ago). Of course Nissan never reached out to their customers and informed them of the program. The program included full reimbursement for those of us who already paid $6k to have a transmission replaced if it failed before the new extended warranty duration of 10 yrs/120k miles was reached.

    Has anyone had success since 7/31/2010 (program termination date) on getting a reimbursement? if so, I'd appreciate any advice.

    Thank you.
  • I have the FWD version and NO problems with 62k miles. Love it - I just change the oil. Brakes even lasted 60k miles, tires 50k. Nissan service at Robbins in Humble, TX is 1st class.

    Have owned several 4WD vehicles in the past with the following experience:

    4WD Mazda minivan - replaced transmission at 39k miles, $3600, out of warranty. So much for Japanese reliability

    4WD Plymouth minivan - serviced and rebuilt trans under warranty twice, then at 60k or so miles, it died out of warranty

    4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, which never had a problem during our 3 yr, 40k mile lease.

    The lesson I learned: Unload a 4WD vehicle before it is out of warranty.
  • I have a 2003 Murano; I loved the car. For most part, the shape design, interior, and the advanced Trans., the tires were always problematic, never lasting more than 25,000 miles. Few months ago I started to have strange problems. That was if I have made many stops the car would have a hard time engaging to another gear is if it were stuck. On my annual visit to the dealer, to change all the belts, I have informed him of the recurring problem. After leaving the car for a day, I was told that there is nothing wrong with the car. This just made my day. However, just a few days ago, while entering the HWY, it happened again. This time we would have almost lost our lives; it was a close one. After a day of diagnosis the dealer informed me that it is a possible valve body in transmission that needs to be replaced. I have contacted corporate headquarters and began the case file. After reading all testimonies, looks that this is a common problem with this car, and Nissan is downplaying most of the complains. Any suggestions?
  • mikev4mikev4 Posts: 11
    Nissan cars used to look good and last long. Todays Nissan still maybe looks good but is not a good car. Probably Hynday is better at least you get 100,000 miles warranty.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    Annual belt replacement?

    Either you are driving 40-100K miles an year or your dealer has been ripping you off all along.
  • My daughter turned 16 so we gave her my 03 altima which we bought new. It's been a great car no bad problems except replacing the alternator twice. 1st time in 08 then last in 10. I decided that I really liked the Murano's and was looking to buy a used one. I've been looking and test driving for only a week and was just about to drive about 3 hours away to look and possibly buy a 05. Through many conversations and video's with the owner I just knew this one was for me. A salesman with the Nissan dealership in Huntsville had called me many times wanting me to stop by and take a look at a couple of Murano's so I did just last night. While he went in to get the keys I was looking and admiring the 370 Z's and another salesman walked up and we started talking about the Z's, altima's and then Murano's. He told me that Nissan had extended the warranty on all makes of the Murano's and why. We went on talking until I think he realized that was probably to much information. I was very disappointed to hear what I was told caused I loved those SUV'S. I thanked him for bringing that to my intention cause no one else had. I even went to consumer reports and all I had found was reports on brake pads having to be replaced. I went ahead and test drove the 07 Murano and while we where driving I asked many questions and was told over and over what great cars these where. So either he didn't know or was just trying to make a sale. I would have considered another Altima if only I could trust I was being told the truth. I came home and researched and found all these issues with different customers and now I know I will continue looking into the Toyota 4 runners like my husband wanted to do to begin with. I will still admire the Murano's when I see them; for their looks only, and I thank God for he did answer my prayer.
  • I have a 2004 Murano AWD. I'd like to swap the CVT with a later model. Can anyone tell me what's compatible?
    I need to pull the motor &etc (rear main seal and other problems). The CVT has been doing that surge thing, and I'm sure it's on borrowed time. I'm hoping for some bolt-up pnp swap from a junkyard front clip. Does anyone know what years will cross?
    Sorry if this is already posted somewhere -- I swear I tried to find it.
  • I have a 2004 Murano w/186k mi. Transmission has displayed the usual hesitation in hot weather, fixed momentarily by restarting car. Currently, the car has an undiagnosable overheating problem and I've been recommended to rebuild/replace the engine and replace the transmission. Trading in, getting another car is not an option. We'd like to do this ourselves (SO fixes all his vehicles incl Range Rover), but I haven't been able to find replacement engines/transmissions online. Has anyone else been able to find engines/transmissions for purchase? Any suggestions? :sick:
  • Great minds think alike, nails2. I hope we get replies to our posts. ;)
  • Follow-up: I contacted Nissan Consumer affairs and after several calls and paperwork submissions, they reimbursed me fully for my faulty CVT replaced in 2008. My hat's off to Nissan for this show of integrity. My faith in Nissan is restored. Since the program had officially ended before I called them, they didn't have to do "the right thing", but they did.
  • Is it possible to get the info in the trasfer case and the transmissions as I am now in the same boat and they they want to charge me $6000.00 for the work. And if nissan has a extended warranty or they realized that they have a problem I would like to contact them about the repairs. Thanks
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited November 2010
    You're lucky. I had made numerous attempts to get the same problem rectified only to be constantly turned away.

    I sold my Murano and will never return to a Nissan product again.

    Nissan builds "JUNK !!!"
  • mikev4mikev4 Posts: 11
    Yes there is extended warranty. Nissan Dealership should know about it.
  • rpearl1rpearl1 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Started having transmission problems about two weeks ago. Took it to the dealership - they said it's not transmission. When I am at stop light and push the gas it hesitates (like it's not getting any gas) and then takes off. From reading some of these posts, it appears it may be the transmission. Unfortunately, I have 139,545 miles. Really disappointing because I have always been a fan of Nissan, but I feel I should be able to get alot more miles out of the car.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited December 2010

    My sympathies go out to you. If you have time go back and read all of my threads on the transmission problems I have had.

    I started having trouble at 96,000 miles up through 120k. Then at 121,000 I experienced a total failure to the tune of $6500.

    I had the dealer put in the new tranny and sold the piece of "$&?!" (use your own word)!

    I strongly recommend that you just get rid of the car; otherwise you will probably sink more money into it than it's worth.

    My Murano was the first Nissan product I have ever owned and it is the last.

    I get criticized a lot for making such a suggestion, but I stand by my statements. End the nightmare about to ensue.

    Save yourself! Get out before it's too late!

  • Don't jump to the worst possible (and most expensive) conclusion. If you step on the gas and the engine RPMs don't go up, that is not the transmission. There is no physical way for the transmission to keep the engine from responding to the gas. Remember the transmission is only the connection from the engine to the wheels. So if it fails and you step on the gas the engine RPMs will still go up but the car wont go.

    It sounds to me like you said the engine RPMs don't go up in response to the gas which is more likely a throttle position sensor problem which is WAY cheaper to fix. If search around you will find that the TPS is a common problem for these cars.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042,0,7649400.story

    Thought this might be of interest, since some of the material for the story was based on complaints found in these forums.


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  • Take your Murano back to the Nissan Dealership to see if the mods to the air intake piping has been performed (free - recall). What happens, I've found, is the main breather hose gets loose - what you and I would call tight isn't tight enough. You really have to crank down on the hose clamp to keep an air tight seal. This is probably causing your difficulty.
  • My 2007 Nissan Murano has 80,000 km. I am getting a low rumbling noise and minor vibration of relatively high frequency at 70 km/hr which feels like it is coming from the transmission. It only occurs when the gas peddle is depressed and the engine is required to do a bit of work. The first time to the dealership with the issue at 74,000 km, I was told it was "normal". I'm not convinced. Is this the start of something more major?

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