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2001 Rodeo stalls on cold start

hleastahleasta Posts: 1
My 2001 Rodeo stalls on cold start, mostly in the morning. It runs ok once it gets over this stage for a less than a minute. The dealer I went to told me that they couldn't find anything. As a result, they were suggesting basically doing everything at a price tag of $800, and added, they won't promise that those suggested items would fix the problem. Does anyone have some ideas?


  • A few times when I started my vehicle, without stepping on the gas of course, the engine races as if I floored the gas pedal. Other times, the car didn't want to start. But MOST of the time there are no problems. Where is the problem? I've owned this Rodeo for 2 months. Thanks for any clues.
  • chevtechchevtech Posts: 1
    Hello. I am experiancing the same problem with our Rodeo. I have found service bulletins which pointed to the app sensor, but when replaced it, same thing, stalls, chokes, then dies on 1st start of day, then after that it will start perfect until the next cold start. also have noticed it will do it more above 60 degrees outside temp. I have tried cleaning the egr port, which seems to make it start better for a couple of days, but then it goes back to stalling. As you say Does ANYONE have any ideas?????
  • I have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 with a 3.2l V6. On a trip, the oil signal started flickering (not staying on, not flashing, but flickering) I thought I would drive a couple of miles and pick up a quart of oil as it may need it. Within about 4 miles it started ticking. It got louder so I pulled over and turned the key off. When I tried to start it again, nothing happened. I had to tow it in and discovered that the engine had locked up. It was completley dry of oil. I need to replace the engine, but want to know what other vehicles had this type of engine. I will probably buy a used one and need to have as many options as possible. Does anyone know????
  • hill999hill999 Posts: 3
    I hace a 99 rodeo and it does the same thing on the first sart of the day is takes me 5 or more turns of the key and holding it for it to crank but once it does it shakes like a dog scratching fleas. I let it idle for about a min or 2 and it is fine for the rest of the day. I have to change me spark plugs ab out ever 500 miles or so because it starts skipping. That fixes the problem for about a day or 2 and then its back to the not cranking and shaking. I have no idea!!!
  • jjtjwardjjtjward Posts: 3
    Same problem with mine, replace EGR, spark plugs, checked throttle body, checked evap canister, don't have a clue not trouble codes showing up, runs bad on first start up. Anyone find answer.
  • This helped fix mine, cleaned the Mass air flow sensor and screan, used throtle body spray cleaner. Rmoved the air cleaner lid from MAF sprayed down screan while running, car died finished spraying it down, let set for a while then started ran bad for few min. Started fine next morning. Its been a week and still running good.
  • I have found if I turn key on (without starting) and wait for a click under hood and repeat 3 times then start it runs great, can't figure that out, but it works on mine.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I wonder whether there might be a problem with your starter relay (solenoid). From your description, it sounds like it's sticking and not engaging promptly so it might be gummed up or it's not getting enough electrical current. Anyone else have any ideas?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Its been progressively getting worse, when I start the Rodeo and put it in drive and press the gas to go, it just revs the RPM's up until it finally catches 1st gear and it also does the same when shifting to 2nd... Its an automatic with 135k on it, took it to a friend of mine who happens to be a mechanic and he said to replace the whole transmission... Are there any other ideas that might fix or improve the trany shifting ability?
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