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Jeep Liberty Heating Ventilation and A/C



  • steph1258steph1258 Posts: 1
    My 2007 Jeep Liberty Air is not cool. Have noticed a funky smell at times when I first turn it on. What is the problem. My husband says it could be a fuse??
  • The filter housing is behind the glove box. You may have to get a kit to install the filter if it came without one in it.
  • My AC compressor was changed Aug 2010. Year later it does not cool as well as it did a year ago. It will cool done to 50 degrees if the Outside Temperature is 83 degrees. However it takes 30 minutes to get to that point to cool between 50 - 60 degrees dependent on the the outside temperature from 80 to 99 degrees. It supposed to cool down faster - when I put it on setting # 2 , but forget it when it is on # 3 or # 4 Fan setting. Cooling dial with recirculate from outside air.
  • jong818jong818 Posts: 3

    This seems odd, but how about considering the Fan clutch ? Parts is not that expensive, if this is the case.

    Jong (2002 Jeep Liberty, V6, 3.7L)
    L.A., Calif.
  • Where can I find a kit to install one? Apparently mine came without one. I just replaced the evaporator and heater core so I (the techs at Jeep) got a good lokk and there isn't a filter in it. Thanks
  • The A/C on my 2005 Jeep Liberty with 43K miles has been weak for as long as I have owned the car (about 18 Months . . . bought it used with 33K on it). Tuesday I was driving back to Florida from Virginia when the compressor quit. I took a look under the hood and there was a bit of tar-like spray around the compressor . . . it actually had a mechanical failure and a strange smoke-like smell. Took the jeep to the dealer this morning and the compressor was broken . . . it actually broke apart! So now a new compressor on top of a new heat ex changer (6 moths ago) and the A/C system is becoming VERY expensive.

    So now the dealer has the new parts installed and the system charged and he can't get COLD air out either . . . any ideas out there?

    Question 1: Am I expecting too much from my Jeep Liberty A/C system? Do they typically get COLD rather than barely cool? My 97 Cherokee got down right chilly . . .my Audi use to make ice and I loved it.

    Question 2: Could an overly tight serpentine belt lead to compressor damage during long distance driving at highway speeds?
  • taytytayty Posts: 1
    My Liberty"s AC will blow for about 20 minutes and then will stop blowing out of the vents, but you can hear it blowing somewhere. Then, when I turn it off and just put it on air, it still blows AC. This also happens with my heater. There is a funny sound which sounds like it coming out of the glovebox, like a steady swoosh, swoosh , swoosh sound while they are blowing. When I look under the hood after it starts doing this, anything accosiated with the AC/Heater is completely froze up. Does anyone know what is going on?
  • You need a new blower resistor that always blows out on all Chrysler vehicles. I have had this problem on intrepid, concorde, stratus,Ram van, and others. It is usually easy to do but hard to get at. the dealer can tell you the location.
  • Did you ever get to fix this issue?
    I heard multiple things so far and not the solution..... i did even heard the knub has to be replaced...... the resistor part sounds more like it is the issue, but before I'll go to the dealer to try to buy this resistor i will like to make sure...
    hope to heard from you soon,

    please if you dont mind replay to me directly to [email protected] i do really need to fix this asap, wonter is coming soon and as you said before number 3 or 4 are very loud.

  • # 73 heater problem...i have the identicle problem..what did u do to fix it
  • di u get this resolved...i have same problem...need help
  • I replaced a radiator and then a thermostat, my heater will work at first and then blows 20 degrees cooloer on the driver side and then blows only cold air, what do I do next???
  • dcmasondcmason Posts: 2
    Subject: A/C on 2004 Jeep Liberty LE/4WD/221,500 miles

    Last year my A/C went 'out.' I use that word loosely as it still 'works' intermittently. I took it in and they replaced the fan clutch but that didn't do the trick. Took it back several times for various adjustments but nothing dramatic - still doesn't work properly. Last visit - told compressor needs to be replaced. Got refund for all work done. Took it to another repair shop - ran A/C in shop for an hour - temps outside about 60 degrees, low humidity; worked fine - mechanic said windows started to frost over. Picked up Jeep - rode around for an hour - A/C worked fine - environment same outside.

    Here is the scenario of latest trip made AFTER latest shop visit above. Outside temp - 74 degrees and rising, increasing humidity. Opened windows to let inside air circulate; turned A/C on - worked for approximately 45 minutes. Can tell when it cuts out - humidity smell in car and then of course air turns cool, then luke warm, then just hot. Blowers work fine. Nearing destination - turned A/C back on after being off for about three hours - worked for 20 minutes. Return trip - left at 0930 - temp in low 70's, low humidity - cold air blows fine - worked for one hour then off. Turned on three hours later - worked for 35 minutes - then off. And thus is my A/C life. Suggestions anyone? I do have one question - if the compressor is bad, wouldn't the A/C not work at all - anytime?
  • 808_state808_state Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 liberty renegade my problem is ac only works on highest setting and only when driving, when i stop my ac stops working. I changed resistor and blower relay but I still have the same problem. I checked fan and it comes on and i can hear a clicking sound when I turn on ac.
    Don't know what else to do in need of help :cry: :sick: :mad:
  • I was wondering if you have found the solution. I have been battling this exact problem for a year, I had to drive from TX to AL in Aug with hot air! I have replaced everything, hoses, clutch,switch, fan and compressor but still nothing. Like you said, in the morning or if it's cool a/c is fine but as soon as it hits the 70'S it's gone. Luckily the warranty covered most of it but it has been to 2 dealerships and a private mechanic. I'm getting very frustrated and very sweaty. My warranty will run out this winter and I want it fixed before it does so I'm not out $$$.
  • dcmasondcmason Posts: 2
    Unfortunately I never really solved it like I wanted to but when the temps consistently hit 100 degrees I relented. I ended up replacing the compressor and that did the trick. It still bothers me that I replaced something that actually worked. I know it worked because it would intermittently; except as described previously. I can't get over the fact it worked sometimes but not other times - it being the compressor. It either works or it doesn't in my book. All-in-all though I can't complain too much. I'm less than a thousand miles away from 230,000 miles on my 04 Liberty and this a/c issue plus a rear bearing are really the only two major things that have gone wrong (on third set of tires ... last two sets have been Michelin Cross Terrains). Good luck with the air - don't let the warranty run out on you (elevate up through Chrysler if you have to - before warranty runs out).
  • jong818jong818 Posts: 3
    Though I had this problem for months of '11, tried adding new freon but didn't work. Then my neighborhood mechanic noticed that my fan wasn't spinning 'strongly' during a routine oil change. He told me that my 'fan clutch' needs to be replaced and i went on with it, and suggested if i could have the belt replaced too. After the engine oil, fan clutch and belt, i went for a test ride, 150 miles to palm spring, ca and back - L.A. Then after 50 miles into the freeway, my wife tried the a/c and it was working crazy ! Though i never mentioned the A/C problem to the mechanic beforehand, things just worked as in EUREKA ! "This mean 3.7L machine" least to say say gave me the shivers ! :surprise:

    255,000 m, 5w/30 synthetic, HOAT coolant, rear diff oil every 12,000 m, transmission synthetic oil every 13,000 m. Dunlop tires.

    Question : what brand of spark plugs would you recommend ?

  • mp03mp03 Posts: 1
    I just had the radiator changed out because i was not getting hot air when i turned on the heart ( only when driving over 30 mph) and it heated for a few weeks but not the air is warm and hot hot like it was when i first had the radiator changed. Can anyone help me with his?
  • icara6icara6 Posts: 1
    The ac in my Jeep Liberty 05 was not blowing cold nor cool air. The fan worked on all levels (1,2,3, and 4), as well as when he ac button was engaged. My mechanic explained the ac fan which blows the cold air from the ac needed replacing. He also explained this was a separate fan from the one that blows internally in the car. Does the jeeb liberty have two fans or did I understand incorrectly?
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