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Honda Pilot Noises and Sounds



  • Great to hear we all have to make it big so they put this to RECALL list ASAP
  • Ive file complaint with BBB auto line and Highway safety what else can i do? any advice?
  • janddjandd Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Honda Pilot. In the past month, I notice a sloshing sound when making turns or curves. It sounds like a half-filled bottle being turned upside down. The noise sounds to me like it's coming from the interior center console area. I took the vehicle to the dealer. The mechanic also heard the noise when he drove it. He says it is not from the gas tank, but thought it sounded as if it was coming from the roof or interior passenger side second row area. He checked the A/C drains and they were clear. They seem to think the problem might be a clogged sunroof drain and want to remove the interior roof to access those drains and check.
    Before I let them do that, I was hoping someone might have some thoughts or ideas as to what the casue could be. Again, I only hear this sloshing noise when I make turns and not everytime, it's only been happening the past month or so, there is no wetness or moisture anywhere on the interior of the vehicle. The only thing thats different the past month is that I've benn running the heater when needed, but i don't smell antifreeze. I feel the noise is coming from the interior center console area but the mechanic thinks its coming from above as in the roof area. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated!
  • just leased a brand new 2013 EX-L. 250 miles on it, and it makes a loud thump/knock when put into reverse to back out of drive way. Also, makes a sort of rattle sometimes when turning or when first getting onto the street from our driveway.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    I've had that happen to me on my '06, but mostly after some heavy off-roading. A stone sometimes makes its way into the inside of one of the coil springs on the suspension and will get caught between the coil and pop out (causing the thump sound).

    Easiest way to check this is just pull onto a flat surface and jack each spot up and remove the tire to see. If there is one in there then with the suspension expanded due to jacking you can just remove the stone.

  • jphowelljphowell Posts: 2
    Any updates here? I have the same issue from a Pilot purchaeed in July 2012.
  • If Honda has not fixed yet, there is a simple do it yourself fix to the problem. The vibration, which I have ELIMINATED, is being transmitted to the vehicle's frame through the bracket that commonly holds both reservoirs for the power steering pump fluid and radiator overflow.

    Go to Home Depot and purchase 2 flat rubber washer or o-ring. Find them in the sprinkler department. Lift up and out the radiator reservoir put off to side and loosen the 2 bracket bolts. Removing one bolt at a time, slip a rubber washer or o-ring between the metal bracket and the car's body/frame and reinsert mounting bolt loosely so that you can do put washer behind the bracket in second location. Tighten down and reinsert radiator overflow.
  • no updates. sorry for the late reply. i didnt have any complaints in the winter time since i just turn ac off. now that is getting warmer well see. i may have to follow what other says regarding bracket from home depot.
  • thanks will try that in the next few months when its warmer. in the winter time i just turn ac off. and defrost mode window and feet so the compressor was not on.
  • toiletducktoiletduck Posts: 6
    there is a fix for this. contact your dealer. they will order the parts for you. and in 2 days youll have it fix. no more humming, groaning sound. just the normal AC sound. .I just had mine fix today. it took them over 2 hours.
  • hack5hack5 Posts: 3
    There is a fix that just came out from Honda. I'm bringing my 2012 Pilot Touring in on 5/8. I'll report back on if it solved the problem that I've had for over 1 year. I was almost ready to try to sell it.
  • jphowelljphowell Posts: 2
    Just touching base to see if your issue was resolved and what was done to resolve it. If it was fixed, do you have any concerns that it was just a short term "band aid" to cover up a deeper more long term issue?

    I am scheduled to have my power steering pump replaced on 05/17/13.
  • hack5hack5 Posts: 3
    It seems to have worked. I'm not sure if it was a power steering pump but it was the long awaited fix specifically for this issue. Make sure your dealer is installing the approved fix which just came out. Don't have them doing a bunch of other stuff to try to fix it. Everybody has already been down that road and it didn't work.
  • rglockrglock Posts: 6
    No response yet from Honda. I have gone back to the dealer and asked. I was told Honda will contact me first once a fix became available. The truck now has 19,000 miles on it and North Carolina Lemon law is 2 years 24,000 miles. My wife now does not like to drive the car at all. During her commute she has some idle time and all she can hear is the noise and feel the vibration. I bought her another car in January to use and am contimplating what to do with this one. I am now the primary driver of the Pilot and warm weather is here and the noise and vibration are a bit excessive.
  • hack5hack5 Posts: 3
    I don't think that Honda will contact everyone to let them know that there is a solution. I contacted Honda in June 2012 and they never got back to me. I sent a letter to my dealer 2 weeks ago (May 2013) letting them know that I was planning to get a lemon law attorney and they called back that same day saying that Honda had released a fix. They ordered the part and I took it in a few days later.

    I was skeptical about the fix since the dealership called the same day that I sent the letter. However, I was very specific when asking if this was the official fix and they said yes. I think it's pretty new so your dealership might not be aware of it. They need to contact Honda or read the technical bulletins.

    The car has been "fixed" for a week now and the noise is greatly reduced. Before the fix, I hated getting in the car and actually enjoyed the cold weather because I didn't have to turn the AC on. Now it is getting warmer (DC area) and I don't hear it that much. You can still hear the compressor cycling but it sounds much more like my wife's Acura than it did before. AC causes some sound in all cars.

    I'm still a bit skeptical and won't call it "fixed" until it warms up to the 90 degree weather that we will get soon. But for now, I'm cautiously satisfied.

    Still, this is my last Honda!
  • thewizzzrdthewizzzrd Posts: 3
    They fixed my 2012 pilot today. New brackett, clamps and ac comprssor.
    All noises are gone.
  • toiletducktoiletduck Posts: 6
    You meant new Power Steering Pump, not new ac compressor. right?
  • thewizzzrdthewizzzrd Posts: 3
    You are correct they replaced the power steering pump
  • I had the same noise that everyone is talking about when the compressor kicks on. I saw where someone posted about the power steering pump TSB and took it to the dealership and showed them. They ordered the parts and I took it today to have the service performed and NO MORE NOISE!!!!! It is the fix for the noise......
  • coreallcoreall Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    What's wrong with my AC.
    This is the sound (the file in the link):

    Initially the AC is off, at 50 sec AC ON and at 1:20 min the engine is ON.

    Can you tell me what is going on?

    Just in case the AC over the hood:">

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