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2008/09 Subaru Impreza STI



  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,683
    But many of the very reasons they hated it were exactly ones I like mine, so it very much is kind of eye of the beholder. One thing I have to admit - I would never pay anything close to the full price - and the car was a compromise to me due to their "No manual GT Wagon for you" policy. I got it with with VIP, 2500 cash AND 0% 60 mo financing.

    Without that no way I would get it. And mine doesn't have a fluff of the BBS wheels or Nav - just plain base one. At that time it was just a couple of grand or less from what I would have paid for '09 WRX Premium, even with VIP deal and not counting in financing discount.

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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It's supposed to be a polarizing car. I don't think there's anything wrong with their hating it - Subaru did not make the compromises Edmunds editors' would have liked to see to make it a cushy daily driver.

    Owners are willing to make that sacrifice.

    Heck, 2008 base WRX owners complained it had lost its edge and was too refined.
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,683
    Read it again, Juice ;) . Their complaints were exactly opposite, - too many compromises. They hated it because it wasn't hardcore enough for them, they kept repeating how much better Evo was as a rally-bred car. Read also their long-term article, it explains their mindset even better.

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  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I stopped reading the blogs when work got a lot busier for me. ;)
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I love my STI. Edmunds has a lot of complaints about it that are valid...but other cars that might even be worse don't get the same scrutiny because there is no evo to compare against it. I got a great price at the time and after about 6K miles still enjoy taking it out everyday.

    The comments about it being a bad road trip vehicle are not accurate in my opinion. Sure, it is smaller than an SUV, but it still has plenty of room to pack away family gear, have the kids watch videos in the back and the highway ride is pretty good. I have done close to 5-6 hours in the seats and they are extremely comfortable. I did change out the summer tires for Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus, so perhaps that has made the ride even better for me.

    Perhaps my satisfaction comes from the fact that I don't have an evo to drive to I am left with nothing but the fun parts of the STI and cannot complain about how it handles, the cornering, etc.

    I have been reading a little bit about driving techniques on a competitor forum...and addressing the body roll before the corner by breaking hard and accelerating through makes a huge handling difference. Once the initial weight transfer is complete, it smokes through corners and even handles switch-backs easily.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I stopped reading the blogs when I could see there was no changing the editor's sense of the car. It's an extremely capable car that you can drive comfortably everyday. You could do that in the Evo but where I live you'd need back surgery after a year! Some minor mods to the suspension tighten the car up significantly for those that want to feel like they're driving a skateboard.

    Oh well, it's good that the test is over. Send that poor STi to an owner that will appreciate it!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't really fit in the Evo's Recaros, so I can't even test drive one.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,944
    I couldn't fit in the old STi, either... I didn't think my butt was that wide, but it's like I was perched on the bolsters...

    The new model, no problem.. :)


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  • stivt1962stivt1962 Posts: 2
    I have 10K on my '08 STi. I bought it for about the same price as a regular WRX. Have no regrets - car is amazing and still a great Daily Driver and family hauler.

    To get the performance and mileage you'd expect, buying a catted Downpipe and doing a Cobb Tune is critical, easy and not very expensive. With that, and sway bars, the car is still a great daily driver but incredibly rewarding to drive. It is tame around town, but a monster when you open it up. The low and midrange come to life. Complaints about it being soft on the track don't translate to the rough streets, especially with the sway bars, since some give keeps the car stable in rough terrain in corners. The car is designed to be stable in rough terrain, not to maximize G's on the track. Reviewers seem to miss that real world reality. Plus, we all tend to modify the car anyway.

    This car, with those 'light' mods is highly recommended. I liked the Mitsu a lot too, but not as a daily driver. The Subie is more versatile and has a nicer interior, the Mitsu is better on the track - especially when both are in stock form. The choice then is more about preference and what you're going to use the car for primarily. I don't think one is "better" than the other.

    The WRX (non STi) is a bargain though - were it not for the discount, I would have gone for that. My only disappointment with the car is that my previous WRX with mods got 30 MPG average much of the time - mileage with this is 6 MPG lower in same conditions. Subaru should consider direct injection to boost mileage, and perhaps work on aerodynamics.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I agree about the fit. I have test drove these over the years and I would sit in the older models and be shoulder to shoulder with the passenger. This was true for every subaru actually, we were very close to getting a LL Bean Edition wagon in 2001 but I rubbed shoulders with the salesguy sitting next to me.

    I actually test drove the 2008 for fun on a vacation day with a friend...while I needed a new car, the STI wasn't really on the list (the GX35 was the leading contender)...I sat in the car with my friend and my immediate thought was...Hey, I actually fit in this thing.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I was able to fit 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 scooters, 2 helmets, 2 baseball gloves, a ball, 4 clothing bags, camera bag, CB radio, flashlight, dvd player, laptop and a ton of personal crap easily.

    While the car is loud, it is a pleasure to drive. I can drive the STI all day long. I drive an '02 MDX on most road trips and I found this more comfortable to drive. The MDX is absolutely fabulous, don't get me might be the best road trip vehicle I have ever driven in...but as a driver, the STI is super comfortable, powerful and fun to drive.

    Instant passing by dropping it to 5 is nice. Edmunds mentioned how they missed a gear in the hill race course...the car naturally downshifts 5 to 4. So 5 to 6 you need to remember to push the shifter out. The downshifting is great when coming off a highway from 70 to 25 around a corner. I find the downshift so great that I don't mind having to remember to push out while shifting up.

    It is quite fun driving a racecar packed up for a road trip. I was thinking about how a 911 would look with the same amount of stuff in it plus 4 people. In addition to how fast and cool the STI is...Its overall practicality is what makes it work for me.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    The only real complaint I can make about my STI is that when it is raining...the side mirrors aren't the greatest. I don't mind the lack of power seats, but heated/defrosting mirrors would help.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Actually, I hate the plastic dash as well- I wish they would have spent $50 more and put in a soft touch dash, but oh well.

    I wish I had heated mirrors- you'd think that would be standard on a Subaru!

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Everyone who rides in the car likes the interior a lot. I agree though, I think it is cheap. I find it scratches easily.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, yes, but...the STI even has summer tires. It's not the best Subaru for winter.
  • davekatzdavekatz Posts: 4
    The 08 STI in snow is a dream and my snow wheels stare longingly at me everytime I walk into the garage. Roar of the engine and all that becomes audible . . . I played all winter with a set of aggressive wheels (Nokian Hakkapeliitta) and locked differential. The windy roads varied from hard packed powder to about 6-8 inches deep powder and always on a slope. Average speed varied from 35 to 65 mph. I still remember thinking after the first run through the backcountry "Damn this is more fun than snowboarding through backcountry powder!" Half a tank later I reluctantly started up the trail head.
    I don't necessarily recommend sliding on all fours around snowy corners between 3500-6000 rpm but the car almost drives itself. It really feels like the engineers designed it specifically for these conditions.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I switched to all seasons for the winter for the 4 days the whole winter it snows here in Seattle. It did great with all seasons so it must be a lot of fun with snow tires! It is an amazing AWD system in this car!
  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLPosts: 4,683
    Car drives great. Gas mileage sucks, but nobody buys this car to get a good gas mileage. Unfortunately, hard plastic dash and trim are showing their uggly side :cry: . The car rattles, creaks and knocks! I identified some four or five distinct sounds coming from the trim :sick: Of course all are intermittent so good luck getting them fixed :cry: . So far dealer fixed one. Today another one became semi-permanent: about 16 out of 19 miles of my morning commute I had the privilidge to listen my dashboard "ticking". :cry:

    It is definitely worse than my previous then-called "cheap" WRX from '03. Wasn't this generation supposed to be "refined"? Refined my foot. Cheap hard plastic...

    2018 430i Gran Coupe

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I upgraded the stock tires to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus. The car performed very well in the snow witrh these. I read about how bad it was with the stock dunlop summer tires.

    I was considering a second set of rims for the dunlops to have a summer set...however the Michelins seem great so far. I haven't seen any HOT weather, but on normal dry days, they stick on the road more than I drive.

    I am not sure what to do with the dunlops. I have about 1000 miles on the stock tires...I don't think I could even get $400 for them.
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