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Chrysler T&C EGR Valve



  • Full procedure how to reset oil service light Chrysler Town and Country. If you like to reset any maintenance oil light after an oil change. Or reset check engine light, airbag light, inspection key or insp errors when maint reqd, for Chrysler cars. Or any warning light for service reminder which appears on the display.

    Info pictures whit the steps
  • joef123joef123 Posts: 2
    I have the exact same issue as post #30 on this- as Dsurek on this same vehicle -how do you disconnect the connetor from the EGR valve- I also slid the red tab to the right to disengage, but the connector still seems quite stuck - anyone have a suggestion or a video that shows this
  • dsurekdsurek Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    I have replaced my EGR valve myself. It is difficult to get one because it is a dealer only item ($94). Places like NAPA may have a listing but soon find they can't get it. When I slid the red tab to the right this time, it came out and the plug almost came off by itself. Leave the pipe connected to the EGR vale. Remove the screws for the pipe in the valve cover and a hold down bolt from the pipe bracket. Pull out the 3 rear plug wires and brake vacuum hose out of the area. I also disconnected the negative battery cable and put a rag over the positive. Remove the two bolts holding the EGR valve and remove the valve and pipe at the same time. Now it is easy to remove the pipe from the EGR and put it on the new EGR with a new gasket. First I spayed some cleaner through the pipe and wiped out the gunk as best i could. I put some compressed air through it to blow out any debris. Clean up the area where the new EGR will mount and install with the new metal gasket. Put the three rear plug wires #1,3,5 back on. Put the power brake vacuum hose back on. Put the connector and red tab back on. Buy or borrow a scan tool to erase the code and that's it. So far, so good, no codes coming up. It was about a 2 hour (three beer) job.
  • joef123joef123 Posts: 2
    HI Dsurek
    Thanks for the reply - I figured out the connector and I have a 2009 van - I think the EGR valve got rotated 180 in the 2009, as it is on the drivers side and I see one bolt that will be a challenge, but I think accessible with a universal joint - I also found several sources online for the 2009 EGR valve, and it was about $85 shipped to my door - I would agree - it looks like a 2-3 hour job for a Saturday afternoon - I have sprayed all the bolts with PB blaster already for it to have a few days to make the bolts easier to come off in a few days when the part arrives -

    Thanks for the reply
  • aubrickaubrick Posts: 1
    What sensors have input to controlling the EGR valve operation?
    Van missfires/surges on flat roads under high vacuum and spark advance conditions, when barely "off throttle." It's so bad, we don't drive van on flat interstate highways; only secondary hilly roads when this problem isn't noticeable.
    -Disconnected EGR valve and symptoms disappeared
    -Replaced EGR valve, solenoid, etc. with new assembly and rehooked and symptoms returned.
    -Disconnected EGR valve and symptoms disappeared
    Problem must be with something giving input to the main computer controlling the EGR valve.

    Any suggestions on a sensor or controller that could be bad?

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