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Honda CR-V Handling and Alignment



  • Please call Honda Corporate and report this issue! The phone numbers and information are on Page 5.

    We need to get this fixed!!
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    My 08 does not pull anywhere, left or right, wheel vibration at highway speeds is minimal, the best I have had in a long time with the many cars I have owned.

    At 10,000 mileage not to much to complain about. They manual seat adjustment does not hold, sinks to the bottom, just like my 2003 Accord. That's about it though.
  • I have just purchased an EX-L and the second day I returned it to the dealer stating that there was a vibration when you were at highway speeds (100km/60 mph). Thought it must be the OEM Bridgestone H/T tires. The dealer didn't -- two weeks later after constant griting of teeth I took it in again - but this time with new Michelins X-Ice tires freshly mounted on new rims. Dealer says he still cannot feel anything and that it is just the way it rides. Has offered me to Road Force Balance my original tires. I gave up a 9 year old Accord with 200,000 Km on it - it had a substantially smoother ride as does my 2004 Acura EL.

    I expected a bumpier ride but the vibration makes me want to park it for any long road trip.

    Is it me?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    What's the tire pressure?
  • The dealer dropped the pressure in the original Bridgestone's from 32 to 30 psi - it had a minor impact if any - the new Michelins are 32 psi.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Usually, the vehicles are shipped at higher tire pressure to prevent flat spotting, which will result in more jittery ride. Some dealers are better than others at actually preparing the cars they sell.

    I would check if a drive shaft is bent, or a bearing is busted.
  • The night I drove it off the dealer lot, I noticed this on freeway. Then I searched the forum, and found the 2005 service bulletin and FAQ.

    Took the vehicle to the dealer and have the technician looked at it, local and freeway road test confirmed the problem. With freeway more obvious than local.

    The technician did all they can (check tire inflation and balance), now we don't notice the problem when driving local, and the drift is not as severe on freeway.

    But the problem still presents. What concerns me is that the technician says this happens quite often for CR-V. He road tested a brand new 09 CR-V, and it has the same problem. I hope Honda can do something about it, people pay good money on their CR-V, and the vehicle should not have big problem like this. If potential buyers know this problem beforehand, it definitely would affect the purchase decision.
  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    I believe this is a coil spring issue. It seems like the spring doesn't sit correctly on the strut.
  • I'm considering buying a 2006 Honda CR-V with 48,940. When I test drove the car it pulled to the right. I thought it was something that was an easy fix, but when I Googled the problem it seems a lot of CR-V's pull to the right.

    Anyone here have that issue?
    Thank you.
  • Yes !!!! Honda has manufacture problems.
    I bouthg a CRV 2009 - O miles.
    2 week later the car started pulling to the rigth.
    We went to the dealer 4 times.
    They fix their computer - Nothing
    They make aligment - Nothing
    They changed tires - Nothing
    They test the air - Nothing
    They offered to tes a new crv and the same problem Happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally, after 6 hours of discution, they recognized the problem with CRV and we have to contact HONDA to solve the problem. The dealer can not do anything for us.
    We decide to put a sign in our car
    We hope it will help futures buyers.
    Sorry about my english. and thanks.
  • I thought that Honda had some similar problems with older models about pulling to one side. They found the springs were not seated properly on the struts.
  • About ready to pull the trigger on a new 2010 but test drove a 09 model first. No pull to the right or left noticed. Test drove another a few days later just to make sure it had enough power for my needs and again this second CR-V 09 model did not pull or I would have noticed. Drove it only 9 miles or so and part of that was on the highway.

    Have read a few Honda CR-V forums and this issue reported is not wide spread as the 2002 thru 2006 air compressor problems is. Me thinks its here and there on some of the vehicls....
  • I test drove 4 different CR-V's before buying a new '09. 3 different model years and a wide range of miles on the clock. Never noticed any pull to the right.

    Actually when cruising, I find it requires less steering input that our '08 Altima. The only time it veers right or left is due to the crown of the road.

    I'm guessing it's an assembly problem, defective part or a combination of the two that causes this problem on a very small number of models.
  • I had to go through the Better Business Bureau with the issue of the Honday CRV pulling to the right. I went through arbiration and I won my case. Honda had to pay me back for 8 car notes that I paid and they had to buy my car back. I went through hell with that issue. I now have a Mercedes GLK350!
  • We are thinking about buying another CR-V - we have an old 2000 model and want something newer and more up to date.

    My question is: How bad is the noise inside the cabin at highway speeds? As far as I am concerned this is a weak spot in my current CR-V; the cabin is just plain noisy when you get to highway speeds. How is the sound proofing in the newest generation?

  • Newest 2010 has not been released yet and no data on noise. Give it a few more weeks and maybe some information will come out. Consumer Guide is set to test the 2010 soon.
  • How was in it in the 209 model, which will probably be largely similar to the 2010 model?
  • Difference from 09 and 10 model will be the HP but should ride about the same. My experience with both 09's was that the pick up was good but not great for highway on ramps and passing. For me this was expected. Turning, I have not heard any clunking noise as some have experienced in older models, and no pull what so ever when breaking.

    Wheel noise was pronounced on rough roads but on smoother roads it was about as noticeable as my 2008 Accord. Passing other vehicls and flooring it did produce a harsher engine noise but this too is expected in a 4 cyl vehicle.

    Ride was very much like a sedan unless you take corners to fast and must be careful.

    Will take a longer test ride with the 2010 model when they arrive some time in mid to late October.
  • kvtkvt Posts: 1
    I checked the alignment specs between 2008, 2009, 2010 crv models. The caster angle was increased from 1.5 to 3.0 between 08 and 09 models and then it was reduced to 2.5 in 2010 model. My interpretation of last reduction is that Honda admitted issues with steering. This caster change should reduce the efforts needed to steer the vehicle and as a side effect it might make PTTR issue less noticeable because it would require less efforts for driver to keep steering wheel turned slightly left to compensate drift caused by road camber.
  • What was the problem? My steering wheel shakes if I brake at 60mph and go faster than 70mph. I'm going to take it to the dealers in the morning.
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