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I am seriously considering a Milan with a 4 cyl 5 speed manul.

My wife and I both enjoy driving a manal after many years of driving a 1987 Honda Accord.

Part of the reason for the manual is the cost. I also think a manual helps a 4 cyl with a bit extra power on demand.

What are the pros and cons of the manual?

Will I get better MPG?


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    No cons that you don't already know about. There isn't a lot of difference in the EPA fuel economy (20/28 for the auto, 20/29 for the manual using the 2008 figures) but you could theoretically get better than that if you're careful with the manual.
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    It's easy to beat the new EPA numbers whether manual or auto and I don't think you even need to be all that careful.

    I have 4 cyl auto Mazda6 (now rated at 28 hwy, formerly 31) and got about 32 mpg on a freeway trip at 70-75 mph with A/C running most of the time and the car only had 2000-4000 miles on it at the time, so might do even better now that it is more broken-in.

    I think The "city" mpg is probably going to depend more on the type of city driving you do than it will on the transmission. By city driving some mean a 10 mile drive at average speed of 30 mph with 3 stop lights, while others mean a 30 minute trip of 5 miles with stop and go, bumper to bumper, traffic.
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    as the proud owner of a 2007 milan w/5-spd maunual,i can honestly say that the performance is great,and the mileage is much better than that of the window sticker,especially on the highway.the window sticker said 31,but my trip computer says 35,plus.
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    i have a questions,that i hope someone out there can help me with.i have the base milan with 16-inch tires/wheels,but am considering a set of aftermarket wheels,staying with the same size,and am not wanting to spend a lot of money.when purchasing the new wheels,do i also need to purchase a lug package to make sure that my spare/jack tools will fit,or will they fit the factory tools when aftermarkets are purchased to fit my vehicle ???also,any advice where i can find relatively cheap aftermarket wheels ?

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    Not a good idea. UM the wheels/tires are the most important part of the car when it comes to making sure you don't end up wrapped around a tree.

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    i own a 2007 mercury milan with the 5-sp manual,and i love the car.lately,at 7000 miles,i have noticed that my clutch pedal squeaks,which is not a big deal,but i also notice whe i am shifting gears,that i get a feeling in the steering wheel that almost resembles a 'popping' feeling in the steering wheel.can anyone help with any suggestions.i really hate taking the car to the dealer,but just need to know if anyone else has experienced the same problem.please,no responses from anyone who 'thinks' they know what it is,unless you are in fact a ford/mercury technician,or have experienced the problem yourself.
    please send any responses to [email protected],as i need to know as soon as possible.
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