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Kia Sportage Prices Paid & Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
Share your Sportage purchase experience here!

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  • I went to Capitol Kia in Austin, Texas, and I offered $19k even before mfr incentives for a loaded 2007 Sportage EX V6 w/ leather. The sticker (before the non-value-added extras) was about $23100. We haggled a bit and we shook hands on $19500. I was very explicit that this was before manufacturer incentives. The credit approval was taking too long, and we had a prior obligation that we could not miss, so we told them we'd come back. When we came back, we were taken to the Business Manager's office, who tried to add back in $1500 for some reason. Then we told him this was pre-manufacturer incentives, and he tried to add back in only $1000 because we wanted to finance. In other words, he was saying he would only do the deal if the agreed price was after manufacturer incentives. I understand if they changed their minds (you could say it was our fault for leaving), but after this, all of the managers and salespeople were very rude and were not willing to even talk after that. We also got in the middle of an argument over which salesperson would get credit for the sale.

    I recommend that you look at other dealerships before this one. But, I hope this gives you some idea of what kind of discounting is available. It would be a very very good deal if it had happened.
    We brought our 2007 Kia Sportage EX V6 w/ leather home tonight. Rob, the finance guy at Capitol Kia, had mentioned during our previous visit that if we wanted to come back he would still do the deal at $19500+TTL (after mfr rebate). We went to another dealer, who was unwilling to negotiate, so we called Capitol Kia back. After looking at tons and tons of numbers, I thought this was still a good deal. We mentioned the student discount again and they said they could only do it if they could get the student discount to be stackable, which we read it to be, so that in the end they'd do it at $19600. BUT, when we got there they said it wasn't (of course). They showed me the fine print that they look at, so they then wanted to do the deal at $20k+TTL. Well, you know what happened next- we split the difference and I ended up at $19800+TTL, which was off of MSRP at $23300 or so ($1500 below invoice).

    If you are ready to wheel and deal, then go to Capitol Kia and see Jimmy (sales) and Rob (finance). These guys knew what they'd have to do to win the business, while staying human.
  • marlammarlam Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a very specific car for months to no avail. I called Capital Kia on 183 in Austin and they assured me that they had what I was looking for for the 2nd time. I was VERY specific and said, I am not interested in looking at a car where I have to roll up my own windows but again I was assured they had what I wanted on the lot.

    Lo and behold they did not. Once again they showed me a car that I had to roll up my own windows. The bottom line is that this car is a rare find and they wanted to sell me a Spectra. I firmly told them I had no interest in a Spectra. Mind you I had a bottom line price for what I would pay for the car I wanted period.

    I told them I would be willing to consider a Sportage if they could meet my price and that I understood it to be less than would be possible. The guy wanted to give it a go and showed me his "close" price and asked if I wouId deal. Answer no, by this time they had a hold of my keys and would NOT give them back until I had to demand them for the 3rd time.

    The fast talking manager asked me to please let him show me the figures on the computer which I agreed to. Bottom line I was not willing to go past X and his price was $500.00 over that. I basically shared that I now know I like the car, have no need for a brand new car and will look for a 2007.

    Well at this point Mr. Manager decided to threaten me by telling me that he was in charge at that location and he would never give me this kind of deal on a kia rio. I told him sweetheart you DON'T have a kia rio sx5 with a power package and walked out so incredibly angry.

    His point. I'm not taking a deal because of $500.00. My point this was $4,500 more than I planned to spend when they assured me they had the car I wanted.

    Regardless, holding a customer's keys hostage and threatening them is NEVER a good idea and not only won't I buy there but the internet is now available for me to post this story.
  • tvcoccotvcocco Posts: 2
    So what did they want to seel the Sportage for? I think the Sportage may be my next car in May when my Jeep lease is up. I don't know if I want new or a 07. Any idea what a 4wd base Sportage is selling for?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,911
    I got an offer on a 36 month lease for a Sportage LX I4 AT, with mats and wheel locks, for $220/month and $1000 total up front, which includes 7% sales tax (must be paid up front in MN), license, first payment, and a $50 doc fee. There is no acquisition fee (up front) or disposition fee (at lease end), which I was pleasantly surprised about. Also gap insurance is included. Money factor is .00065, which seems very good from what I have seen on other leases. The residual is $8925, but it's unlikely I'll buy at the end of the lease anyway.

    How does it sound? Two other vehicles I priced that are in the same ballpark are an Impreza 2.5i Wagon AT (payments a little less, but more upfront cash) and a Milan I4 AT with alloys (payments a tad more, upfront a tad more). I am not having much success finding a lease for my target, which was payments around $200 and little or no cash out of pocket. Also, my wife, who will be the primary driver, likes the Sportage best. :)
  • I have been quoted the following OTD prices for the 2008 Sportage LX for the I4 and V6:

    2008 Kia Sportage LX V6
    -Cross Bars
    -Carpeted Floor Mats
    -Cargo Tray

    $20,593 - Invoice
    - $4,000 - Rebate
    - $3,000 - Dealer Cash
    + $500 - Profit
    +$399 Document Fee
    = $14,492
    + $1,014 Tax (at 7%)
    = $15,506 Drive Out

    2008 Kia Sportage LX I4
    -Cross Bars
    -Carperted Floor Mats
    -Cargo Tray

    $19,751 - Invoice
    - $4,000 - Rebate
    - $3,000 - Dealer Cash
    + $500 - Profit
    + $399 Document Fee
    = $13,650
    + $955 Tax (at 7%)
    = $14,605 Drive Out

    Any opinions on these offers? I am looking to buy this weekend. Thanks.
  • blueboarblueboar Posts: 3
    I think these are reasonable offers. I have seem the Sportage LX I4 being offered at $13,000-$13,500 (plus ~$1000 tax and fees) in February. It also seems that there is a larger inventory of the V6 than that of the I4.
  • They both sound like pretty good deals to me.

    Three weeks ago I paid just over $16k otd for an '08 Rondo LX V6 equipped w/ the third row seating ($500), convenience package w/cruise & keyless entry ($300), Michelin tire upgrade ($60), bumper step protector ($65) and carpeted floor mats ($95). MSRP for my Rondo including freight was within $100 of "invoice" per the quote you received for a Sportage LX V6.

    What the heck is "Dealer Cash"? Is this the discount allowed by the dealer...and is the amount to be allowed greater because you've already owned a Kia? I ended up paying dealer invoice for my Rondo ($1,477 under MSRP) before the $4k rebate.

    Although I'm fairly pleased with what I paid for my Rondo ($15,088 before taxes & fees) in hindsight now believe I should have tried harder to negotiate a lower otd price. These are fairly standard add-ons, but still wish I'd negotiated reductions or eliminations for the following fees:
    $399 dealer processing
    $10 online system filing
    $36.27 dealer's business license tax.

    Oh well..

    Btw, fyi I averaged 25+ and 26+ mpg for the first two tanks w/my Rondo V6. However, given all the complaints I've read about the 2.7 L V6 and fuel economy I probably would have purchased an I-4 model if there had been an '08 available on a local dealer's lot in the color (white) and equipped w/the the options I wanted. From what I've read on this and the Rondo owners forum it sure sounds like the fuel economy for these vehicles can suffer significantly when they're driven on short trips-and especially in cold weather.

    Still, after test driving an Optima with the I-4 atx and two Rondos (both w/V-6 atx) I felt 2.7 L V-6 was smoother, quieter and more refined than the 2.5L I-4. Differences in hp and torque between the two engines was insignificant however. I do like extra gear in the V-6 models 5-speed automatic though, and the fact that it holds more automatic transmission fluid than does the I-4's 4-speed automatic. I've also read that the I-4 is based on a Mitsubishi design where the V-6 is Kia's design. Not sure whether that may be a plus or minus though since I've never owned a Kia or Mitsubishi before.

    So far the only thing I don't like about the V-6 is Kia's use of a rubber timing belt which will need to be replaced @ 60k miles. Contrastingly, the timing chain in the I-4 could be expected to last the life of the engine.
  • Got a quote of $17,964 before dealer fees and tax. Is this a good price?
    This Dealer's Documentation Fee is $249
  • cgbr4dcgbr4d Posts: 5
    Any info on the 2011 Sportage lease deals. Specifically, the residual and money factor on 36m, 15k/yr lease on an EX model? Thanks!
  • Anyone know the November money factor and residual for a '11 LX AWD for 36 months and 15k miles?
  • Sorry, EX model
  • bchamp28bchamp28 Posts: 2
    This forum has been pretty dead recently, but does anyone have any recent experience in purchasing a 2011 Sportage LX AWD. I'm looking for pricing information on said model with convenience package in the CT area. Thanks!
  • Local dealership is claiming on the radio to offer a 5K incentive towards the purchase of a new Kia, with ANY trade-in.

    Has anyone else heard of a similar deal in their area? I've emailed for more data, but this incentive is enough to drive me (no pun intended) towards a new Sportage EX that I might not have gotten otherwise. 20-22K is a lot more affordable than 28K.
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    May I ask where is this deal and which dealer? Sounds really good.
  • im2bradim2brad Posts: 2
    I currently own a vehicle which CarMax has offered $28000 to purchase it from me. I am planning on purchasing a Kia Sport and took the vehicle for a trade-in appraisal, which turned out to be $27,300. In Ohio, if you trade a car, then the value of the trade is deducted from the amount to which sales tax is applied. In this case, by trading, I would escape around $1850.

    It has always been said that it is preferable to do an"all cash deal v. a trade. On the face of it (without consideration of the sales tax), the trade-in approach is $700 inferior to selling my trade to CarMax. However, is sales tax six considered, then the advantage "appears" to be $1150 in the direction of the trade.

    After reading many posts in this forum and the thread regarding leases, I am seeing individuals with purchase amounts that are $2000-$4000 below MSRP (with no trade). That being the case, then it appears as if the appropriate way to proceed is biased toward not trading and instead negotiating an all cash deal.

    I am wondering what the more experienced members on this board think of this. Which way would you proceed. Also, I cam considering the potential of purchasing a 2011 model rather than a 2012 if I can expect a deal on an '11 to be a 10% or greater reduction in price v. a '12. I appreciate some general guidance on this as well.
  • I had a deal working on a fairly well loaded 2012 Ford Edge SEL FWD leather, which, after all numbers were crunched, was going to be $512/month for 60 months. This included 2k in rebates.

    The vehicle seemed too big to me, the gas mileage wasn't the greatest, so I checked on a 2012 Kia Sportage EX FWD, loaded, with leather, NAV, sunroofs, 18", backup camera, etc..

    After the numbers were crunched, it's $425/month for 60 months. There was a $500 competitive car rebate (for my Rogue trade-in). Of course I quickly signed on the dotted line, like a maroon.

    Now, after reviewing the data more closely, I realize they're only giving me $11,100 for my 2008 Nissan Rogue SL (54k miles loaded with leather). The Ford dealer was offering me $16,000, plus he was discounting the Edge about 4k (*plus* 2k in rebates).

    Here's how the Kia sales manager rope-a-doped me: "They can't move Ford Edge's; Kia's are much more popular; I can't keep these on the lot. I can go to Dallas right now and buy Rogues all day long for 16k...blah, blah, blah."

    Here's my questions:

    1. Did I make a terrible deal?
    2. Can I get out of the deal, even though I signed the paperwork?
    2.b. What if I offer them cash? Should I offer them cash? How much cash?
    3. Just how bad a deal does this sound like?

    Just call me "cold...feet."
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,944
    Have you taken delivery?
    Have you given them your trade?
    Have you given them any money?

    If the answer to all of these questions is NO, then just call them and tell them you changed your mind...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Haven't taken delivery, given them my trade, or given them any money. They had to do a vehicle trade with another Kia dealer so it took a couple of days to get here. Also, I had to work. We agreed to complete the deal tomorrow. I did sign a Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Sales Contract; received a copy of it in the mail today.

    Don't want to leave them high and dry, but definitely don't feel good about this deal. Especially since I feel like the sales manager led me astray on the overall value of Kia Sportage versus Ford Edge, and the Edge's cost @ 60 months versus his...@ 72 months (didn't realize that till the finance manager explained it to me; took serious negotiating to get it down to $425, and then, the final amount still wasn't right...I realize this is my fault, I should've walked then until I had a chance to think: Bottom line, I was out-negotiated.)

    Plan to see what I can do tomorrow; does it look bad with the paperwork already signed, and the vehicle dealer-to-dealer traded for?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,944
    They won't be happy about doing a dealer trade, and then not getting a sale.. but, I wouldn't make a $30K purchase just to keep them happy..

    It might look bad, but I'd call them in the morning and tell them you have cold feet and don't want to do it... They can't really do anything about it.

    If you aren't sure, you aren't sure.... Ideally, this isn't the way it should happen, but it did, so here you are.. If you think it's just a pre-buyer's remorse, then tell them you need another couple of days to think about it..

    Good luck... let us know how it goes.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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