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Hyundai Veracruz Maintenance and Repair

Well, I have only had the 2008 Veracruz for about 3 weeks with under 1,500 miles on it and the air bag light is on. My wife was told that this could be up to a 5 hour diagnostic test and the dealer does not offer a loaner car. I am not sure about shuttle service either.

Anyone have any service issues so far with 2007 or 2008?


  • 2500 miles and no service issues so far. As a service to your fellow VC owners, please update us on your experience.
  • I took the car in last Saturday morning and it took about 3 hours. Technician said it may have been caused by switching from driver's positions too much? I only drive the car on weekends so I don't think that is too much. Anyhow, he said that if it happens again, we need to bring it in during the weekday and they may need to order parts for it.
  • No loaner car for a warranty issue? I would put their feet in the fire over that one. It's my understanding that it's NOT a dealer option, it's covered by HYUNDAI. I'm assuming you're getting the car serviced where you purchased.
  • I reviewed the owner's manual, and the technical shop manuals on Hyundai's web site - there is no mention of jack points to safely lift the vehicle. The Veracruz has a subframe, on rubber bushings, to support the engine and strut assemblies. The only jack points mentioned is for the emergency jack to change a tire. Using a floor jack to raise the entire front or rear of the vehicle is not mentioned in Hyundai's literature. Even with a great warranty I prefer to work on my car when possible -- I have had bad experiences more often than not, even with auto dealers. My Veracruze Limited was delivered with 50 lbs in each tire and half a quart low on oil. From what I can tell, the vehicle was just washed and delivered. There was a two page check-off sheet that was not touched - this is normal.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I don't know why dealers can figure simple prep out. Lots of people test drive cars and are unhappy with the ride, all because the prep wasn't done and the salesperson was too lazy to check to see if the tires were aired down to recommended pressures.

    Tell the world about your dealer experience:

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  • zlasrzlasr Posts: 1
    Veracruz 2007 Limited with Ultimate Package
    2800 miles
    Purchased Dec 07

    While driving down a two lane mountain road, I experienced a failure of the accelerator and gear shift capability followed by burning electrical smell and the activation of the check engine light. I was using the manual Shiftronic to help control downhill speed varying between 2nd and 3rd gears, 2000 - 3500 RPM when this event occurred.

    The dealer is reporting that the computer became confused between all the manual gear shifting and simply stopped working. A technical support case was opened with Hyundai but there is no solution or software update.

    The error codes indicate that that the Traction Control System engaged several times.

    P2106 - Throttle Actuator Control System
    P1295 - ?
    P161b - ?

    Anyone had experience with this type of error or Shiftronic behavior?
  • frankatfrankat Posts: 1
    So, I live in the Northwest and have kids on Ski Team, so lots of trips to Mt. Hood. I have the 2008 Limited Veracruz and have been pretty happy with it, other than the gear-hunting transmission on hill climbs. In this incident, I only had 800 miles on the vehicle.

    After one race at Timberline, we left the mountain and were caught in horrific traffic and driving snow. I pulled the Shiftronic into manual mode to control the hill descent. It was stop and go traffic, so during the long pauses I would shift to neutral and hit the park brake. This goes on for about an hour until....

    Suddenly, there is a clunk in the transmission, check engine light and a transmission light. I have no idea what's going on but traffic starts moving again. The rig is gutless. I push over into manual mode, try to shift down. No go. I'm stuck in 5th gear and car will not accelerate over 1000 RPM. Bizarre. I'm caught between pulling over in a driving snow storm or just riding it down the hill until it's safer. So, I just let'er coast.

    Once down the hill and in the town of Welches, I pull over and just turn off the car and restart it. Everything resets except the check engine light. Monday AM I take it to the dealer. They pull the codes, and are uber surprised. The code is set to "Limp Home", which forces the car into 5th gear and won't go over 1000 RPM.

    What the hell is that? They promise to get back to me, but I'm nervouse because I'm going up every weekend in this thing to the mountain. 3 weeks later, I get a call that Hyundai Techs have no idea what it is.

    Ski Team season is over, and it never happened again after that time.

    I now have 2,500 miles on the rig, and other than the shifting behavior being a little puny on hill climbs and wanting to run down the hills in 5th and 6th gear, I haven't had any issues with the transmission.
  • swgarmyswgarmy Posts: 1
    With 800 miles on my 2007 Veracruz the steering went out completly when I was coming up to a stop sign. Had it towed to the dealership. Found the steering column had been assembled incorrectly at the factory!! If I had been going 60mph on the highway I wouldn't be writing this now!! Recommend if you have a Veracruz you have the steering checked. If it happened once it can happen again. My Veracruz was made in May 07. Wrote the CEOs of Hyundia in the US and Korea to let them know. Nothing heard from either one yet!!!
  • xquuzmexquuzme Posts: 18
    I have a 2007 Veracruz which I love, but one annoying thing is that the lights dim and the heat/AC blower slows briefly when downshifting as I slow down to come to a stop. The dealer tells me this is normal, but I haven't had lights dim like this since driving an old car with a bad alternator. Anyone else experience this?
  • tansitansi Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 GLS Veracruz that when driven on dusty roads the rear bumper clearly shows the outline of the grille underneath.( both sides clearly visable through the dust) The Hyundai rep says this is normal? I've never seem this on other Veracruz or any other vehicle for that matter. Anyone else have this problem or know of a solution?
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    I took my 07 Veracruz in today for the 15,000 mile oil change and the service dept. informed me that there is a recall on this vehicle. I never received any notice from Hyundai. They did not even have a filter in stock.

    I also had a squeak in the rear of the vehicle. The spare tire was flat which allowed it to move from side to side in the carrier; causing a squeak. Service tech stated that the spare "had a pinhole in the top of the tire and it could not be fixed." To my knowledge, the spare has never been touched since it left Korea. The warranty does not cover tire parts. $95 for a new tire installed. Since it is the spare, I am going to check for a better price at Walmart or Discount Tire.
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    I took my 07 in for warranty work this morning and when they put the vehicle up on their lift, they managed to break the red reflector on the bumper. Obviously, the replacement is no charge, but I can not imagine how the service tech did this. I make mistakes on my job and I suppose everyone does occasionally.
  • joe184joe184 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had problems with paint wearing off rear door well from grit being thrown up from front tires. I'm driving a 2007 Veracruz. Suggestions
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    I have mudguards for the front wheels which prevents this. I was gonna install the rears as well, but u need to buy a different rear bumper (has slots) to attach the rear guards. I am from Canada and bought the car in the US, seeing how the Canadian version comes with the guards standard, I thought it would be an easy install. The fronts were, but the rears won't work with the US bumper, so I returned them. So far the cars been great, even maintaining 18 mpg city.
  • My 2007 Veracruz limited had a check engine light come on on 8/20. The car jolted and vibrated and would not accelerate. I was advised by the local dealer the car had a throttle warning code 2106, but that it cycled through and was fine without repair, after the dealer test drove it for 30 miles.

    The car was driven with no issues until it ocurred again yesterday, 9/17. This time I was told the following errors appeared:

    2135 - Throttle Body

    I was advised a Service Bulletin had been issued to dealers in February for this, and they were replacing the Throttle Body unit, which would take care of everything. The dealer stated they had replaced the unit on 3-4 cars to date and that it took care of the issue I was having.

    I am not happy. We will see if this resolves the issue.
  • p885p885 Posts: 5
    Have a problem with acceleration on my Veracruz 2008. It seems as it will not take the gas at between 25 and 42 MPH. It hesitates and or gives you a jerk sensation. I have taken it to Hyundai and am told there is nothing wrong with the car. Is anyone else having this problem
  • I have a 2007 Veracruz and after having it serviced for 3 Hyundai recalls it sprung a massive oil leak in the timing gasket. Hyundai replaced the gasket and returned the car. It is still leaking (though not as much) and back in the shop again. Is anyone else having this issue? Hyundai said they can't figure out where this leak is coming from.
  • hoo320hoo320 Posts: 46
    Hi, Thanks for coming.
    I have been a Veracruz owner for half a year. This is one thing that really bothers me.

    It is the engine rumble when the transmission is trying to shift up at low speed. When I accelerate fast, the automatic shifts very smoothly. However, when I accelerate slowly or just trying to maintain my speed at exactly 20 mph,or 30 mph or 40 mph, the engine starts to rumble and generates a lot of noise and vibration. At this time, I need to heavily step on gas to make the rumble go away.

    Anyone has similar experience?

    I took my car to my dealer. They acknowledged that was a problem and they did a transmission relearn. But the problem was still there. They do not know what to do now.

  • Well I had a rumble too...only on downshifting from 2nd to 1st gear. It almost felt like I had run over something the first time it happened. I began to pay close attention after that and the problem seemed to come and go depending on how quickly I had to brake for a stop light for example. My Veracurae only had a few thousand miles on it when this happened.

    I tried this old trick thinking a small flek of metal from casting or milling parts of the transmission had become logged in a valve or spring inside the transmission. I manually put the transmission in 1st gear and then ran up the road to about 4000 rpm, then manually shifting to second and holding that to 4000 rpm again. The idea is to flush the passages in the valve body under high fluid pressure.

    Bottom problem vanished and it has been several months, apparently there was some trash in the valve body. I have no clue if this "easy fix" would help you but you might try it, can't hurt.
  • Years ago I had a manual transmission Hyundai Tiburon that had a somewhat similar problem. I stopped at a stoplight and shifted into neutral. When the light turned green, I tried and tried to shift back into first, but I could not get it to shift. After having it towed to a dealership, it turns out the some fleck had blocked a passage way in the transmission and that if I had pumped the clutch enough times I could have driven it away. It still would have needed to have its transmission flushed out or whatever, but at least I wouldn't have been stranded.

    In any event bbmax_00, I would still have your transmission looked at if you haven't already. One thing about the Veracruz - I thought it had a sealed transmission. I know that sealed doesn't always mean sealed sealed, but how is your dealer going to flush out your system if its sealed?
  • hoo320hoo320 Posts: 46
    thanks for coming.
    I only have 4k miles on it.
    The dealer did some thing on it with a code name Ti-48. I do not know what they did. I will ask them whether they can flush the transimission.

    The rumbling only happens at the low RPM in a gear. If I step on gas and make the RPM go up, the rumble goes away.
  • hoo320hoo320 Posts: 46
    If the transmission oil is low or dirty, could it be the reason?
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    Interesting. I just test drove an 08 LTD and noticed they same thing around 40 mph while maintaining speed, with RPM around 1600 RPM. did not say anything until after the test drive by salesman admitted feeling it. Felt very "cheap". Anyway, he said that it could be the alloy wheels...or snow on the inside causing it to be unbalanced....BS!! I've had that happen to my wheels and this was not the same. As soon as I pushed on the accelerator, even though the speed had not really changed, the vibration stopped. This is definitely an issue with the engine or tranny. Might be enough to turn me away from this vehicle. Test drove a highlander right after and it was extremely smooth in comparison.

    Wonder if there are other complaints along this line in other threads....will have to check.
  • hoo320hoo320 Posts: 46
    I test drove both vehicles. I did not notice the vibration at that time.

    However, Veracruz has a lot more car for the money. That is why sold me.

    The vibration is really annoying. I would never buy hyundai again.
  • Unfortunately I think I've just discovered this same issue with my 2007 Veracruz. I changed the oil yesterday, drove the car no more than a mile and came out the next morning to discover a puddle of oil underneath. I feared the obvious, unsecured oil pan drain, unsecured canister, oil fill cap, etc. All checked out. I came to this forum looking to see if there might be external oil lines on this vehicle that could possibly have developed a leak and saw your post.

    The "mess" seems to be on the backside of the engine (the side that faces the firewall) and the oil splatter seems to be just about everywhere. Do you recall where the timng cover is? Front side or back side of the engine? When and how did you discover your leak?

  • hoo320hoo320 Posts: 46
    After spending more time with this veracruz, I found that the engine rumbles at low RPM almost at every gear.

    Anyone knows how?
  • I have 22,500 miles on my 2007 and no leaks yet.
  • gccmngccmn Posts: 11
    My 2007 Veracruz has the same "rumble" problem. When the engine is cold and I reach the speeds of 40mph, the trainy upshifts to 6th gear, RPMs drop down to about 1600: the rumble appears. I did not take the vehicle to the dealer because I believe the rumble is due to not enough pressure buildup in transmisison in 6th gear at 40mph. In other words, the engine is struggeling to speed up with such a low RPMs. It is kind of the same with a stick shift: the engine will rumble if you try to start from a 4th gear. Once you apply more gas, the trainy downshifts, RPMs go up, pressure builds up, and rumble goes away. To avoid that on cold engine, I manually change my gears, and don't go past 4th gear until the engine warms up.

    My Veracruz also has this downshift jerk at 15 - 20 mph, when slowing down. But it is not consistent. I heard other people having that as well, but dealer keeps telling them it is normal. I honestly don't care...I have 100K miles waranty :P
  • I too recently purchased the veracruz and have noticed the same thing and was told they are awaiting an answer from hyundai. another issue I have is the vehicle has a very stiff ride, takes bumps hard, especailly in rear. The one I test drove was smoother, taking it to dealer tomorrow. can anyone tell me how their veracruz rides.
  • hoo320hoo320 Posts: 46
    My veracruz rides ok. much softer than the santa fe I have before.

    before that I had a mazda tribute, which is tight but not stiff at all.

    I think the main reason is the large 18 inches rim. Another possible reason would be the tire pressure. Dealers normally put it very high, 45 psi.

    Good luck
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