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Nissan Quest in Snow?

mommyjanmommyjan Posts: 17
edited March 2014 in Nissan
First, let me start by saying, "Im a Pickup Truck Girl!". I love my sierra but 2 kids later is showing me that my sierra is not family friendly. I'm having a hard time, but I'm looking at MiniVans. I Love the look of the Quest - can anyone tell me how it handles in the snow? Either 2006/2007 or the new 2008. I love the ability in my truck to throw it in auto 4 wheel drive and not worry.

Can anyone calm my nerves on a MiniVan in snow?



  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Depends on the snow. :shades:

    Actually more may depend on the tires.

    I had a front wheel drive minivan in Anchorage for 11 years (never had a 4WD or AWD in 20 years there). My last winter there I drove my 1999 Quest around on the original tires. Down here in Boise I'm still driving the '99 Quest, but we rarely get snow in town.

    There's been one occasion when I didn't feel comfortable driving up to the ski hill and was too lazy to chain up (lots of fresh powder) and my semi-steep gravel driveway can be a problem if we get a white Christmas. I have an AWD Outback that I usually take to the hill, but have decided that I could do fine 99.9% of the time without the AWD, especially since I put new tires on it.

    So ... if you drive in a locale that doesn't get frequent dumps of snow, you don't have to drive up lots of steep hills, the snow clearing efforts are halfway decent, and you don't go skiing or snowboarding every weekend, I think a FWD minivan will do just fine, especially if you swap out winter tires on it in snow country.

    Your biggest issue may be getting started at the stop lights if black ice accumulates there since you may spin more than a 4WD. Neither 4WD or FWD will help you stop on ice, as you've surely seen on snow days with the SUVs in the ditches.

    My .02 cents.

    Steve, visiting host
  • Thanks Steve

    I'm in the suburbs of Chicago so we do get some good amounts of snow from time to time, but nothing Major.

    Thanks again
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I have a 2004 Quest and live in southcentral PA. Like you, we do get snow from time to time. Ours tends to be predictable.

    Like Steve mentioned, it all depends on the tires. I think you will be fine up to 2 inches. After that basic physics start to take over. The Quest is a big vehicle with a long wheel base (4500# and 204 inches long). It has a great ride and handling but deep snow is not a friend to this size vehicle. And that goes for all the "mini"vans that do not have AWD. No I do not recommend getting an AWD minivan for the occasional snow. The drop in gas mileage is not worth it. Plus you have to deal increase tire wear.
  • Janet, we have a 2004 Quest (same series as the 2005-2008) and live in Minnesota, so get comparable snow to Chicago. I agree that tires make the huge difference. The new Quest has traction control, but with the stock tires provided the traction control renders the van worthless :sick: on a steep incline such as a driveway when the snow gets deep. We have steep driveway and in heavy winter we have to disengage the traction control (by way of the on-off switch) and take a run at it, spinning like crazy. Enough was enough, so this year I found a set of steel wheels and mounted Bridgestone Blizzak tires (235-60-16"). Looking forward to trying them out this winter. :)
  • Since you have the 2004 - what's the back seat configuration in the 2004? Is it a full bench or a split 60/40? One more question - when you fold your seats down, do they fold flat into the floor or is that newer models?

  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    I found the quest can start good on snow, but the poor weight ditribution (60/40) hurts its handling in snow. 2004-2007 has a full bench, the only difference is that you dont have to remove a single restrain to fold the seats unlike 2004-2006. The 3rd row can fold flat, but the 2nd row can only fold somewhat flat. (not a perfect flat cargo)
  • mommyjan, third row seat is a full bench that folds flat into floor, second row seats are individual buckets that fold nearly flat. Very nice seats.
  • I am in SW Ontario
    We get snow!

    My quest vehicle weight is the bonus!
    You get traction, but good tires are imperative!

    I've never really 'slid' or been unable to handle driving it in bad weather.

    I'd think the real issue - is drive safely and respect the road conditions and weather. IMHO no vehicle is gonna be any better than another if you don't drive with caution.
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