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Buick Rendezvous Brake Questions


I have a 2003 CX and the brake warning light on the dash keeps coming on (along with the annoying chime). We have eliminated as problems: the park brake pedal switch, and the low brake fluid sensor on the master cylinder. Is there another sensor in there somewhere?

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  • kazzpatkazzpat Posts: 1
    Just replaced front brakes after driving a mere 1000 miles on my newly purchased 2004 Rendezvous (36500 miles) and the mechanic said he never saw a more rusted set of brake pads and rotors...they disintegrated. The rotors were so hot that they melted the hubcap lug nuts, lost the hubcap and had a very blackened wheel. I had no warning that the brakes were defective as the wheels did not pulsate in early stages. Is the rusted pads a common problem and is the brakes dust an ongoing problem ?
  • jpiercejpierce Posts: 49

    No this not a regular problem. My brakes dissolved early on my RDV as well (original factory 35,000 km) and I replaced rotors and pads. It is best to replace with high quality manufactured in north america brake parts (pads and rotors). This will cost a little more but well worth it. It appears cheap offshore parts are being used to much lately and we pay the price with no robustness. These offshore cheapy parts are attractive (for both car manufacturers and aftermarket purchases), but you pay what you get and for good reliability and most importantly safety we should pay a little.

    Get good rotors (robestos and ceramic pads Wagner)

    JP :)
  • wanhamwanham Posts: 2
    I took it to the dealer and they replaced 2 harness and the brake light went off.
  • Although they cost more, use Ceramic pads (front/rear). They wear evenly and dissipate heat better without a lot of dust, if any. I have $500 a piece rims on my 04 and don't want excess cleaning worries. The ceramic pads also offer better resistance to brake fade under hard driving
  • bigchsbigchs Posts: 1
    02 rendezvous brakes pulse/tug/grab. have been to the dealership about 5 times, and they can't seem to fix the problem. it's very scary. feels like skidding on ice. step on the brakes and they work/don't work/grab/don't grab. they've worked on the hubs and wiring harnesses. any help appreciated.
  • I have an 02 Rendezvous - just had the front brakes done last week - my rotors were disintegrated as well!! Rusted!!! That should NOT be the case with normal wear and tear! I am wondering if the settlement GM is offering for the coolant isnt leaking into the engine and onto the brakes causing the erosion. Check out the settlement link title Just for the record THIS CAR IS A :lemon:
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    I would agree. We got the brakes on the front of our '03 RDV (FWD model) replaced a few days ago. The mechanic said he can replace with "el Cheap-O" pads and rotors (if we were selling the vehicle) or he could install the more expensive (much higher quality) replacement parts. We went with the higher quality pads and rotors. Costs more but our mechanic said for the RDV brand, higher quality brakes on the front wheels are worth it. Especially if one plans to keep their RDV for a while....

  • wandakaycwandakayc Posts: 5
    Reply to #8 of 10 Brakes Pulse 02 Rendezvous - I also have an 02 Rendezvous and even today, it is in the shop being check for this same problem. It also has a grinding sound at times when turning to the left or right, plus the fact that I have had to "stand" on the brakes to get stopped. Any help appreciated.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    Grinding sound when turning (typicly at low speeds) is quite ofetn wheel bearing issue, 'Standing' on brake peddle is issue with brake system.
  • wandakaycwandakayc Posts: 5
    The dealership just called and cannot find anything wrong.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    Hate it when that happens. Is the grinding noise more prevalant at slow speed or higner speed (if you remember)? AT higher speed it might point more to rear wheel bearing rather then front.
  • wandakaycwandakayc Posts: 5
    The most noticeable time is when you turn while breaking. There even seems to be a vibration when just driving under the pedals.
  • i am having the same exact problem. I took it to the dealership once already they said it was the left front wheel bearing, fixed it and it drove great for a few weeks now its acting up again. Any clues?
  • wandakaycwandakayc Posts: 5
    The dealership could not find anything wrong with the brakes -- someone suggested it could be the anti-lock brake system, which would require replacing a very expensive "box." I traded the car earlier this week.
  • mine made the sound i found it was the spacer between the wheel bearing and the spindle was bent and would rub. it's just a little tab. i cut mine off.
  • newmdx1newmdx1 Posts: 10
    I need to get my front and rear brake pads replaced and the rotors (on all 4 wheels) turned.

    I received 2 quotes - 1 for $599 and the other for $630. That seems really high to me.

    I have a 2003 Buick Rendevous.

    Anyone know if i am getting ripped off?
  • I have a 2002 Rendezvous i had the front pad and rotors and it was about 300 - and the year previous i had to the back and it was about the same. So I dont think it's outrageous...but since you are doing both front and back together you'd think they'd cut you a little break - no pun intended lol but I think this would also be dependant on what area you live in - as far as labor rates go. I'm in NJ... :lemon:
  • debo67debo67 Posts: 2
    what 2 wire harness did they replace you know
  • Please help!

    After having my Rendezvous for a week my mechanic claimed that the rear hub bearings were bad and causing the ABS to "malfunction". Needless-to-say when we got it home the problem was clearly not fixed. Now he said something about the pump might be bad? Honestly what I've read about the bearings going bad doesn't seem to be anything like what we're experiencing...I'm supposed to drop it off tonight but I don't want to spend more money and have the problem not fixed.

    Any suggestions I can hand him as far as things to look at would be appreciated. I'm going to ask for all the broken parts too...

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • I own a 2003 RDV with 125K. Recently replaced drums, rotors and brake pads. Bolts on something in the brakes broke off a week later - got that fixed. None of this fixed the problem of feeling like the brakes are not seating properly at low speeds, usually when I'm turning, especially right turns but sometimes at straight stops. Feels like something is in the way and the car may not stop. Releasing the brake pedal and reengaging usually works. Any ideas on what may be causing the problem - usually the AWD light and another light on the dashboard comes on after these incidents.

    The car also started to feel sluggish on steep hills. 2 days ago when I started the car it pulsated like something was blocking the exhaust system. had to pull over and restart and seemed fine. Occassional still get some of this same problem upon first starting the car in the morning. Any ideas?

    I bought it used a few years ago and it's been a great car until this. The last guy who fixed the bolts recommended trading it in ASAP but no real info as to why. Negative equity in the car will make this hard to do but if it's going to be major $$ to fix, I may need to consider it.

    All help much appreciated.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,655
    For the AWD light (I would guess the other is ABS light as they tend to go hand in hand), seeing as how you just got brakes done I would think its a wheel speed sensor issue (connection loose perhaps).
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