Hyundai Veracruz Towing and Hitches

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If anybody has added a trailer hitch to their Veracruz, please post which brand. I am looking for a hitch that will not take awahy from the looks of the car. So far I am favoring the Hidden Hitch brand but would love to see a picture of it installed???thanks


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    I received my Hidden Hitch on Thursday and plan to install it on Saturday. I will take a photo, but not sure how to send it on this web site. If you want me to send it to your e-mail address, let me know.
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    not sure how to send it on this web site

    Follow the help link at the bottom of this page for complete instructions on how to post a picture. Easier still, set up your own CarSpace (link at top of this page) which makes posting pictures a breeze.

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    Per the VC user's manual, the towing rated at 3,500lbs and tongue weight is 300lbs if the trailer has brakes; otherwise, these limits are only 1/2, that are 1,250lbs and 150lbs. At that tongue weight load, I guess I can only carry a carrier with 2 bikes or not much loads on a trailer without brakes!

    I have a Hidden hitch installed. It looks nice. You virtually see no crossbar members. There are 2 bolts on each side. You need a torque wrench and you can torque only 1 bolt to spec on each side. The other one you need a special open wrench (with head only) because it's behind something (I don't remember what that is!). So, may be you have to take to a Hyundai dealership and ask them torque for you. That's what I did and they didn't charge me!
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    thanks for the help. please email a picture to [email protected] Also....I have an 08 VC and can only seem to find a 07 hitch. Is the 08 identical.
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    If you'll post hitch (or other Veracruz) photos to your CarSpace album, then we'll all be able to enjoy the pics.
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    I am very pleased with the installed hitch. I have several photos I can send, but don't know how to access my Carspace album. If the 2008 has a tow hook on the passenger side next to the muffler and two empty threaded holes on the opposite site next to the muffler, the Hidden Hitch should work.
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    Three photos now posted in My Album
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    Thanks for the help, I will be ordering one today.....
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    Thanks. It's always interesting to see if the Hidden Hitch goes under or over the tailpipe(s). I think under like yours is the most common way.

    Here's a shortcut link to your album. To see other albums, click on a member's name in the post title and the CarSpace link will be in their profile.

    Or just add the member name to the url, for example,
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    Where did you get the hidden hitch from? I've looked at a few websites and they seem to list the hitch with the same part # but different receiver size 1 1/4" and 2". Your album photo looks like you have the 2"
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    I purchased from and it was the 2" receiver. Price was $154 plus 99 cents shipping.
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    Does anybody know for sure if the 07 Veracruz hitch is the same for an 08. I have called everyboby including corp hyundai and still can not get an answer????
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    Added the 2 inch Hidden Hitch for use with a Thule bike rack.
    Very happy with outcome. Hitch and rack purchased thru Had them both in 3 days. Installed in 1 hour.
    View my photos here
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    Does anybody have the step by step instructions for installing the hidden hitch receiver on our veracruzes?

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    Just go to or and select the hitch for Veracruze (#87439) Go to detailed information and click on instructions.
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    after a long time on hold, the Hyundai customer service line verified the 07 hitch will work on the 08. Hyundai also confirmed they now have the factory hitch available
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    Interesting, a factory hitch option. Now I would like to see a picture of that.
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    The hitch sold at (photo available there) kind of looks like the Curt Hitch sold at only the Hyundai hitch is $$ more.
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    I just installed a Hidden Hitch from Etrailer on my 08 Veracruz and the 07 hitched worked perfectly. Same on the suggested wiring harnes. 40 minutes to install???? Any way just wanted to let everybody know the 07 hitches will work on the 08's and my ETrailer expereince was the best of any purchase made over the net...they were also very fast..received hitch in 2 days......
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    Did you get the 2" receiver or 1 1/4"? I've seen both sizes listed for the hidden hitch, but no way to specify that I want the 2". What did you do, call them or use the website?
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    I called them, I got the 2" (little less than 150.00 shipping 99 cents)) It looks great, you barely notice it
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    I just installed a hidden hitch from on my 08 limited. Its a two man job but was able to do myself with a few choice words thrown in...
    Remove the tow eye on the right side outboard of the muffler. You must remove the muffler mount rubbers in front and back to gain access to the third bolt on the tow eye. I also removed the heat shield on the right side but you only need to drop the shield down on both outboard sides by removing the two outboard nuts.The heat shields are above the mufflers not the ones protecting the spare tire.
    I only removed the muffler rubber on the right one; tne the left stayed in tact.
    I used the longest bolt removed from the tow eye to hold one side of the hitch in place while I worked on the other side.
    I suggest you also order the wiring connector from etrailer made for the Veracruz.
    The factory wiring connectors are tucked on the right side near the tow eye with removable plastic plugs you remove and connect the aftermarket harness.
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    Did I read this right???

    ««««The factory wiring connectors are tucked on the right side near the tow eye with removable plastic plugs you remove and connect the aftermarket harness. »»»»

    If you have this installed at the dealer...all they have to do is plug it in??? No need to "wire" from fuse box all the way to the back??
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    You do the connection the same way at home, or at the dealership. The "pastic covers" are just to protect the connectors from dirt, salt etc. until the trailer connector is run from the hitch up to the fender well.
    These connectors are for sale on ebay for about the same price as
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    So there are two wire plug/snap connectors on the passenger side. I found one, for the black connector, where is the other one in relation to that one?

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    The two connectors are side by side just a few inches apart in snap connectors.just pull them off and reroute them to your hitch.
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    Just curious how much you guys are towing with the Veracruz? How does it perform?

    I have a 2007 FWD Veracruz and the boat we are considering purchasing is 2800 lbs. This doesn't include the trailer weight, gas, etc. The trailer has a brake.

    The Veracruz owners manual mentions a boat trailer weight (with brake) limit of 4500 lbs.
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    Hey cruzera
    Check my posts under "real world MPG"
    Performace is OK but mileage goes into the pits.
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    I am looking at getting the Hidden Hitch t-connector. The after-market place I went to said I needed to install a power lead from the battery. I disagree as the instuctions do not mention this.

    Any advise or photo's of the task at hand would be great.
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    Would anyone be able to post a photo of the hitch installed on the Veracruz? I am looking for the rear view of the vehicle to see how the hitch sits on the vehicle.

    Thank you

    As a side note - Wiring ordered, saw that the Veracruz is pre-wired with the power lead at the rear passenger side with the pre-wired plug for the signal lights.
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    If you scroll through the earlier posts in this thread, you will find several members have posted pictures of their installed hitches.
    Here are two of them:
    Show me your hitch

    Show me another hitch
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    Just started trying to install hitch on my Veracruz. How to lower the exhaust? It seems to be hanging on a rubber pad, bolted to it with two nuts. I've tried my allen hex keys, but none of them seem to fit. Do I need some other tool (the hole on bolts looks rather round)?
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    OK, figured it out. It's not really a bolt. The rubber just needs to be pulled over the head. The orange one is easy to pry off. The black one is more stubborn. I think it took me at least 15 minutes to remove the black one.

    Anyhow, I managed to put it on, however I wouldn't recommend an average car owner to do it. Let professionals install it.

    It takes a lot of time, laying under the car, and the space is very tight (hint, removing spare tire gives you a bit of extra space). I just hope I managed to screw the bolts sufficiently tight. There's very little space where the bolts are, you can hardly fit the wrench into it. Don't try to do it using too big wrench, or it might not fit into the available space at all. Space is so tight, I was able to do only 1/6 of a turn at time. You can't get a good grip on the wrench either.

    Budget for at least 2 hours if you have some experience, at least 4 if you are novice. Any shop that installs hitches would probably do it in under an hour. They'll lift the car off the ground and they have crane that will hold the hitch in place while they are attaching it to the car. Both of which will make the job much easier and faster.

    I also got the wiring from It's relatively easy to install, once you find that hole in the bumper holder. However, I hope the fuse will never blow, because they've attached it to the spot on the cable that ends up in a very inaccessible location after installation.
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    Thanks for the report - sounds like you had a productive Saturday!
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    Does any one know of a way to disable the backup warning sensors?

    With a hitch mounted bike rack, the backup warning sensors beep constantly when in reverse, because of course the sensors "see" the bike rack.

    I checked the manual which admits that the sensors may not operate correctly when towing, but it doesn't look like there's a button or other convenient way to disable them.

    Thanks for any tips.
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    Decided to go with the Hidden Hitch for the Veracruz. Also purchased the Wiring adapter that plugs into the factory hitch harness connectors.

    I need a 5-flat plug for my boat trailer as it needs the blue wire for the back-up lights Since my trailer has disk brakes and requires the brake lockout signal from the tow vehicle. Has anyone tapped into the back-up lights and if so where did you get the wire?

    '08 Veracruz Limited
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    Installed my Hidden Hitch on the Veracruz tonight. Kind of a pain but its on. Had an issue that the instructions didn't address. At the bottom edge of the bumper cover there is a black plastic trim piece that hangs down between the two exhaust cut-outs. This plastic was getting crushed by the hitch so I removed it.

    It appears the design was done without this piece in place. All pictures of the Hidden Hitch I've seen in this thread appear to have this plastic in place only I cannot determine if this plastic is being crushed in the picture...Mine certainly was.

    I'm going to write to Hidden hitch to complain. At a minimum they should have commented in the instructions about this.

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    Can anyone help find where I can tap in and get the reverse light 12V for my boat trailer connection? I need to install a 5-way flat on the Veracruz and with the back-up lights in the tailgate its making it difficult to find where to tap in.

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    i am wondering the same thing, as i have the same problem! i hope someone can post a reply as to how to temporarily disable the parking assist sensor. my bike rack mounted to the hitch makes the beep go on constantly when i am in reverse :confuse:


    ed in toronto
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    Just installed a Hidden Hitch for '08 veracruz. Bought from

    1. Must lower the passenger side exhaust - there are 2 triangle shaped pieces of thick rubber that the exhaust hangs from. Work these with one hand (don't need tools here). As previous post mentions, it takes some time and effort, but eventually will pop out. This will lower the passenger side exhaust about 8-12 inches.

    2. Remove 4 bolts that hold up a metal heat shield directly above the exhaust. Take the thin sheet metal heat shield completely out, you can easily put it back in later.

    3. The prior 2 steps are only needed because the bolt head of the "tow eye" can only be accessed from here. The "tow eye" is a large triangle shaped piece of metal with a circular hole that is attached on the passenger side. The two bolts where the hitch will screw into is occupied by this tow eye and so it needs to be removed. Warning, do not try to remove the NUT that is on the tow eye (facing out). It is is welded down. It can only be removed from above the heat shield on the bolt side (facing in towards center of car).

    4. Remove tow eye and keep or discard.

    5. Now, install hitch.... simply screw all four bolts into car rails, two on each side. You'll need the right tools here.. need a long extender to get up there. The two screws that are closer to the butt end of the car are DIRECTLY above the hitch itself, so a straight extender didn't work. I ended up using an adapter that bends the ratchet a little bit so I could get it on tighter.

    6. Also installed the 4-flat wiring kit. These instructions are pretty straight forward. Don't forget, under the passenger side is already installed with the two "plugs". You simply have to remove the plastic caps on these (orgininally placed to prevent dust), and plug in the wiring then run it around the bumper.

    7. Replace heat shield and hang exhaust back up.

    Now.... I need some help... the hidden hitch comes with a metal rectangle that sticks out to allow a wiring harness to be attached. It has two holes 2.5" apart from each other. For cosmetics... has anyone installed a wiring box to place the four flat connector?? right now, i just have it zip-tied behind my bumper, out of sight....

    hope the instructions help...

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    Found an easy way to temporarily disable the backup sensors beeping. One word...


    We had the same problem. Decided to think out-of-the-box. Spent a morning experimenting with cotton, fabric, foam, sticky notes, magnets, etc. When we were all done we figured out that bandaids had everything. Light adhesive, ultrasonic absorbent pad, cheap, easy, temporary. Just place a large enough bandaid to cover the entire sensor with the pad - over each sensor.

    Enjoy the quiet backing up!
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    Hi Louva, thanks for the instructions. I just purchased a 2010 Veracruz and installed a "Curt" hitch, it seemed to go on without interfering with the black plastic strip under the bumper.

    I do have a question if anyone can answer:

    My wiring harness for the hitch has two plugs on one end however, I could only find one on the Veracrus to plug into. The one I found had a plug in the end that I removed before inserting the cable end. Can anyone tell me where I might find the other plug? The plug I found was for the 4 wire, I am looking for the "two wire" plug.

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    i posted the same question on two other edmunds boards both on the santa fe boards. so far no reply. you could just rig up a 12v to the blue line and use a toggle switch before you back up, but you have to make sure that the surge brake is fully pulled out first. this is what i have on my murano. however, it wasn't hard since the murano nissan converter is mounted in the rear of the vehicle and there is a very convenient 12 volt power source near the trailer hitch. i really don't want to run a wire from the front of the car to the rear. rr70
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Member Posts: 241
    ...based on my read of the messages on this board, there is 12volts at one of sockets. you can probably tap off that for the back up wire using the toggle switch. rr70
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    I just installed the Hidden Hitch and these instructions definitely helped - thanks louya! The one point of clarification - make sure you put the heat shield back up before bolting the tow hitch up. The install is easily done with 1 person - took be about 45 minutes. A few additional tips below:

    - I used a bucket to hold the hitch in a raised position when I was installing the bolts.

    - As previously noted, you need a universal joint at the end of your ratchet extensions for the bolts that are at the back of the hitch (closest to the bumper) as the hitch doesn't allow for straight up access.

    - I wish the instructions came with torque specs.....

    For those shopping around - I would absolutely purchase this hitch again!

    Good luck!
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    I have the 6 cylinder model with the larger tires. Manual shows a 3500 tow capacity with brakes and a 1650 without brakes which means a jon boat is about all you could pull. Anybody pulling anything larger and with what results.
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    Hello - i have 2 questions:

    1) I had uhaul install a hitch on my 2011 Veracruz. They said it is the correct hitch but had to basically bend up the bumper to squeeze the hitch under the car. So now the bottom edge of the bumper is bent around the hitch. it doesn't really look right -- does anyone else have a hitch?

    2) my tire pressure light goes on no matter what my tire pressure is. any thoughts on that?

    thanks for your help.
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    Installed myself with no issues on the rear bumper. Pulled a 18 foot boat no problem (with trailer brakes).
    2008 and 2011 exact same body except for rear lights and mp3 jack.

    No cracking or any malformations.
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