Trooper 3.1 Citation transmission trouble

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Hi just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

When driving on the road in 2wd our trooper keeps switching to 4wd with a great "thunk". Then it drops out again and back in again.

We are driving everywhere in 4wd and it is wearing off the tyres so I would like to get this sorted!

I have tried disconecting some of the switches on the gear box in turn to see if I can find out if it is one of them that are faulty but it hasn't made any difference. not sure where to go from here (apart from to a garage)!



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    Check if your 4WD gear shifter is properly engage in 4H and not loosly between both 4H and 4L
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    Also if you have TOD maybe you have it engage. This will cause your 4WD to engage automatically depending on the road conditions.
    Disengage TOD
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    first the trooper started using oil - alot of it, 3 qts between oil changes, yet no leaks no smoke. then the 4 wheel dr check light comes on then speed o goes on the frits - drops to zero at 70. then the trans startsacting up i mean shifting funny at times then slipping alittle more. finally it started slipping alot and stoped working. it has 105000 miles 2001 silver anniversary edition . is it at all possible my motor oil could get into the trans and cause this problem? my oil consumption is a mystery and now the trans is shot ,any ideas? thanks jim
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    whats the point of posting anything on this site its been three weeks with no response is someone going to respond or is this site just designed to vent your frustration?
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    its been three weeks

    Actually, it's been eight days. And if you drop weekends and holidays then it's been only five. :)

    The answer to your original question is "no." There is no way for motor oil to get into your transmission. They are separate issues.

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