Adding Leather to a Sports Edition

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Basically I want a V8 4x4 limited, but I like the exterior styling of the Sports Edition better.
Can I or has anyone bought a Sports Edition and then had the dealer install leather. I would still like the navigation, DVD, leather, and heated seats as well.
Please help, my buying decision is close.


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    I had the dealer add it to my wife's V8 Sport Edition back in 2003 when we bought it new. The seats look exactly the same as the limited except for the shifter and the arm rest (that was not changed). The leather has held up fine over the past few years. No issues to report. By the way the 4-runner is great vehicle (this is the longest we have kept any car).
  • mcmurfymcmurfy Member Posts: 4
    We ended up putting leather and heated seats in the Sports Edition for $1345 aftermarket. One dealer would have done it for for $1600 and the other for $2800.
    All from the same place! Love the truck. Drives and looks like a dream.
    2007 Sports Edition 4x4 V-8
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    I did it to my 2002 when I ordered it new. The after market leather seats looked almost the same as the factory ones - slightly better actually - but you would never know they are after market. 88K miles later, no problems with them to report...
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    I have a 2006 Toyota 4Runner SR5. The overhead map light on the passenger side is out. I am able to remove the unit from the overhead but can not see how to remove the bulb. Dealers want $95 to even look at it and claim it would take 2-3 hours. It looks like a 15 minute job.
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    Just wondering about installing leather seats on my sport.
    This is the first year that side air bags are offered.
    If I were to get a new 4Runner then add aftermarket leather later...would this be a problem with some of the safety features?
    I am worried that this may hurt the effectiveness of the side air bags.
    Did the installers give any warnings about that?
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    Try Katzkin com or similar site to find an aftermarket installer in your area. I put heated seats in my Lexus and I had a friend who added leather and heaters to his CRV. The installer can tell you if there are any issues with your model. Some of the newer models have a sensor in the passenger seat for the airbags which causes issues with the heaters.
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    My 2007 did have the side curtain airbags, and no they were affected because they changed the seats and not the side curtains.
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    I think he is concerned about the side air bags (which are in the seats and thus would be affected by the seat cover), not about the side-curtain air bags.

    The side-curtain air bags protect your head. The side air bags protect your thorax.
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    Yeah, I've got those on my seats as well. Since the tab is still in place and since this company does leather installs for the dealers in Portland, I'm assuming it's fine.
    Thank God for know it alls.
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    Maybe it is fine. Maybe it isn't. How would you know? Has the upholstery shop tested the airbags with their seat covers installed?
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