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2008 Jeep Wrangler



  • :surprise: Stu9 Thanks for the update....Australia....beautiful!!!!!
  • How's your gas mileage been? :confuse:
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    greengirl4---19 mpg around town ( small town ), and 22 hwy...without a/c...17 with a/c in town and 20 hwy with a/c...but just cracked the 1000 barrier on speedo...expect it will go up some..also not heavy footed..all speed limit and no racin off the light...
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    anyone havin any problems with standard fold down top?
  • Hey there, just signed up. Well, let me tell you first that I really do love the Jeep Wrangler. I was one of the first in line to purchase an 07 Sahara. It lasted with me for only 8 months due to constant leaking issues. It was a leased truck, and was happy to find out that it qualified rather quickly for the Lemon Law. ):lemon: ) I received all of my money back including the deposit. Still waiting for the interest...
    Also, I went the day after cashing my check, and purchased a 08 honda CRV... great on gas, but not for me... :( . Believe it or not, planning on purchasing another Jeep, and hope for the best. Is this crazy???? Crossing my fingers, legs, arms........etc.
  • Hi, just left a posting. but really quick. My 07 Sahara was returned due to leaks. It qualified under Lemon Law. check the Internet re: questions about L.L in your state. I live in NYC. I received all of my money back. In process of getting another one.
  • I finally gave up on jeep! I am curious ...with all the headaches :sick: and the gas prices as high as they are now :mad: ...why are you even considering jeep again? :lemon: For the 2.99 gas for 3 years special? If so, heard the rebate offer amounted to better savings...anyway, as far as your purchase of the CRV...I was telling my friends...My biggest fear is that I will give up on real trucks and settle for the CRV Egg Mobile!!! LOL :cry: Not even close to being there yet!!! :shades:
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    did ya 07 sarhara have the sundowner top or hard far my 08 with the standard rag top has had no leaks..maybe lucky or not hard enough rain? also another reply on here lemon lawed there sahara and chrysler would not let them get another jeep!!!!
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    to all those with leaks on there wrangler X-Sahara-etc...if you look under top where it goes across the rubber molding you will see or should see weather stripping on each corner...if not then that is your first if you do have the weather stripping, try taking off the two corner pieces and run one piece acrosss from one side to the leaks and alot less wind noise comin in thru front...a simple $3.00 fix...
  • ross16ross16 Posts: 5
    Just curious. Are you located in NJ? My 2008 Wrangler with 300 miles on it has a Freedom Top that leaks. I made an appointment for next week and the dealer said they are bringing in the Water Doctor. Any further problem with leaks?
  • No, I live in SC. I haven't had another leak. They got it right the first time. Hope they do as well on yours. Good luck.
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    out of curiosity? did the docotr's use weather strip or silicone bead? I didn't and haven't had any leaks so far but noticed that on regular top each corner had a small piece of weather strip...everytime top was down one or the other flew off with the wind..keep weather strip in glove box and ran it across the whole top from corner to corner...cut down on wind noise and still no leaking! as far as ya post-"don't buy a wrangler" my big dog would have a fit if I didn't...afterall ya can't put 225lbs in any four door that I know of...he loves the top down and drooling onto cars that tailgate..
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Moisha, you may have inadvertently fixed the problem when you applied the weather strip. Seems as though it works. There really is no valid excuse for Jeep to have this problem this long. It's not as if they invented the wheel and cannot take it further. happy to hear that you seem to have a solution, and now I'm making a mental note to keep a considerable distance behind you to avoid "drool."

  • They used weather strips no top and put silicone bead along the bottom on the inside of the windshield. Not sure why they did that, but in anycase, they fixed the problem.
  • yo's only bad when it's hot, or he drinks and shakes his head, but the drool isn't the's his 36" neck, 50" chest and 225+lbs that'll make ya keep ya distance...and he's only a far as the weather strip, I caught that one by coincedence when going to put the top up and seeing one side missing...but it does indeed work! I do believe if ya'll could put a bead of silicone across that whole piece it would probably work better, since the weather strip's glue has a tendency to loosen up and go flying down the road...
  • rock62---that one baffles me...inside bottom of window! if anything there is enough of a gap around the outside perimeter where ya could put a molding thus oliviate any water or wind from penetrating to the inside...which is my next move..and if that works I just might patent it and charge Jeep for the idea...but glad it all worked out for ya bud! btw--ya think chrome or black rubber?
  • I am considering the purchase of my third Jeep Wrangler, however I am concerned over the Leaky Lid Syndrome. When I got my '00 TJ, the owner's material (VHS tape) listed the steps for top installation and removal in a specific order. Does the '08 JK have a similar process for top installation and removal? If there is a specific procedure, could the leaks be caused by not following the steps in order?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    I believe that the leaks are inherent in the four door hard top, which removes in sections. Some of the members have been able to stop the leaks using various types of weather seal and/or that old Chrysler standby; dum-dum. I have the rag top, and love it!

  • Norm,
    Does the soft top leak? It's a shame that Chrysler has not officially 1) admitted that there is a problem, 2) offered a legitimate solution to current owners, 3) ensured that this does not occur on forthcoming models. An old Jeep may leak on its Road Atlas, but a new Jeep should not leak on its Nav System. In my opinion this is a disappointing situation because the Wrangler seems to be a relatively strong product, yet the Detroit 3 ask for a GubMint bailout. Listen to customers, sell what people want, maybe the circling of the drain can be averted. End of rant. Matt.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Matt, my rag-top Wrangler does not leak. Sometimes after a hard rain, you will get some water coming in when you open the door (no drip channels) but that is very minor and after all, it's not a Volvo. Not everyone gets leakage as I understand it, but enough folks experience it so that we know it's not a phenonoman. Of course, people don't normally report that their vehicle doesn't leak. That is a fair expectation.

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