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2008 Jeep Wrangler



  • Hey Guys,

    I have a 08 Wrangler X with a leaky freedom top also. I also just noticed that the hinge pins on both doors are beginning to rust. The dealer fix for this is to give the owner a container of touch up paint, at least according to my service manager. Has anyone else encountered this issue? The service manager told me that these are the same hinges that have been used for years on Wranglers, has this always been an issue?

    Any input would be appreciated

  • My hinge pins are showing slight signs of oxidation, no major rust there. How many times have you been to the dealer for the leaky roof? I don't know what the lemon laws are where you live, but 4 was the magic number before chrysler offered to buy mine back. The trouble is that I really love this thing. You may want to go for the buyback and try to find an 06'. I took the two top panels off for the first time last week when we had nice weather...The seal repair kit is a JOKE. Whoever came up with that solution should be castrated so he can't contaminate the world with his filth. I did a self fix on the leak and so far so good. It's a shame that a consumer spends 24,000 + for a new vehicle to be free from hassles and gets nothing but. Chrysler it back and auction it. You may want to try bringing your jeep to a window place. They are experts at fixing leaks. Unlike Chrysler. As I said before, there are a lot of people with leaks, and on the flip side of that coin there are a lot of people that have no leak issues at all. It is just unfortunate that we ended up with the jeeps that were made on the friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.
    Also keep in mind that Chrysler is no longer Daimler Chrysler. They are Chrysler L.L.C. Chrysler is suffering financial issues just like the rest. Could it be possible that they are trying to save pennies and making them cheaper? I don't know. Just my opinion.
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    I have had the leaks 3 times but now i have drips coming in on the floor when the doors are opened and it happens to be raining..I also have rust on my hinges and a rusted [non-permissible content removed] muffler..I wish i had read this board before i bought mine it has been one big pain in the butt..I should have bought another GMC i never had that back in the shop at all..But wanted new and different now im paying for it.Back and forth to the dealer its nuts! to say the least i am not happy!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The service manager told me that these are the same hinges that have been used for years on Wranglers..............

    That style hinge was introduced in '07. I expect that people who first bought a Model A Ford and had a problem were told "They all do that!".
    Service training 101....... :shades:
  • sm8770sm8770 Posts: 3
    I have been reading up on the 4-door Wrangler, as well as the Toyota fj cruiser...trying to decide between these two vehicles.
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    A few questions i have not seen answered:

    1. while i dislike using stick shift in city driving, does the 6 speed manual far outperform the 4 speed automatic? Better acceleration, gas mileage, more quiet highway driving, etc.?

    2. how quiet/noisy is the hard top on city streets and, especially, on the highway?

    3. are the issues i read regarding water running into cabin when doors are opened
    after a rain still felt to be an issue?

    4. how long to change from hard to soft top, and back the other way?

    FYI, i will be new to the use of an suv and i do not intend to do off-road driving, but i like the safety factor in inclement weather, and i absolutely love the looks of both the Jeep and Toyota.

    Thanks for your help and advice.
  • Hi folks. I just ordered an '08 JK Sahara Unlimited with hard top, auto trans, and a 3.73:1 rear axle. I would like to swap out the factory wheels and tires with the 17 inch JK Rubicon wheels and Firestone Destination M/T LT285/70R17 tires. I really don't want to go too large and I realize that these will not be that much bigger than the factory 18 inch wheels and P255/70R18 tires that come standard. Just a different look and slightly bigger. I intend to also add the Warn Rock Crawler Bumper with the Warn Power Plant HP winch mounted on it (front) and the Rampage Recovery bumper (rear). I then want to slightly "spacer" lift the Jeep to give it "that look." Given the wheel/tire size and the additional weight of the bumpers/winch, and so as not to make the wheel/tire combo look small in the opening, any thoughts on what size spacers I should use? 3/4 inch? 1-3/4 inch? 2 inch? Different size front and rear? Any recommendations on replacing shocks? How soon is the tax rebate coming?

    Any help, advice, or guidance is appreciated.

    Thanks. Steve

    And remember, let's be careful out there...
  • A manual will always get better gas mileage. The 6 speed definitely handled better but I have been driving sticks for awhile! If they are going to make a jeep in auto, they should at least make a 5 peed if not 6 auto! I would never order a 4 speed auto. However, after my last train wreck in order attempts and hearing about all the leaks, rust, and trips back to the dealer from everyone, I am finally giving up on purchasing this vehicle after 2 years!!!!! It isn't worth the $32000........Go with the cruiser!!!!!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I have been reading up on the 4-door Wrangler, as well as the Toyota fj cruiser...trying to decide between these two vehicles.

    There's a whole discussion devoted to that very subject here: Toyota FJ Cruiser vs. Jeep Wrangler
  • sm8770sm8770 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your input.

    With all the posts here about water leakage and rust, I am
    am starting to think the toyota may be the way to go.

    I am going to take a second test drive today; maybe they will have
    a stick I can try.

  • stu9stu9 Posts: 4
    I agree 100% with your article, including the 3 lemons, and would like to add some of my experiences.
    My JK hardtop jeep has been back to the dealer 8 times for the leaking roof. Here is it's history from Dec 07 when the trouble started. (I bought it in August 07)
    First leak occurred onto the CD player, then onto the dashboard both driver & passenger sides. I was given every excuse in the book as to why it was leaking. Then I was told a TSB had been issued, and they were waiting on parts from overseas. I had to wait 5 weeks for the so called parts which turned out to be a tube of silastic and some 3M sticky backed foam, that I could have bought from my local hardware shop. Guess what, I drove it home in the rain, and it leaked again, this time onto the drivers side window sill.
    In March 08 I was on my way home from a 4wd trip, gearing down a steep hill behind another vehicle when I was required to use my brakes. My foot went flat to the floor twice before I managed to veer off the road onto a grassy embankment and apply my hand brake. I pumped the brake pedal several times before the brakes started to firm up again. On reporting this to the dealership I was firstly told it was incorrect brake fluid, then the brake booster, and finally the master cylinder. The master cylinder was replaced, and about a month ago the brakes failed yet again, only this time I couldn't press the brake in at all.
    This was the final straw, after 5 months of absolute hell I traded it in.
    What really gets to me was the overall attitude from Chrysler. The water leaks were bad enough, but the loss of brakes were treated like," what's your problem, it was only the brakes". I was offered no compensation in anyway, and when I suggested maybe a new roof would help regarding the leaks I was told they don't do that anymore.
    I'm asking the same question that many other people are asking. "Why are Chrysler still persisting in selling faulty Hardtop Jeeps"? Also has anyone else had problems with there brakes failing? :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • greengirl4jgreengirl4j Posts: 29
    :confuse: So, after your brake disaster, did you trade it in or sell it? If so, what vehicle will you purchase now? I am still looking after my Wrangler order disaster? :cry: Gas prices as well as negative Chrysler reviews definitely influencing my decision. :sick:
  • stu9stu9 Posts: 4
    I traded it in on a Kia Sorento, which so far has proved to be a 100% improvement over the Jeep. I will admit that with off road driving the Jeep is better in heavy conditions, but the Sorento isn't all that far behind. On tar & dirt roads the Sorento is the way to go, also the diesel economy is a lot better. But the main reason I'm wrapped in the Sorento is because the brakes work & it doesn't leak plus the after sale service is great.Good Luck with your decision. :)
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Greengirl, I purchased a 2008 Jeep Wrangler (4WD) Sahara edition with a six speed manual and the soft top. I have been very happy with the vehicle and the only problem(s) suffered thus far, was an unplugged connection for the rear windows and a broken wire on the Sirius satellite radio antenna. The dealer, Douglas Jeep in Venice, Florida took care of the problems immediately and loaned me a brand new loaded Jeep Liberty while repairs were made. Any vehicle, or for that matter, any item is only as good as the dealer standing behind it. I preached and lived that doctrine through 37 years in the mobile construction equipment industry. I am happy to hear that you are a "happy camper" because I am of the belief that working brakes are a boon to safe motoring.

  • Bookitty, You got what I ordered back in 1/08 with the exception of the dual top that supposedly has leak potential on hard top. I also ordered the My Gig and tow package. Anyway, as it came in wrong and as I had more dealer and fleet dealer drama since that time, I think I have finally given up on Jeep. I had waited on the new liberty with retractable top to come in but since none were available to test drive with that top at that time and as I didn't like base model, I went with Sahara because I have always liked them and wanted to join the Jeep off road adventures! However, with gas prices this high and probably going up, I think I will be taking "Staycations" instead. Thanks for the feedback. I am thinking about VW or Hybrids. :)
  • Stu9- Thanks for the feedback and tip! What do you think of the VW Tiguan? I test drove it last weekend. I liked it but heard Track and Field off road edition is only available in Europe. The "4wheels in motion" available here is a pseudo-AWD...great for rocky roads and has 18 inch steep angle approach but a very far cry from Jeep anything! :cry:
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    I bought an inventory unit even though I didn't want the tow package. I would have preferred the 3:21 axle(s) ratio but had no choice. The tow receiver replaces the rear tow hook and is a simple four bolt installation. The lighting package is a plug in at the left taillight and is also uncomplicated to install. The price for both items is around $100.00 purchased aftermarket. We have just shipped our Jeep unlimited via car carrier from Florida to New Jersey and it is sitting in our driveway awaiting our arrival on June 5th. I am thinking about ordering a BestTop end of trail cover so that I can leave the top down and not worry about rain, etc. There is an experimental automobile being built in India that runs on compressed air. That would mean that it is an "owner renewable" fuel source (if it ever comes to market and the inventor is not assassinated by "Big Oil").

  • We need Hybrid Jeeps! LOL Have you towed anything with your Wrangler yet?

    GreenGirl4J :shades:
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Greengirl, no I have not. I do use the receiver to mount my home manufactured bicycle rack and for a winch mount. With a 3.8 liter engine, I wouldn't expect much towing performance except for a very small trailer load. I am certain that one or more of the membership has tried towing and could answer your question more intelligently.

  • stu9stu9 Posts: 4
    Greengirl4j-We don't have the VW Tiguan in Australia yet, although apparently it's on the way according to the car guide in the local paper. So I'm sorry to say I can't make an opinion as yet, although its review read well.
    In Aussie our main overseas 4wd's are from the Asian market, with the biggest seller being Toyota, although European cars are making more of an inroad.
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    hey everyone! new here and had to join in...most interesting..noticed all the comments about leaks, but it seems that all the leak problems are in the hard top..I just purchased a new 08 wrangler X back in May the base model with auto, a/c, and regular fold down top..hasn't really rained a whole lot here in Georgia but did get caught in a couple of downpours. The only thing I have noticed is when ya'll open the door ya get a little run off. Other than that no leaks to speak of. Is the leak problem subject to hard top and sundowner tops exclusively? I have had no similar problems as of yet! Am I lucky or is my time yet to come!!! Other than that everything else is doin just fine..Whoa-did have one didn't have a lighter and bought an after market...blew three fuses before I finally brought it back..they had it for ten minutes, gave me a mopar lighter and never blew another fuse..Ride safe , have fun..later ya'll...
  • :surprise: Stu9 Thanks for the update....Australia....beautiful!!!!!
  • How's your gas mileage been? :confuse:
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    greengirl4---19 mpg around town ( small town ), and 22 hwy...without a/c...17 with a/c in town and 20 hwy with a/c...but just cracked the 1000 barrier on speedo...expect it will go up some..also not heavy footed..all speed limit and no racin off the light...
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    anyone havin any problems with standard fold down top?
  • Hey there, just signed up. Well, let me tell you first that I really do love the Jeep Wrangler. I was one of the first in line to purchase an 07 Sahara. It lasted with me for only 8 months due to constant leaking issues. It was a leased truck, and was happy to find out that it qualified rather quickly for the Lemon Law. ):lemon: ) I received all of my money back including the deposit. Still waiting for the interest...
    Also, I went the day after cashing my check, and purchased a 08 honda CRV... great on gas, but not for me... :( . Believe it or not, planning on purchasing another Jeep, and hope for the best. Is this crazy???? Crossing my fingers, legs, arms........etc.
  • Hi, just left a posting. but really quick. My 07 Sahara was returned due to leaks. It qualified under Lemon Law. check the Internet re: questions about L.L in your state. I live in NYC. I received all of my money back. In process of getting another one.
  • I finally gave up on jeep! I am curious ...with all the headaches :sick: and the gas prices as high as they are now :mad: ...why are you even considering jeep again? :lemon: For the 2.99 gas for 3 years special? If so, heard the rebate offer amounted to better savings...anyway, as far as your purchase of the CRV...I was telling my friends...My biggest fear is that I will give up on real trucks and settle for the CRV Egg Mobile!!! LOL :cry: Not even close to being there yet!!! :shades:
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    did ya 07 sarhara have the sundowner top or hard far my 08 with the standard rag top has had no leaks..maybe lucky or not hard enough rain? also another reply on here lemon lawed there sahara and chrysler would not let them get another jeep!!!!
  • moisha3moisha3 Posts: 8
    to all those with leaks on there wrangler X-Sahara-etc...if you look under top where it goes across the rubber molding you will see or should see weather stripping on each corner...if not then that is your first if you do have the weather stripping, try taking off the two corner pieces and run one piece acrosss from one side to the leaks and alot less wind noise comin in thru front...a simple $3.00 fix...
  • ross16ross16 Posts: 5
    Just curious. Are you located in NJ? My 2008 Wrangler with 300 miles on it has a Freedom Top that leaks. I made an appointment for next week and the dealer said they are bringing in the Water Doctor. Any further problem with leaks?
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