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A8L comparisons

uncle840uncle840 Posts: 2
I'm replacing my BMW 740IL which I consider to be the finest driving car I've ever owned. It's long in the tooth now and time for something else. If they made an AWD 7-series sedan I'd buy it in a heart-beat but they don't, so I'm considering an AUDI A8-L (I can't see 90 to 100k for a MB S550 AWD.

My questions are basic: (1) how does the highway-ride quality compare (Audi/BMW)?
(2) Is the '06 a "better" car than the '05? I prefer the newer styling -or- is a used '07 a better choice. (3) last question...for my wife....the front passenger cup holders look inadequate as well as a lack of place near the gear shift to put "stuff" like cell phones, etc.
Any comments and other suggestions for what to look for in a used A8L will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your input.


  • Sticker MRSP was $90,155, got the care for $78,000, brand new, good deal or not?
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