Land Rover LR2 "Hood open" problem

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Anyone else having a problem with their LR2 displaying a "hood open" error?

Got my LR2 a week ago and love it, but noticed this morning it was giving me a "hood open" error... Tried closing it and shutting it a few times but no luck...

(The last time I'd opened the hood, prior to this error, may have been at the dealership the day I bought the car...)

Real downside of this is that the car will not lock (pushing the lock button just honks the horn b/c the hood is "open").

Dealer "fixed" it yesterday, but it recurred again last night...

Anyone else?

2008 LR2 SE


  • 08lr308lr3 Member Posts: 76
    new one on me..
  • u2fan1967u2fan1967 BostonMember Posts: 19
    sorry, never heard of it or seen it. 3000 miles and a few months of driving and I haven't had any of the issues listed here or on other forums. I doubt its just because I'm lucky. More likely its just pure statistics and the fact that Land Rover really got it right this time.
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    Try this thing...

    put your key in, and click it over to position 2 three times in a row.

    It should reset the body control module and re-check the status of any onboard sensors.
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