Ordering enclave cause few dealers have them

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:mad: I am trying to locate a buik enclave in the ny long island area. But they are impossible to find.. Few dealers have them and they all tell me I have to order it and wait 10-12wks.. Unheard of. What's going on Buick?? shouldnt there be special incentives for people that have to wait that long and loose depreciation on their trade ins??? Is any one else having this problem????Millie


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    Millie- YES!!! I'm having the same trouble too. In fact I talked to my dealer today and still NOTHING!! I ordered the car over a month ago and they don't have an idea if GM is even going to build the thing. Their GM rep is not addressing the question and it is getting really annoying. Leave it to GM to have a good vehicle and now they can't deliver on the orders they have in hand. No wonder they SUCK when you look at their profit projections. They have plenty of supply of cars nobody wants and no cars that people desire. GREAT BUSINESS MODEL GM!!! :mad:
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    Let's hear more!! Wher are these Enclaves??? It will be my first time leaving the Ford family but now I am thinking twice!!!!Sorry about your situation.. I hope Buick is going to offer incentives for this inconvenience :P
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    I have decided to order the Enclave... The ones that tricculing in at the dealers are either fully loaded or a feature I do not want to get stuck paying for... at leasat this way I will get what I want...
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    We placed an order 5 weeks ago. The dealer is still saying they have no idea when the order will be accepted by Buick. They claim they submit orders as "preliminary orders". Once they are accepted, they become "orders". He implied it is a random selection based on what you ordered and on how many Enclaves the dealer is allocated that month.

    We once ordered a VW Passat and found out the hard way that some VW dealers can place orders and some cannot. It turns out the dealer was hoping that the exact car we ordered would "show up" in his next delivery, because he was unable to oroder from the factory. We finally ordered from another dealer. The Passat was to be built in Germany. Soon after the order was placed, we received information as to our order's exact scheduled date of production. It arrived on the exact day it was promised. Too bad Buick can't figure out how to do the same..... This was our first American car purchase, but at this point I'm thinking we should forget it.
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    I think this problem is pretty widespread. And from what I understand, they've cut the 3rd shift that produces the Enclave; not sure if its a supplier issue or they just want to keep prices inflated, with demand outstripping supply. With my Envoy lease coming to an end, I went into the dealer to get the Enclave. I typically go in with a few weeks left on my lease, locate a vehicle, and we're done. Obviously, not the case with the Enclave. If GMAC would extend my lease for a couple of months, I would wait. However, my salesperson couldn't offer this as an alternative. I compromised on features as much as I could to locate a vehicle, even going to FWD from AWD, but to no avail. Believe me, living in Detroit, I want to buy American and do what I can for our local economy. In the meantime, my lease is going to be up. I know they have Acadias and Outlooks but we were really sold on the Enclave. I'll probably end up with an Acura MDX or an RX 350. Definitely Frustrated !! Tim
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    I don't know but that dealer sounds like he is got a crock of ----! I would consider another dealer... I just ordered mine over the weekend.. and let me tell you they can take their sweet time while I accumilate some more funds and the car does not have to go through this winter is fine by me.. Also, according to my dealer, production is loosening up because I got some calls from other dealers that they are starting to trinkle in... so if my truck comes in jan or even feb rebates that are offered at delivery to start getting the cars to move, will be deducted from my total price... Yes, you are right, american auto makers need to get on the stick and learn from their comp..... ;)
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    Tim, over this past weekend 3 dealers have called me to tell me that they have Enclaves coming in... If dealers keep doing this (holding back) it's going to back fire in their faces when they do come in a people have made other choices such as yourself. Call dealers and ask them if they can check their invoices of what they expect in the next few weeks cause dealers get the invs before the delivery and do a locate vehicle for 100 miles even... Dealers call each other and trade vehicles to get what you want.. Your dealer should husle and do that for you.. Or drop him like a bad habit... Hope this helps... Millie ;)
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    Your new reward for new GM buyers is a cut in the conquest
    rebate from $1000.00 to $500.00 assuming it's in place when you take delivery 12 to 14 weeks later. If you are not a new GM buyer, you get nothing so there is no incentive for the loyal GM buyer. The Wall Street Journal recently had an article last week concerning GM's new strategy which shortens the supply of Enclaves (among others) to counter the overproduction and price drops of past models. After reading many of the Edmund's comments it doesn't appear to be working. In fact, there is a good chance that GM's new strategy could backfire. The article pointed out that there may be a ray of hope in that Chevy will also produce a
    crossover cousin in 2008 to the Enclave, Outlook, and Acadia. Since Chevy outsells and out produces many other GM related vehicles, this could take the pressure off of Buick.
    However, by that time so many buyers will be exhausted with frustration that they'll go back to their Japanese or German roots. Good luck GM with your new strategy.
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    Your assessment is very true...no dealers have them in stock and the plant did cancel the 3rd shift. This will keep prices inflated and the early adopters pay as usual.

    Then after customers are totally disappointed and move on to the competition off-shore, they wonder why. Nothing really changed since I bought my LAST GM in 2003.

    That's why I find it very difficult to purchase from GM because of the continuing mis-management across the board. The Enclave, Acadia and the Outlook are one of the better offerings from GM and they blow the introduction...no vehicles in the market just old inventory no one wants. 7 Acadias just came into the local dealer and the salesmen are disappointed. How can you sell something you can't get?

    I would not buy stock in any of the big 3 since it's status quo...no real change. Just continuing disappointment.

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    OW ... your response just reaffirms my gut reaction. GM's approach only served to relieve me of the guilt I felt when I leased a Lexus RX350 last night. Not only will it be $60 less expensive but they will deliver it to my house when it comes in later this week. I'm sure this will be a topic of discussion when my GM relatives come over on Thanksgiving and see what's in the garage. Regards, Tim

    PS If it's a decent day out, I'll park in in the driveway to make sure they don't miss it.
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    TB, excellent choice and have many happy and safe drives! Never be guilty! When will these guys wake up?

    At my BMW dealer, all I had to do was send in a 1-sentence e-mail complaining about excessive road noise from my run-flat tires to the sales rep and she forwarded it to the service rep who had me come in the same week to swap out new tires for free. I had exceeded the milege limit for full reimbursement by 2 thousand miles!!

    When I first bought the car, it was the new 3-series E90 and I ordered it in December and picked it up in December. They tracked the exact car on a boat from Europe and tagged it for me. Less than 1 month out the door in a brand spanking new model. Guilt was the last thing on my mind because this is the best car I've driven to date and previously had nothing but US manufactured vehicles...enough was enough.

    Oh well, we'll just have to wait until GM and Ford get eaten up like Chrysler. Perhaps Chrysler will become the new #1 in the US if the new owners do the right things!

    If we were close, I'd park in front of your house before your guests arrive to show support!

    Happy Motoring!

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    TB believe me guys I would be right there with a BMW/LEXUS
    but I really need that third row and the bmw is way out of our budget w/the 3rd row.. American car co's should take notes!!!! Good luck and I just hope this enclave is not going to be a headache for me... Millie :D
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    Later adopters may have to pay close to MSRP too, if GM continues to limit production (and GM seems intent to do just that). True Market Value seems to be holding within a few hundred bucks of MSRP currently.

    seloo, "Buick Enclave Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #146, 31 Oct 2007 1:42 pm

    This discussion is duplicating some of the posts in that Buying Experience discussion so why don't y'all migrate over that way and we can get similar threads mostly together? Thanks.
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    Here's a recent article, on the extra shift cut, and words direct from Bob Lutz as to why:

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119378934909776934.html?mod=AutosChannelMain_Rev- iew

    People just aren't used to seeing this kind of demand with a GM vehicle, and though wait times have actually started evening out lately, it still seems "wrong" to them.

    Well, just think of how years ago with the Honda Odyssey, Acura MDX, and many others were handled when supply was tight, and you'll get the reasoning.
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    By the time they react, the market changes. That's what happens when you try to control the supply to keep the price high in a down market. Here's a blip from your info:

    It's a risky move. The crossovers, which sell for $35,000 and up, make a lot of money for GM at a time when sales of its highly profitable trucks and SUVs are falling. GM is also struggling to produce steady profits in North American and needs every dollar it can bring in.

    They need to be more flexible and attuned to customer's desires and the profits will come. I know that won't happen so I won't waste anymore time on that point. They mostly guessed wrong in the past.

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    I know this all started with hard-to-get Enclaves but with your mention of the BMW I had to respond to let you know that your experience with the run-flats and the service you received mirrored the experience I had with BMW. I have a 3-series with the run-flats and had the same issue with road noise. I stopped in today (Saturday am) to have the service rep road test it. Without hesitation they swapped out my tires for a new set (different brand). Oh, what a difference. I guess that's the way they do business and I certainly appreciate it. The true measure of a company is how they deal with customer issues. BMW has been at the top every step of the way. When I purchased mine, they were able to tag it while it was still on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Lexus is off to a great start as well. I can only hope that the domestics take note.

    Happy Motoring back !!

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