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Honda Accord VCM



  • robtroxelrobtroxel Posts: 103
    Your message and experience was appreciated! Your story is precisely why I did not buy the latest Accord! My 2007 Accord V6 EXL Nav was flawless in all regards. When I saw how they decontented the 2008 by removing the LED lights, sear seat locks, there was a dissappointment. When I drove the VCM Accord, that disappointment turned to disgust! What a hog>> actually getting worse mileage than my 2007! My neighbors Camery V6 gets 5 more mpg without the VCM mess! Honda, where is your 6 speed auto?

    The good news is we all have great options..I upgraded to a Maxima getting 29 MPG on the road all off a 290 HP engine and yes I only use regular! We are done with Honda!. Good thing you got a 2010 Civic. The 2012 is a train wreck, so much so, Honda is back to the drawing boards to try to regain traction that is being lost to other brands!
  • elliott2elliott2 Posts: 64
    Good luck, Mike. After the brake problem, replacing the torque converter, replacing the coil (and a plug), and putting up with the vibration and road noise, I have never been so happy to get rid of my 2008 Accord V6 NAV. Honda has some how lost its connection with quality and engineering (witness that the company has a re-do mid generation of the new Civic to address the problems identified by Consumer Reports and others).

    I will consider a Honda sometime in the future only if Honda drops the VCM and addresses the road noise issue.
  • Thanks - I felt the same way when I dumped my 2008 EXL V6 after many years of very satisfactory Honda experiences. It was a piece of junk by comparison - I put some very hard miles on a 2000 V6 without ANY problems - this was my first Accord since our 2004 coupe - and I agree with you - never again will I even LOOK at a Honda V6 unless they dump the VCM.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    I totally agree with Rob, Elliott & the two Mikes--I will NEVER buy another Honda with VCM. There are many rumors afoot that Honda will add VCM to the "new" 2013 Ridgeline to increase gas mileage. If so, our 2010 Ridgeline will be our last Honda. Too bad, as Honda used to make a decent product.

    Other rumors from inside Honda indicate that a 6-speed tranny many be 3-4 years away for Honda vehicles, while Acura may see a new 6-speed in 2013.

    BTW- our Ridgeline is going back to the dealer today to fix several problems. Sheesh.
  • The real shame of it is that they have treated long term loyal Honda customers like you , Rob , Elliott and me the way they have - they don't give a sh**. With that attitude, they'll go the route of Studebaker, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, etc. If I get the same treatment from Acura? Will have to look elsewhere.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    This spring was time to finally retire the wife's 12 yo Dodge minivan. Try as I might to get her into something else (our kids are grown and gone), her comfort level was with the minivan and that's where she wanted to stay. Normally, Honda would have been at the top of our list but because the Odyssey comes only with the VCM V-6, we went with Toyota.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited April 2012
    You are most lucky that you chose the Toyota van over the Honda.

    There were several links (on the Ridgeline Owners Club forums) to several threads on Odyssey forums where Ody owners are having lots of problems with the transmissions misbehaving. Now get THIS--several of the problems have been linked to the VCM systems in the Ody. Surprise, surprise!

    In addition, I met an ex-neighbor at the Honda dealer today. His 2011 Ody (with less than 20K miles) was having ALL FOUR brake rotors and all brake pads replaced as all four rotors had warped due to overheating. Honda was attempting to claim he didn't know how to drive in the mountains, after he had been doing so for 40 years. Really? What a stupid excuse. They finally relented and fixed the brakes under warranty. BTW- Not the first case of warped rotors on both Accords & Odysseys I have read/heard about. Sounds like rotors that are too small or too thin to do the job adequately.

    Didn't get our Ridgeline back today as the dealer's service dept was totally overwhelmed with other repairs. Well, I DID tell them to keep it as long as they needed, just give it back to us fixed. Keeping my fingers crossed--again.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 275
    edited April 2012
    I never thought that Honda would spread it's VCM technology to the Accura line, but they have. The 2013 RDX has dropped the turbo 4 for the 3.5 six yup with VCM. And Edmunds testers have proclaimed something Honda has even shyed away from, they say it's seamless. For your browsing pleasure:
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited April 2012
    Honda obviously believes they have the VCM technology conquered. Maybe the 2011 tweaks worked? It just seems to me that changing the oil control ring and impregnating the piston skirts with moly is a bandaid, not a long term fix. Oh well, we will find out with our 2011 Accord.

    I must say, I drove this car for the first time in a while over the Easter weekend (it's my daughter's DD). It is now a year old with 9500 miles and has operated flawlessly. It used 1/3 qt of oil in 6300 miles on the FF before I changed it. I did a UOA on that oil just because of all the controversy, not to mention creating some proof of proper maintenance if there is a problem. The oil was loaded with break in metals as one might expect, although I've never seen 250+ppm CU in checking lots of UOAs on BITOG.

    During my 45 mi drive, which was a mix of highway and rural driving, i was watching the eco light closely. While I could detect the VCM engaging I can also see where the typical Accord owner (my daughter) wouldn't notice it.

    I will also add one more observation that I think may be key: our Accord has been driven 95% city miles where the VCM gets exercised frequently but for only short durations.. From what I've read by owner's with problems, they have driven more highway miles where presumably, a long deactivation of cylinders could create a cooling differential that sends oil out the tailpipe. Anyone else see this correlation with highway miles?
  • I honestly can say I never bothered to check the oil so I don't know if there was a useage problem or not. I simply changed it every 7000 miles with synthetic. Your analysis is logical - our car was pretty much 50/50 hwy and city. But what us amazing to me is that our gas mileage was WORSE with the Accord and VCM in ALL cases than what we now get with our RL. 28 tops on the hwy with the Accord, 29-30 with the RL on the SAME roads, and about 20-21 in the city versus 21-22 with the RL - and the RL has 290 HP and 4400 lbs to pull around. I just don't get it with VCM - the techology and complexity of it to accomplish what? Seems to me they just don't want to pul back from it - an admission if its being a mistake in the first place. All I know is I will if at all possible, never own one again. SInce we only put 6000 miles on our Acura in one year and I am 64, I may never need another car! Fine with me - timeless design and every luxury I could want.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    I never noticed any oil consumption with our 2010 Accord V6. It used less than 1 qt. between changes @ 5000 mile intervals, which seemed OK.

    I think Honda would "lose face" if they pulled back from VCM. OTOH, they may get even more embarassed as owners pull back from Honda because of VCM. Only time will tell.

    Rumors abound that if Honda builds any more Ridgelines beyond 2012, that VCM will likely be added. Even though I'm looking forward to a "new" Ridge, VCM will be a deal-breaker for me. No thanks!
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,727
    I didn't realize there is a reliability issue with VCM. My dad has an 09 Accord EX-L v6 with 85k miles on it. Well he called me yesterday and come to find out a week ago the engine pretty much self destructed. My dad's not mechanically inclined, but he told me something about it burning quite a bit of oil and his engine being completely torn apart and a cylinder kit installed, due to one cylinder not working (loss of compression is my guess).

    Regardless, Honda completely stepped up to the plate. He didn't have an extended warranty and Honda gave him a new car to drive while they fixed his and only charged him $100.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    Good for Honda and your dad. This is the first report I've heard of Honda going above and beyond. Maybe they are starting to get the message. They will never know their 'lost opportunity'. I needed a new minivan this spring and didn't even look at Hondas because of VCM and we haven't had any trouble (yet) with ours.
  • lneil06lneil06 Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    We have a 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour - 6 Cylinder - AWD - with severe engine shake at 22mph. My wife says it happens at highway speeds - but I can't rule out road conditions at those speeds. The gas pedal, brakes, front floorboards shake real hard with going up any incline, stop and go traffic, and gets worse as the car warms up. The power drops off as well. The shake gets so bad my 10 year old in the back seat will say - I felt that back here !!

    My neighbor and I opened the hood and drove the car down the street - you can see the engine shaking extremely hard at 22mph.. I would expect a little shake - but this reminded me of a gallon paint can shaker.

    The dealer has replaced the front axles/CV joints, swapped out the rims and tires, swapped out the computer, and even tried shutting down the VCM - with No change. The dealer said they checked the engine mounts and said they were OK..

    I have test drove 8 other crosstours - one had a little gas pedal shake at 22mph -but the others didn't show any signs of it.

    The engine doesn't shake if you step on the gas pedal hard. The engine will shake in 1st,2nd, 3rd, or in regular D - so to me it doesn't look to be a transmission problem.

    I'm worried about my family's safety - that something may come loose that normally wouldn't because this engine is shaking so hard all the time - putting my family in danger or someone else in danger if my wife or any driving this car looses control because of a failure.

    We have been getting lousy gas mileage as well.

    NOT proud of my Honda and actually worried about my family - Honda is still trying to figure it out and we don't want this car anymore - since it has been shaking since day one - and worried about a failure putting everyone in danger.

    Honda needs to do something about it fast -- I would prefer to have the Honda Ridgeline motor in the crosstour without VCM and I'll bet that the gas mileage will be the same as with the VCM - if not better with less moving parts and less things to fail.
  • Sorry to read about your difficulties. It sure sounds like the dealer and Honda have given a yeoman's effort to get to the bottom of your problem and that they haven't yet given up so, I'd keep working with them until they solve it or give up. Their intensive efforts and many repairs (I assume under warranty) means that they agree you've got an abnormal problem. It doesn't sound like a VCM issue, but who knows?
  • lneil06lneil06 Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    I drove our crosstour tonight and man it not only shakes at 22mph but at 72-74mph - just as bad if not worse than 22mph, you can feel in through the seats, gas pedal, steering wheel, and floorboards. The dealer has roadforced balanced these tires several times now with no improvement - even moved rims around ! .. My wife was definately right..

    Thanks IndyDriver - I'm meeting with Honda once again on Monday - hopefully will get to the bottom of it - or time to pursue lemon law. .. It's terrible to have a new vehicle and not be able to trust it.

    Added features - if your accellerating on a ramp getting on the highway you can feel it in the engine shake in the steering as well while turning on the ramp.

    Honda was supposed to be one of the highest rated vehicles - this design has some not so nice features.

    Just recently my co-worker is complaining about her crosstour shaking real hard at 72 - 74mph. She just had new tires put on - then had the new tires replaced - still shaking between 72 and 74 MPH.. I'm definately not alone with this problem.
  • I know you said they were checked but I would take a closer look at the engine mounts. It wouldn't be the first car to leave the factory with poorly designed or installed mounts. I replaced one of the mounts on my Mazdaspeed3 as a performance upgrade. The OE was a pretty flimsy piece. The aftermarket part was carved from aluminum billet.
  • Have a 2010 v6 accord, with 75000 mi on it. ~3 months ago started to intermittently have flashing engine light along with rough running engine, brought to dealer and nothing found as it wasn't actually doing it at time of service. 3-4 weeks ago ame problem which persisted and codes indicated the problem from the tsb of 8/2010, that i had fouling of spark plug #3 . Dealer replaced that and updated software. ran fine till yesterday when exact same problems returned with rough engine and the flashing engine sign lit. I am concerned as supposedly the dealer had already updated software to prevent recurrence yet i have it again.
  • Please keep us updated as to your progress with your dealer and with Honda.
  • Dealership waiting for response from honda motor usa re: solution and cost. Dealership thinks there may be internal damage which might require replacement of "small engine block" ? I am told Honda would cover fully if car less than 5 years old or if milage less than 60,000. Mine has 75, 000. Unclear thus far if will be prorated or fully covered.
    They also mentioned that this problem more common in drivers who have car in ECO mode for greater % of time, ie driving at same speed for extended time on highway. I drive 50 miles/ day @ same speed on highway.
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