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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55

    Congratulations on being able to make a decision. We'll be anxious to here what you have ordered.

    Where did you find the MSRP?
  • the deal was based off the MSRP which is not avail yet :) I have to trust they will not artificially inflate the price... Like charge for something they are not supposed to... They'd have to change the printout of the invoice though, so I don;t think they would do that... but then again...
  • We have both a 2007 Sequoia and a 2001 2 seater Corvette and believe it or not, on long trips we have gotten 22-25 in the Corvette (automatic), just depending on if the roof was off, and the Sequoia (4x4), well, on long trips if we keep the speed down, we have gotten between 16-18.1 mpg, so that theory will not work, sorry:-(
  • By the way, this was supposed to be a second vehicle... someone plowed into my M3 and destroyed it 6 weeks ago... So looks like I have to hunt for a new 'small' car... to go along with the Sequoia... Still have not heard back from the dealer to confirm that they have made a successful trade with the other dealer to get the vehicle I want... All I can say it is a fully loaded platinum, all but the laser guided cruise control... oh well. So annoying... I would prefer having that but the color choice is something I developed a stong preference for once I saw it on another Toyota. Hopefully I will get word soon. Not sure why it takes more than a couple days to secure the trade and tell me, but I guess by Monday or Tuesday I should get the final word.

    That being said I want another M3 for a daily driver and the new M3 looks very nice... I'd wait till Spring but I want the convertibile which won't be out till Q4 of 2008 apparently... Anyone know if it is stupid or even possible to get a one year lease on a pre-owned M3 to hold me for a year? Or maybe I should just get a 2 year lease for an M3 and resist temptation for one year.. :confuse:
  • I had planned on buying but didnt know if Limited or Platinum. My dealer got their first one in yesterday and I drove it. After driving it, I ordered mine.. and boy I can't wait until it comes in. The look/interior is about what I expected as I have seen a lot of pics. What I didn't expect was how fast it is and the throttle response. I use to own a BWM 750il years ago (back when it was a 12 cylinder) and stomping on the Seq accelerator felt just like the Beemer, I kid you not. It definitely has a launch feel to it, very impressive. Not that I look to drive around racing anyone, it just took me by surprise. And if you are into this sorta thing - the exhaust note sounds pretty aggressive as well. All in all I am pretty impressed.
  • 3rd,

    Where are you located that already has trucks at the dealer. Curious.
  • Dealer said car was taken already... none in color I chose before end of dec apparently. He'll search whole country and get back to me... Oh well. I was set on that color after seeing it on another vehicle... :cry:
  • don't worry Healthnut, my take is that dealers are trying to create a buzz by giving the impression that they will be hard to get. (so they get top $) my buddy is the GM and tipped my off that they actually have 17 of them on their way to be in by 12/15.
  • Wow. Pricing just was released from Toyota. Almost $56k MSRP on the Platinum 4x4 model. Are people going to shell out that much money for a Sequoia? I am guessing you will see discounts come on line in a few months, or at least by Summer of '08.
  • What kind of deal are people getting on the '07's, now that the '08's are out? A 1st offer from a dealer with some decent packages for an 07 SR5 4x4 was $38,500 when invoice is $37,900.
  • There is no way you should pay more than $100 over invoice, and I bet you might be able to get it at or below invoice. Find some other dealers with stock and have them bid against each other. They want to move the remaining '07 models bad at this point; look at it this way, you are essentially buying a 1 year old car, so it will depreciate quicker due to the fact we are at the end of that model year. I would try and get a slightly used one if at all possible, or get a new one at below invoice. Don't be shy about making low ball offers, the worst they can say is no (then you walk, and then they call you back). Good luck.
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    Will the Platinum offer a "smart key" system with push button engine start?
  • I don't think so
  • de77de77 Posts: 40
    Went to the SouthEast Toyota Launch yesterday. I was very impressed with the new version of the Sequoia. Amazingly agile, great pick-up and lots of room.The Land Cruiser was there too!
    I am surprised that they've arrived in NJ already as we do not even have pricing announced in our area yet. Our distro website lists the units on the way though- looks like our first one ia arriving the 18th!
  • A few weeks ago I decided I wanted a 2008 Sequoia. The Highlander and Pilot were not large enough for what I wanted to do as I needed space behind the 3rd row for my dog. Only the Sequoia, Suburban, Yukon XL, etc.

    I knew I wanted a Limited with most options, or a Platinum. I thought the 20 inch wheels looked better, but I drive on a dirt road and I am not sure if the lower-profile tires would hurt me. It is such a large vehicle that the 20s really looked good. About two weeks ago I looked at the dealer allocation sheets and considered four localish dealers. All of the vehicles coming in were Limited or Platinum with AWD and nearly every option. Dealers seemed to be allocated either 1 or 2. Wed I knew that pricing came out, so I made them offers. They all at least $53K MSRP. If you want a stripped SR5 it will be a while it seems. I did not want an SR5 because it does not come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel. While I am ok with cloth seats, a plastic steering which is not acceptable. I know you can add it, but I think it might feel too thick or not look factory. I wanted one this year because it would save me an extra $1000 in taxes compared to if I bought in Jan. The dealer nearest me had a black Platinum with a black leather interior (did not even know there was black leather available). It had every option added on top of the base features including remote start, which is not even on the option sheet. MSRP was over $59K. It seemed like a lot but it was still over 10K cheaper than a smaller Land Cruiser, Mercedes GL450, etc. And now with the great aluminum engine and independent suspension and luxury features, it is probably not really inferior in any way.

    I am supposed to have it in about two weeks. So I bought a Japanese car on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    I bought my 2007 Limited 4X4 two months ago loaded for $4000 under invoice it was right at $10k under MSRP. I have every available option and paid $41,6XX plus TTL. If you are in CA I would recommend the Internet sales at Poway Toyota. I told them to email the best price as I was not coming in to haggle. I sent that out to 9 San Diego dealers. She was the only one that sent a price. It was a fast pleasant transaction. The rest called or emailed a come on down and talk about it response. I wanted something in print in my hand. The only way I have dealt on vehicles the last 4 years.
  • They are in NJ Yes and I ordered mine today (black with tan). The three that were on the truck were already sold (a week ago) and per the dealer the three people did so sight unseen. Pricing is as follows (right off my P.O.)> Platinum Base: $55,600 + options of: $ 1670 for rear-seat DVD, $600 Laser Cruise, $40 daytime running lights, $495 remote start, $100 Cold Kit (heavy duty battery, light washer/deicer etc), destination charge $ 685 - + reg/title etc = all in $ 60,266 + tax.
  • Sounds identical to mine except I have a black interior. Also have remote start, laser cruise, daytime running lights, rear DVD, cold kit. I am really surprised some dealers have seen these. I did not know any dealer would have one just yet. My dealer said someone put a deposit on their other one, a Limited.
  • I had decided that I'd not order the laser cruise, thinking it would be a 1500 to 2500 option. But at 600, I figure why not. Seems very reasonable. Does anyone have experience with it in other toyota products?
  • "all in $ 60,266 + tax"

    That is RIDICULOUS! WAY over priced.
  • I tend to agree, but it is all about supply and demand, so we will see if these things fly off the lot. History tells us that the initial rush to buy will subside and prices will be closer to invoice and possibly below with rebates. If you can afford it now and don't care about depreciation (which, if you are paying close to MSRP, could be $7-8000 in the first year), then I think it is a sweet SUV.

    If someone is dropping 60k on a vehicle, however, they are probably in a financial position that they really don't care about depreciation, right?

    Anyone who has bought one, please let us know what you think once you take it home. I would love to buy one, but am probably going to wait a few months for pricing to drop.

    Also, from the initial press conference, and the guy's statement that Toyota would have lots more to say in the coming months, I am guessing a hybrid version of the Sequoia will show up closer to spring. I am really interested to see how this new Sequoia does with consumers in light of gas prices and consumer sentiment.
  • I have been corresponding with some local dealers about the 2008 Sequoia. Was initially told the best they could do was $1000 off MSRP. I told them thanks but no thanks, and they quickly responded with around $4000 off MSRP. They offered less off the MSRP of the platinum they are getting in since they said there would only be a handful of those in our area, they agreed to take just under $3000 off of it (MSRP of $59,750, offered $56,830).

    Just thought I would share this so others could try for a similar deal.
  • snw1975 - - Over-priced relative to what ? last year's fully loaded sequioa ? Other vehicles in it's class ? It is about $6-7,000 more than a fully loaded 07 seqioua LTD and with 100 more horsepower, more room, power everything including NAV etc, I actually was surprised it came in under $60k. It is definitely not the same vehicle as last year. It is on par with all other similarly equipped vehicles in its class for price, features and power. The big difference is that I would take TMCC quality with the slower depreciation any day over a Lincoln NAV, GMC Denali or even Mercedes 450 (which has had big problems and has dropped way low in JD Power and best of all, it will cost you $75k for a similarly equipped truck !!!). Believe me, I studied them all before going with the 08 Seq. By the way- - It has much more impact to qualify a statement with some basis in fact, otherwise you sound like you are just blurting out hot-air.
  • Alright I'll bite.

    It's way overpriced for a truck that just about everyone thinks is ugly and has awful interior. So pal its over priced for the 2008 Toyota Seqouia! No need to compare to anything else.

    Also, if you really think that someone would pay 53K for an '07 Seqouia LTD then you need to go study some more.

    You are also way off based on what you consider to be in the Sequoia's class. The Denali and Mercedes 450???? Why because of the $60K sticker??? Those are luxury SUV's, the Sequoia is not. I have owned several Toyota's, the quality is good. However, Toyota has figured out that people like you are obviously willing to fork out $$$$$ for that "quality". The quality is not as good as the premium they are charging in my opinion. Which brings up another topic:

    If you want FACT, then get the hell off an internet message board. That is what they are for...OPINIONS.

    As for blurting out hot air, it sounds like you are just trying to defend your buying decision, which is understandable, but don't be the pot calling the kettle black.

    Based on what your saying it sounds like a sales person would welcome you walking back in the door anytime. I don't know your study habits, but you do realize you bought a new truck at the worst possible time and in the worst possible situation. Or then again....
  • I was just comparing the performance of the 6000+ lb 2008 Toyota Sequoia to some sports cars of the past... inum-4wd.html

    "We logged a 0-to-60-mph time of 6.6 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 15.2 seconds at 92 mph."

    Cars which are about the same or slower:

    1968 Chevrolet Corvette 327 7.7 15.6
    Dodge Charger SE 440ci 7.4 15.2
    1977 Ferrari 308 GTB 8.2 17.0 (Magnum PI car)
    1983 Ferrari 308 GTBi Quattrovalvole 6.8 15.2
    1967 Ford Mustang (390ci V8 w/4spd) 7.4 15.6
    1994 Ford Mustang GT 6.7 15.1
    1993 Ford Taurus SHO 7.5 17.0
    1983 Lamborghini Jalpa 7.3 15.4
    1984 Lotus Turbo Esprit 6.6 15.3 (James Bond car)
    1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo 6.6 15.2
    2003 Mini Cooper S, Manual 7.0 15.5
    1991 Nissan 300ZX Turbo (auto) 7.0 15.4
    1991 Toyota Supra Turbo 7.1 15.6
  • I do not have any experience with the laser cruise control, on a Toyota or any other vehicle for that matter, but according to Car and Driver it will cause radar detectors to report false positives. Coincidentally from a recent GL450 comparison.

    Since I live by my Valentine One, for my 911 and current Sequoia, I'm going to have to pass on the laser cruise control option when I place my order.
  • here's why I DON'T see the sequoia as overpriced. Ugly? Exterior--maybe a little too derivative from the previous gen sequoia but I found the previous gen to be attractive and remain so throughout its model cycle with minor updates. I feel this new gen model looks pretty good on the outside. Inside--so the dash is kinda bad. My issue is with the silver dash pod which looks cheap. I intend to have mine painted black to match the radio pod color.

    The combination of a high output v8 with 6 speed auto, rear independent suspension, power folding third row, and available a/c seats is unique. I've logged a lot of miles in an 07 Denali and it is a great driving SUV. But third row comfort is terrible and the removable seats are not what I'm looking for. Calling a Denali a "luxury" SUV is generous as the only distinction between it and a suburban/tahoe/Yukon is the drivetrain. Fords products have better interior space utilization than GM and the 6 speed is nice but they are underpowered (Lincoln or ford). Nissan/infiniti have a similar story as the fords, but I'll go ahead and call them ugly. Comparing the GL450 with any of these is tough as it is just a step smaller cargo wise but somehow provides the same or better interior comfort for occupants. However I don't want to own one (I'm 30 years old and can't pull off the Benz).

    I think the sequoia offers a lot. For me, I'm looking at 2wd, and loaded Denali, QX, and Sequoia are within 1000 MSRP. The Sequoia is the one I want and that is a decision each buyer makes for themselves. Yet when I go to buy in a month or two actual sale price will play into this. Just because I can afford a 60k SIV doesn't mean I am willing to blow a few thousand just to get my truck a few months before the next guy.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    like ... just blurting out hot-air

    Let's avoid the colorful metaphors as you would relate them to other members and, instead, keep any discussion pertaining to hot air confined to the manifold, exhaust and HVAC. Thanks. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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