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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Driver side rear window regulator went out while under warrenty. Last week passenger side rear window regulator went out. Dealer told me they have to replace the regulator and window because it now comes as a unit. (funny, they said they had the window but had to order the regulator. Total came to almost $500. Several calls to Chrysler and they finally agreed to pay for parts and I pay $200 for labor. (out of warrenty)
    Dealer admits they have had to replace a lot of them.. This should be a recall item.
    Who do we contact??
    [email protected]
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Having my second rear window regulator replaced today. Chrysler is splitting the cost with me but my half is still $200......Asked to have the parts back that they replace(said they had to put in new glass too) and they said no, they have to go back to Chrylser. I told them to save until I pick up the vehicle because I want to photograph. I marked the window to make sure they really had to replace.
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Second rear window on order now. Both have now been replaced, one twice. Chrysler is paying for the parts but I pick up $199 in labor each incident. With all the repairs made to this vehicle in 2 years I could have been driving a hummer.
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Had second rear window/regulator replaced at jeep dealer. When I picked up my vehicle the front passenger side window was being held up with the suction cup from my GPS. Service adviser told me that when the tech opened and closed the window it just dropped like the others that they just replaced. Called Chrysler and they said I was on my own. (they provided parts on two rear windows). Located window and regulator at another Jeep dealer $300. Just left Safelite who did the work for $65....and informed me that these parts are from an earlier model. Now I wait for the driver side to go and I will have done all four windows.
    I also have a 2005 liberty.....does anyone know which VIN numbers got the junk parts??
    This has to be the biggest Joke I have ever seen that Chrysler is not ordering a recall, they have to see how many they are replacing and selling.
    Anybody been successful in getting reimbursed for their cost??
  • I don't have a liberty yet, but I may be purchasing a 2006 liberty in perfect condition. While reading reviews, I came across this window issue. Seems annoying.

    Have you guys seen this? Looks like a permanent solution.

    If the link is not on this page, go to the "Products" link, then click "Jeep"

    Overall, with the exception of the windows, how does everyone like their Liberty? Also, on average, after about how many total miles will the windows start to fail?
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    First window failed at 12,000 miles the first time it was used. Other three have failed at 107,000 miles. I never have my windows down because I drive mostly freeway miles at high speeds. 2006 Liberty CRD.
    Thanks for the info on the repair kit...Hope I don't have to get it but nice to know its available.
  • I called the customer service number in the back of the in-vehicle troubleshooting book. Even though I was out of wsarrantee I only had twenty thousand plus miles. They gave me a "care number" and said they would pay most of the cost. I mentioned the 1600 on back order and that this web site had mentioned all four door windows were falling down, although it seems the passenger rear is worst. The dealer new I was upset and would continue the complaint if they charged me at all and they didn't.
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Go to National Highway Safety website or and fill out the form to file a complaint about windows and regulators in Jeep Liberty
  • Just dealt with the window issue on my wife's 2006 Liberty. This was the second window to have issues, but the first since it's been out of warranty. I called Chrysler's customer service, like another user had suggested, explained my situation and asked that Chrysler extend me the same courtesy they had extended to other out-of-warranty customers as it relates to this repair issue. The rep I worked with was fantastic. She took my info and gave me a case number. I was able to take the car to my local dealer and have it repaired, no problem. My experience couldn't have been better. Kudos to Chrysler for great customer service in this situation.
  • That is good news !! Hope it works for me when my forth and last window goes. They paid for parts on Two but for the third, they told me I was on my own. They must have lights and bells going off over this problem.
  • The 4th window in my '06 Liberty broke last week, but it was the 1st one since it's been out of warranty (it was the back driver window). I thought I was S.O.L. but after researching and finding out that this is a common problem with this model, I decided to do what others had on this forum and call Chrysler. I tried not to get too upset with them because I knew that they would be more willing to help if I was reasonable. They gave me a case number and said that I had to get a diagnosis from a dealership before they could do anything for me.

    I called the dealership and amazingly, they weren't going to charge me for the diagnosis! I took my car in to get it looked at and told the dealership to also look at the front passenger window because it was being sluggish. After a few hours, I got the call from the dealership saying that Chrysler took care of the cost on the repair. When I asked about the sluggish window, they said that they went ahead and replaced that one too!

    So, hang in there Liberty owners! If I can get Chrysler to replace TWO of my windows for free, then you can too! They did mention that it is a case by case basis and that some of it depends upon how "loyal" you are to the Chrysler brand. I own a Jeep and a Dodge, so that may have helped my case...
  • Good for you !! Now if they will just fess up, proclaim a recall and send a check to those of us who have had to go it alone I will reconsider the brand again if they still exist. Also, let us know which Vins are affected, I also have a 2004 Liberty that soon will be hauling small children, strapped in of course, but even sitting still it would not be good for that window to drop into the door.
  • We have a 2007 Liberty 4x4 Limited that has had both passenger windows and the driver side rear window replaced. We are getting afraid to open the damn windows in fear that they will just fall down. Factory warranty picked up the first two replacements, but the third cost us $235 even with an extended warranty. You can bet your very last dollar that we will never buy another Jeep product. They know there is a problem and refuse to authorize no cost repairs for what is undenyably a factory design issue.
  • I thought the problem was limited to the 2006 models but guess not. I have a 2004 also and I have begged dealers and customer service to tell me which years are affected by the cheap plastic part but no one will. Jeep could easily put out a notice and warn everyone even if they are not going to issue a recall. The only window I have not replaced is the Drivers and I shutter every time I have to move it to get a ticket from a parking machine or go through a drive through.
    I agree with you, Chrysler/Jeep will never see me driving any of their products once this goes to the scrap heap. Also, if you have to replace a window, buy it and take it to safeco, they will install for $65 instead of $200 at the dealer. And the guy in the parts department told me that the replacement windows and regulators are from previous years models when they were using sturdier parts...I am starting to search junk yards.
    I just can't imagine that there is not someone at Jeep with a conscience who would look at all the sales of these windows and regulators and say "This ain't Right" !
    And we the people bailed them out, they should go the way of the edsel.
  • kenf3kenf3 Posts: 3
    I thought that things would get better when Daimler bought Jeep. I was wrong.

    There is no doubt that the problems with these window regulators are a design issue. There are aftermarket parts availably that actually fix the problem but Chrysler refuses to admit it and at least come up with a replacement part that lasts. The sad part is that they are destroying a good product line to make a few executives and union bosses rich.

    Is this the result of someone unsuccessfully attempting to deisgn a safer product... A window regulator that breaks or gives way instead of cutting off someones arm?
  • When a window drops and a small child falls out of it, The settlement Jeep will pay and the bad publicity they will receive will make them wish they had done the recall.
    It is sad that something as serious as this and as costly to the consumer as this is that the Government has not forced Jeep to at least inform the owners of the vehicles with the cheap plastic connector which VIN numbers were involved so they could remedy the problem before there is a disaster.
    They are totally irresponsible and it is a shame that they pretend its no problem, that all the windows fall out of a brand new vehicle.
  • I have had the same problem repeatedly with my 2005. I found a website called
    This guy at Steiger Performance has created a replacement for the plastic part that fails in the regulator, this one made from powder coated metal. He will send the part and very detailed instructions to install for $87. If yours is out of warranty like mine, and you are (or know someone) not afraid to get your hands dirty, this might work for you. I am going to order one today and I will post again after installing it. Wish me luck!
  • Both rear windows of my 2006 Liberty fell into the frame one year ago July, they were repaired free, under warranty. This past Monday, the left rear window started to fall again, I managed to catch it & it is now help up with tape, my Jeep is no longer under warranty :( I have just emailed a complaint to Chrysler, I will post the response I receive. I would much rather they fix it but if they won't, I will get the Steiger part & have my hubby do it. This is an obvious defect, they need to be bombarded with every complaint convcerning the problem, it is expensive!
  • Well, 2 months ago I had to have the regulator replaced on the rear passenger window on my 2003 liberty. A couple weeks ago, the drivers' side rear window in our 2006 Liberty fell down. I researched this and found out that as you all have seen, it is a KNOWN PROBLEM and Jeep has refused so far to have a recall. It was $350 to fix last time; this time I called Jeep customer service first. I was told that I had to take my Jeep in "to be diagnosed", then wait for a Senior Specialist to call me back to have it fixed. So, I said, "I have to go to the dealer TWICE to get this fixed? Can't I just get it fixed while I am there and have Jeep either cover it up front or reimburse me?" I was told "no", that if I paid for it, I probably "would not receive anything from Chrysler Jeep". What a crock! SO I just got back from the dealer, and YES, it is the regulator. THh dealer even tried to call customer service with my reference number to get it OK'd so they could fix it now and they told the dealer "No, you must wait for a call-back, probably won't happen until tomorrow". My sister was going to get a Liberty because I had really loved my "03 (that is why we bought a second one" but now she's going to go for a Honda CRV instead. If the US carmakers really want to stay in business, they better start providing better customer service than this!!!
  • Hello all, Already replaced rear window . Cost 300.00 because of course they said the motor was gone also... How do you contact Chrysler? Do you call the dealer? Did that but they acted like they knew nothing..... If anyone can help me out by giving me contact info. I'd appreciate it. :cry:

    [email protected]
  • I emailed Chrysler thru their "Customer Service" email link, that was a week ago, I got up this AM to an email from them. They asked for my telephone number to call me about the window issue, I will post when they call, what they say. I am still driving around with the driver side, rear passenger window taped up, we are taking a road trip to Atlanta for Christmas, I sure would feel better with the window fixed. Also my mirror adjuster no longer works & my fan only works on "high". I still owe alot of $ on my Liberty, we went into the loan upside down, I am not a happy camper but I do LOVE my Jeep.
  • Their number is 1-800-992-1997. The recording lists options to pick from, one of which is "dealer or product complaint" or something to that effect. An update on my story from above--Chrysler finally called me back (not within the 24h window that they told me) and stated that if I paid $150, they would pick up the rest. This is a 2006 Liberty and honestly, they should pay for the whole thing. I wonder if they are doing this since I am not the original owner. Any lawyers out there---do we have any recourse other than to keep calling/complaining about this? These vehicles should all be recalled AFTER they come up with a fix for the problem, which I hear is a cheapo plastic piece that keeps breaking. How about making one from metal??? What would it cost them--a dollar instead of a dime? :mad:
  • Thanks! Couldn't find the #. I will call tomorrow. I have a 2007 jeep and so far only 1 window broke but was a back one and I rarely used it! Of course garage ripped me off and replaced motor even though it seemed to run, I guess just replacing the regulator too cheap a job for them lol. Will let you know if I get any results ...Thanks again for the info...Shelly
  • Well yesterday i was at a drive thru, and i pushed my auto window to go down, and it lowered with the auto 1 touch feature,. well my jeep has the one touch u feature too. and when i went to make it go up. i had to hold the switch, it wont auto up anymore. is there a switch or a fuse for the auto up feature? any info will help...
  • Well my windows just started dropping down. Of course it started to snow this week. So I am not sure why some ppl are told it's a heat related issue when I live in Michigan. I am wondering is there a "quick and cheap" fix for keeping my windows up until I see if Chrysler will pay for them? I would appreciate the help. :cry:
  • I agree this problem is not just a nuisance, it is potentially a serious safety hazard. We have had the same window regulator (rear driver side) fail 3 times, twice it was repaired under warranty and now it has broken again. This window regulator is not failing from excessive use or abuse (it is almost never used) it is failing because it is defective, and Chrysler knows it is defective, yet they expect us to pay for it. This is not right.
    It isn't an inexpensive repair procedure, either. Consumers are being ripped off for thousands of dollars.
  • I live in Central Arkansas & I own a 2007 Liberty. The first time I had a regulator problem it was under warranty, this time the warranty was up. I was told that I had to purchase new window glass with the regulator when the old glass is perfectly fine. Haven't had it fixed yet but have a local mechanic looking for a regulator.
  • Today the final blow !! Window number four the driver side fell....I had it taped up by the great people at Safelite and I ordered a new window and regulator form Moss jeep on Riverside, Ca. for $293.00 and Safelite will install for $65.00.
    I hope that in all my communication with my friends, family and associates, I have bad mouthed Jeep enough that no one will ever buy a Jeep or Chrysler product again. As a Major Sales Representative in a Huge Textile Market, I touch a lot of people socially as well as professionally and I make sure that everyone I come in contact with knows the story of how Jeep/Chrysler has turned it's back on this huge problem. I pray that no one should ever suffer harm from this problem that was engineered by Chrysler, but should they, I hope it bankrupts this company... Oh!! Wait a minute !! They are Bankrupt !! Then why are they still producing and promoting this Junk !!! Because they are being kept afloat by the Government... Which is you and I !!! Pull the plug and let this joke die !!!
    Where is all the Consumer Protection we hear about ??? Is there anybody out there????
  • They want me to have mine diagnosed, at a cost of $99.00, what a crock! We are driving to Atlanta for Chrsitmas, I guess we'll go with tape :( I plan to start annoying someone with the problem when I get back! The lady that called was an intern and won't eb back after 12/23, nice huh? They don't care but I have a big mouth and don't give up!
  • RUN don't walk as far from the dealer as you possibly can except to purchase your new window and regulator. I just picked up my window and regulator at the dealer except this time it came with a sticker for 58cents to put on the window telling anyone who was repairing the door that the window was not the 2006 window and it refered them to a Mopar bulletin # 68058661AA. Sooooo the guys at the parts counter looked up the bulletin and printed out 3 pages for me. I says exactly what is happening to our windows, what to expect and what models are affected. Looks like 2006 and 2007 Liberty and Cherokee(international markets) are the only ones.
    Anyone who would like a copy of this Service bulletin dated April 15,2009 can email me at [email protected], give me your fax number and I will fax it to you right away. This is hard core evidence that they know they have had a problem all along. The guys at the parts counter at Moss in San Bernadino said they were wondering why they were selling so many windows and regulators....Duh !!
    Took the window and regulator to my local safelite and for $65 they did a beautiful job in less than 30 minutes and showed me why the old one broke. Cheap plastic part. So I saved about $150 because the dealer charges $200 to install the window and regulator.. I tried every parts place including NAPA to get after market windows and regulators but no one makes them. I hope some consumer interest group or government agency catches on to this problem and one day we can all present our receipts and get refunds. This has really been a costly problem for me and I am sure everyone else.
    At least one thing you can be sure of, Chrysler/Jeep will never see me, my family or anyone I can convince in their showrooms and we have a lot of new cars in our futures. Ed Lankford [email protected]
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