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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • shiggshigg Posts: 4
    I haven't posted in this thread for awhile but I have a 2007 Liberty. I've had all my windows fixed numerous times because they fell out of their track. When it recently fell again, I resorted to duct tape until I had time to get it in. This time I expected a pretty sizable bill since the car is no longer under warranty.

    As it turns out, the windows now have a lifetime warranty on them - as explained by my local Jeep dealership as well a service that called me last week regarding a rear suspension recall.

    The new lifetime warranty on them is news to me and may be news to some of you. While it isn't a permanent fix and it doesn't thrill me at all, at least they have sucked it up and put a lifetime warranty on them. It doesn't make the issue better and it sucks when they go out but at least they aren't charging for the fix.

    That being said, I highly recommend keeping scissors and duct tape in the car just in case - as well as a wire hanger to pull the window up in order to tape it if it falls all the way into the door. Duct tape will hold it.
  • Thanks so much for the info. Fortunately I haven't had the problem for over a year, but just knowing it can be fixed without major money out of my pocket is great. Yes I will equip my 2003 Liberty with duct tape, etc. Again, thank you for the update.
  • rlcmerlcme Posts: 4
    I got my window fixed yesterday, and the jeep dealer said it was only under warrant for the next 6 months. That is not what I read on the internet and I think they lie. Mine is a 2006 Jeep Liberty, so I wonder if the warrant is different.
  • shiggshigg Posts: 4
    A 2006 should be covered the same as a 2007 as I understand it. The biggest problem came from the 06-07 models. I'd call another dealership to see what they say if I were you.

    I will note they did not tell me about the warranty on the phone. For whatever reason, it wasn't until I took it in (because of the suspension) that they told me about the warranty on the windows. They ended up fixing both the same day.

    The one thing I don't have, and may try to get, is the warranty in writing. I'd dearly like a copy to hopefully save myself trouble in the future if I go to a different dealership. Too many people have had problems in this thread for me to believe all dealerships are created equal - or honest.
  • rlcmerlcme Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. I if I get it in writing I will post it. I dont trust the Jeep dealer that I go to at all! I am really glad I found this I told the Jeep dealer that there was a warranty first they did not offer up the information. The guy working there said yes it is under warranty (for 6 more months) if it is the "lift plate". I told him it is the same problem as normal so it was under warranty.
  • Wow - Thank you for posting about the extended warranty! I just called my Jeep dealer in Fort Myers, FL. - the man said to bring it in any time & they will fix it on the spot - said it takes a couple hours :):):) I am SO tired of taping both my back windows & it's been almost a year!
    thank you!
  • kseaksea Posts: 2
    I just got off the phone with them regarding one of my windows that just went out last month. They told me because of the age of my vehicle, they won't consider helping with the repair. The Jeep has on 64K miles on it. I am seeing red at the moment. Will pick up some duct tape on the way home :(

    So, the lifetime warranty only covers specific years?
  • shiggshigg Posts: 4
    I'm not sure what years the warranty covers beyond 06-07 models. But as I said to someone else, I'd call another dealership and talk to them. Despite the warranty, some places seem to fix them without a problem while others whistle Dixie and swear they have no idea what you're talking about.
  • rlcmerlcme Posts: 4
    I read, probably here that the warranty was 06 and 07, but I would try another dealer if you have one. If not try and contact Jeep. Someone should be able to authorize the free repair! I would hope!
  • So I thought I was good to go - both back windows - second time. Called the Jeep dealer yesterday after being told by a service dept tech to "bring it in" - wanted to make an appointment for today - Nope. The lady asked me the vin number & said sorry, no. She said it covers late 2006 & 2007 models & mine is an early 2006.
    I will be on the phone today, jumping up & down - it's the same damn problem, how can they pick & choose??????
  • I just called Chrysler - my Liberty is NOT on their VIN # List & therefore will not be fixed???? I am so done with Jeep! :lemon:
  • kseaksea Posts: 2
    I found that clear packing tape placed inside the window works fairly well to hold it up. My next move is going to be starting a thread on their facebook page discussing this. They don't like public bashing. Please join in there. Maybe they will issue the recall that is long overdue.
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