Buick Skylark Engine Swap

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I really don't know a ton about cars, I'm 15 and I inherited an '87 Buick Skylark from my Grandma when she passed on last year, and it's not exactly the best car on the block.
I was planning on investing in a better car sometime next year, but the idea occurred to me that I might be able to swap the engine with a much better one, not that I have one in mind, but I've got it in my head that I could kind of transform this car into a real beast, and no one would be the wiser by just looking at it.

Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to get started, or any good engines that might fit?

Thanks in advance!!



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    your best intrest is looking in to an late 1900s chevy engine
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    I liked this year and body style, I think you should shine it up and take care of it. I would not replace the engine if it is running alright. You can learn as you work on it and you might come to really like it. I remember my first car, I thought it was a boat but I wish I had it back. The nice thing about your Buick is that it was your grandmother's car. I think you should be proud of it.
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    http://www.crateengine.net/ here find some nice to yourself :)
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    ENGINE.... May Have REBUILD done to IT, What is the MAXIMUM "Clear Tolerance that the ENGINE NEEDS TO PERFORM AT??
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