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1995 Honda Civic Del Sol

drummergal19drummergal19 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Honda
I recently just got a honda civic del sol. It was working fine when I bought it and everything. But the other morning I was having a hard time starting it up. Also, when I get to a certain speed it starts to stutter until I let go of the gas again it and push it back down it will be fine. THen the other night I was getting up to speed , it started to stutter then it shut off on me. Any help? Could this just be like the fuel filter or what?


  • Was it the distributor? That is what went out on my 93.
  • Well, i just changed the fuel filter and the fuel pump out on it and its still doing the same thing. the check engine light came on and last week it didnt even start up. my boyfriend adjusted the fuel pressure regulator and it helped for a bit...the engine light went off. then went to wal mart and it came back on again but it's still running fine. :confuse: so i dunno what it could had a 93 del sol??
  • i just had the same problem like yesterday.... umm replace the "ignition coil" and if that doesnt work then replace the "ignitor"... the problem that i had was just the ignitor,it fixed the problem
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