Hello I have a problem with a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am SE

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I am working on my friends car and she has a problem with the window. You can hear the motor run in either direction, that isnt the problem. She had someone else look at it and she was told that the plastic piece on the bottem of the window was broken and he could order the new pieces in. That would have been fine and dandy but he got into major trouble at where he works and was unable to order them. I was wondering if anyone knew if what he was talking about is a dealer only item or problem or would buying a new window or used one at that would solve the problem. I like in North Dakota and its getting kinda chilly up here with all the snow starting to fall and want to get it fixed for her and at the cheapest cost since she is a single mom of 1. If anyone would care to give me some advise on this matter I would apprecate it and I would get this problem solved for her. Thank you and I hope someone response to this problem and gives me some pointers


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    It sounds like your dealing with a broken window regulator. It's the part that couples the drive motor to the glass itself. It could be either broken or have come loose from the glass for some reason. The only way to know for sure is to remove the interior door panel and have a look.
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    I have had a problem with both of my back window motors going out and have had them both replaced. It would have costs at least $500 a pop but the glass company told the insurance company that my glass was broken and they paid for it all. I know that is sort of dishonest but hey what do we pay insurance for. Your window will eventually fall down and you'll have to get it fixed. Don't take it to your dealership, try what I did and see if you can get by with it. Good luck
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