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I just purchased a 2002 Rendezvous, It has 62,000 miles. I am so happy with the car. I just recently moved upto the mountains and it has so much get up and go coming up the hills, I was amazed when I test drove it. My sales person had me test drive on some big hills so I knew how it would handle.
It has not dissapointed me yet, the only problem I have had was my fault. I turned off my dashboard lights by mistake...lol I felt silly when I took it in to the dealership. We had a good laugh though.
I love the back up sensors...as I leave for work in the am in pitch dark..I have to back up and there are alot of big trees behind me, the sensor is great. I read alot of negative emails on this board and just wanted to say...there are happy owners out here..


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    Its nice to see at least one person is happy. Tens of thousands of us are not with the 2002 and the very poor quality that GM came out with on this vehicle. GM should be utterly ashamed of themselves in this regards. But what do they care, I guess when toyota passes them for all-time sales and realiablity maybe then it will click in. GM has sure lost a ton of customers with poor handling of complaints in regards to this vehicle. And they sure lost me. Buick is susposed to be the hallmark trade mark for GM; well they sure missed the mark with the 2002s and maybe the 2003s. The only reason I still have my RDV is because I put so much money into it I cannot afford to get rid of it. Its really too bad because the concept design of the RDV was sure nice, but the execution on GMs part was bad.

    I am glad you have not had any problems, so you are a rarity. We other customers may get our satisfaction in court.

    JP :)
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    Wow - i guess there is always the exception - I wish you continued success with your 02 Rendezvous. Because mine and waaaay too many others are a :lemon: There are a HOST of RECURRING problems - If I didnt owe as much as I did on it I would get rid of it in a HEARTBEAT!! Thats not to say the vehicle doesnt handle beautifully - drive smoothly and is comfortable inside. The mechanical problems make this car a throw away and a HORRIBLE investment!!! Best of luck to you!
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    We purchased a 2004 Ultra from Carmax this last weekend and so far, we are thrilled with it.

    It rides so smooth, and it looks brand new.

    I have looked through these forums, but I was wondering what the consensus here is on the 2004 Ultra.

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    Glad your 2004 RDV is treating you great as well...

    My wife has a 2003 FWD RVD (built in late 2003 - with better intake gasket) and its been a "great vehicle" as well. It starts every time. It has "take off" every time and it has "brakes" every time. And it hugs the sharp corners very tight as well. Despite its short wheel base, it has a very smooth and "comfortable" feel on the road. To me, my wife's RFW is a "very fun" vehicle to drive. So far, our 2003 RDV needed 2 x Front Wheel bearings (which is a know design engineering weak spot) and 2 x Front Rotors (which is another known design engineering weak spot). We currently have 63,000 miles on our 2003 and it still runs great. So far, we're very pleased we bought it. Especially for a "run about" in-town primary vehicle.

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    We had to sell our 2002 Rendezvous back in 2005 when going overseas.
    We never had any problems with it.
    Upon our return we got a new '09 Lexus RX350 and this thing has been to Lexus service more than all my previous cars combined. The latest quirk was doors wouldn't lock, automatic windshield wipers turn on at will, AC wouldn't run and on top of that power windows wouldn't open. The last combination (no AC and no windows) was cherry on the cake in hot Houston summer weather.

    We miss the plenty of room that Rendezvous has and all the items would always fit in. RX350 is much tinier. In Rendezvous with 3rd row I had 8 people safely riding and individually buckled up at one time. Lexus would seat 5 at most.
    We also miss the heads up display we had in our CXL.
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    I bought a 05 Buick Rendezvous and LOVE IT! I have put 70000 trouble free miles on it. It has always got me where I want to go. I have the cxl awd and the AWD is amazing. Versatrak does work as it should. I used to have a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer with ABS and I hated ABS. The Rendezvous ABS however is a lifesaver. It stops in a straight line and allows you to steer where you want to go. I also have the sunroof which I like. I would buy another rendezvous, however I will have to go to a minivan I will probably be buying a 09 Town and Country. :D
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    I have a 2004 randezous front wheel drive and today for the first time my Security light came on the dash stayed on for min and then went to check engine light. Stoped in to my parents for min and came back out and now now there is no lights on. Does anybody have any idea why that would happen
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    My wife has a 2003 (late edition which has better intake gasket) FWD RDV with approx 72,000 miles on it. We need this mini-SUV vehicle for our 2 adults and local "run about" needs. And, when we drive with only 2 kids. When taking 2 adults and 3+ kids, we take our mini-van instead. Like last night's hockey game transportation needs - that had 6 adults in our mini-van.

    So far, we've had to replace our 2003 FWD RDV's front brake rotors and both front wheel bearings. Being "front end heavy", I expected these items would wear out first. Other then these 2 "expected" wear / tear times, we love our 2003 FWD RDV. Hoping we can get another 3+ more years out of this vehicle, and its 3.4L engine. Only time will tell....

    We also have a 2009 Mini-van - for our more then 2 rows of seats and for our stronger hauling / attached trailer towing needs. Its 3.9L engine is great for family "long haul" trips and for utility trailer towing. Much better then under powered 3.4L engine. Our mini-van's newer technology 3.9L VVT engine "loves" the gas within city driving but surprisingly, gets better MPGs on the hiway - when compared to our RDV's smaller older technology 3.4L engine. Goes to prove our mini-van cuts through the fast speed hiway air much better. And, our mini-van is less insurance cost then our older 2003 "SUV" classified RDV. For ride comfort, our RDV has a much smoother feeling. Our 2009 mini-van has much tighter feeling suspension (even with pure stock suspension in both vehicles). Thus, pros / cons on each vehicle.

    In summary.... For non-towing or non-hauling needs &/or in-town "run about" needs, I'd pick our older 2003 FWD RDV. For towing / hauling or for better MPGs on hiways, I'd pick our 2009 FWD mini-van (over our RDV) instead. As they say, "pick the best tool for the job" that needs to be done... Despite this apple & orange (re: mini-SUV compared to mini-van) vehicle comparison, I'm glad we bought our 2003 FWD RDV. Hoping to get another 3+ more years out of it.

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