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ok so first off I do not own a new intrigue but was given a 98 (iforget trim package) so it is new to me.
Now comes the fun part, the car has a few problems I need to line out but overall I love this car. by researching I see that I need to check my wheel hub assemblies as I had an intermittent problem for a couple of days with the abs, low trac, ect lights coming on then going off and now they just stay on. The window motor is out on the front passenger side(that one is gonna be fun), the auto on light sensor is bad(I guess that is what it is) , and the cruise control buttons are hit and miss as to if they work or not. I well gladly welcome any input anyone may have to those problems. the car has 127k miles on it and runs like a champ. I will be looking for modifications for the car as well because I am going to want to personalise it a bit after I get all the problems lined out.

As far as modifications go I look forward to any input anyone may have towards engine mods(I drive fast) and appearence mods alike. I will be searching for a body kit definately and I am trying to find some way to get around the governor(at 117 mph I think) I have seen an intrigue with blue intirior lighting as well I find that interesting.

I will soon be replacing the factory audio and also welcome any support in that area. I am currently looking at a kenwood DDX-8019 for a head unit and I am still yet unsure to what speakers it uses (not the bose system, a 6 speaker setup). I apologise if this was wordy but I try to put all out front. thank you in advance for any input


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    Wheel hub assemblies - or Two cheapest places to GM parts.

    Window regulator is not all that hard to replace. You can get one from the above sites. Common repair, need to get door panel off.

    Cruise Control switch isn't too bad either (from waht i read).

    As far as engine modifications, the 98 Intrigue shares a bunch of parts with the late 90's Regal and Grand Prix. You may want to do a search on these cars to see what modifications are available.

    Can't help on the audio mods.
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    My window regulator (passenger rear) died a few weeks ago. I priced a new one (and they all came with the regulator and the motor) from the local autopart stores and they were all around $125.
    I removed the door panel (10 plastic tab things and 3-4 screws) which wasn't too bad. Then you have to remove the water sealing plastic from the metal door (just pull). After that you start removing about 3 screws on the motor, 4 screws on the metal track, and 2 screws that hold the glass window to the regulator. Pull all of that stuff out and then put the new one in. Loosely bolt the new regulator in and once everything seems lined-up, tighten the bolts down. Now try the window to ensure it works. My was catching on some of the loose wiring so I had to reposition the wire lumes so they wouldn't interfere with the window's movement. I bought new plastic tab things for the door panel and reinstalled everything. Seems to work like a champ.
    I was very happy with how easy everything was. The only hiccup that some people might have is with removing the door panel. If you don't have a torx bit set, then you won't be able to remove some of the screws. Otherwise the installation only need a very basic ratchet set.
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    Thanks fasstln! You should put these directions as a "guide" to replace the window regulator. This way anyone can do a search and get to your directions.
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