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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • Does anyone know how the extended warranty will affect those of us that have already had the work done?
  • I think the only way to find out is to call Nissan Headquarters-Customer Service. They SHOULD REIMBURSE THOSE OF US THAT HAVE HAD THE WORK DONE.
  • So I FINALLY decided to drop my car off this weekend (it's been sitting on my driveway since March. They called me this morning to inform me that my cooler was cracked and that they will need to replace the radiator, flush the coolant, and transmission fluid. The total cost is $1299.30. Sound familiar? They also told me that if this doesn't fix the problem, then I'll probably need to replace the valve body, which will cost me $1433. If this doesn't fix the problem, then I'll need to replace the transmission, which will cost me around $6000, based off other people's post in this thread.

    Hmmm... I'm seeing a pattern here...
  • sstanisstani Posts: 11
    You know what; the more I read these posts the more I get so angry with NISSAN!, Our car has been sitting for almost a year, we don't have $6000 dollars for a new transmission; I really wish they would do a recall so we can have our car back; we are still paying monthly car payment, insurance, car tag and NO CAR TO DRIVE! we are just now gonna have to check around for a 'used' transmission again and I don't know how we are gonna pay for that either; Is there anyone that lives in Atlanta area or can recommend a good reasonable mechanic?
  • As a follow to my previous post where I mentioned that Nissan extended the warranty on the radiator to 80,000 miles - the service writer at my local dealer confirmed that Nissan will indeed pay parts and labor for the radiator AND the transmission since the failure was caused by the radiator. The transmission was replaced with a remanufactured one which I wasn't totally thrilled with but it's supposedly a factory rebuild. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this again as I planned to keep this vehicle for my son when he graduates.

    Fortunately, my certified pre-owned warranty also paid for my rental car. This ended up being no charge to me which is a relief since I'm currently out of work.

    Hopefully the many others that were not previously covered will be reimbursed now.
  • 3cho3cho Posts: 2
    05 nissan xterra. radiator caused transmission failure. cost right under $5,000 with bypassing the internal cooler and flushing old radiator. now i have a 4x4 that cant go offroad, cant tow, cant afford, cant trade, cant sell. i am currently out of work also. Fortunately was able to work out a seperate loan with car lender to foot the repair bill, but now i cant affor to pay the 2 car notes. All i can say is nissan is never gonna live this down if they dont do something for all these people who bought your faulty product!
    I will make it my duty for the next 10 years that i will probably be paying for this car to make sure NOBODY BUYS ANOTHER NISSAN!
  • Did you do the radiator bypass and it STILL failed? How many miles do you have on your truck? At how many miles did you do the bypass? I was under the assumption, having just done the bypass, that this was the cure to problem. If you did it before seeing any signs of leaking or the tell tale "strawberry milkshake", and all looked good before the bypass, you were good. Nervous...
  • I had the same problem, Sbrooks05. 2005 Pathfinder SE, 3 months off warranty but only 52,800 miles on it. Gentle miles..I drive 3 miles roundtrip to work daily. And have never taken the vehicle outside of New England. On vacation, my reverse would not work. I drove to the nearest dealership (carefully). I was told my transmission was gone, the fluid burned. I have had no less than 15 non-regular maintenance visits in the last 5 years, 3 of which were for the same problem (leaking I type, time #4 is occuring whereas it is raining out and they didn't fix the problem (again) when I took it back for the third time 2 weeks ago). I have 54,000 miles on the car. So far, I've had to replace all belts, the tensioner, the transmission (while on vacation in another state), the sunroof is broken (I will not pay $142 and that is just to fix the switch, never mind labor and whatever else they find), the windows are loose (rattle when partially down), the electrical isn't right (there have been times when the sunroof has opened on its own or the lights and radio stay on after I've taken the key out of the ignition, opened/closed the door and walked away for HOURS), the battery has gone 2x, the rear u-joint was replaced, the 2 cheap plastic running board treads have fallen off, pinched window seals...the list goes on. I have determined I've been to the dealer (I keep all service records) about 3x or once every 4 months on average for items outside of normal wear and tear. This vehicle has cost me over $500/year extra since I've owned it. And I thought I was doing a good thing by trading in my Ford Explorer for this piece of junk. I've filed a complaint with the BBB, Nissan, NHTSA, and anyone who accepts complaints. I've had it.
  • Bought a used Pathy off dealer lot 4 mos. ago w/44k miles. Day before yesterday I heard strange noise when starting. Long story short, needed serp belt & tensioner which I had to pay $278.00.Freaked out on dealer who then agreed to split cost's with me. Better than nothing I guess since they have you by the you know what's. I then mentioned the prob. people are experiencing with the radiator/ tranny defect. He told me it can happen to any one of Nissan's trucks including Frontier's, Titan's & Armada's at any time regardless of how many miles you have, or how you drive it. He also mentioned that Nissan isn't sure if it's a def. part, or the type of fluids causing the breakdown of whatever radiator part or seal that causes coolant to mix with atf fluid.Kind of vague you think ? Anyway if you call 800-Nissan1, you might be able to get an extended warranty like I did for 5 yrs. and a total of 80k miles. If you are over 80k you might be sol.Hope this can help someone on here. Good luck!
  • I just found out that I need to replace my transmission and radiator. Quote from Nissan was $6,800. I have 90,000 miles on my vehicle, and when I purchased it, I was under the impression (from the salesman) that powertrain was covered up to 100,000 miles. I'm found out the hard way, that Nissan sucks. Their customer service sucks and their vehicles suck. I had a fuel sensor that went out around 50,000 miles and when I reported it, it wasn't covered under any warranty. Now I get something in the mail saying they extended that warranty but I'm already above the miles stated on the extended warranty. I just signed on to a lawsuit here:
    I'm hope we can get this problem fixed with Nissan because I can't afford to pay for all these high dollar expenses. I've taken really good care of this vehicle and kept in a garage, etc, which burns me up even more.
  • On the link mentioned above, is this ANOTHER attorney's office? Three now?
    This morning I called Nissan again after reading about the warranty mentioned in previous posts. It appears they may be starting to cover this now! I got a case/reference number and had to fax my receipt and proof of payment to Nissan today. They said someone will call me by tomorrow. I can only pray that I will magically get a check in the mail soon. Still will NEVER buy another Nissan - EVER.
  • I am writing about the problems and issues that my wife and I are having with our 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. We have had 3 major issues with this SUV since we purchased it, and no one from Nissan wants to help us. The first issue that I had was the gas level device broke off in the reservoir at approximately 60, 000 miles. We brought it to our Nissan dealer and they would not service the vehicle as a warranty issue. We had to put out the money for the repair ourselves.

    The second issue that we had was with our defective catalytic converter. I am truly dissatisfied with the service that I have received from my Nissan dealer repair shop. They refused to provide service through warranty. Also they were very rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful. My wife Angela has placed a complaint with your office about the crappy service that she received from Premium Nissan. Our catalytic converter was defective through manufacturer error and they refused to repair it. The manager of Meineke was who showed us the issue and made us aware of the manufacturer defect, and told us about the warranty. I also did research and spoke with a rep from the EPA office about the matter. The catalytic converter is supposed to be under warranty for 80,000 miles, in which our vehicle was at 78,000. When she reported the problem to your office, the only advise she received was to take it to another dealer. When she took it to another dealer, she was told that she would have to pay $120 just for them to diagnose the problem, and then pay for the converter to be repaired.

    The third issue we just had last week. The vehicle would not drive. I had my mechanic check it out only to find that the antifreeze was leaking info the transmission. The mechanic stated that is was due to a faulty radiator. Once again we called Nissan only for them to say there is nothing that they can do, since the vehicle is out of warranty. We had to put out the money to replace the defective radiator and have the transmission serviced.

    Now this past Friday the tranny crapped out on me, costing me money for tow also. My mechanis says the cheapest price to replace the tranny is no less than $3500.00. I tried to call Nissan USA and the service manager refuses to return any of our calls. I am sick and tired of Nissan. My next step is to contact the local news, radio news, and attorneys worldwide and see what can be done. I myself am a radio personality and DJ, and I will announce to the world that Nissan does not take care of their customers
  • If you haven't filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, PLEASE, do so! Go to It's quick and easy to do.
  • qkj2qkj2 Posts: 14
    ohpathfinder - I called Nissan yesterday to inquire about being reimbursed for the radiator I had to pay for when they replaced my transmission and I was told I was covered up to 80,000 miles or 8 years. I am only at 67,000 so I faxed in my work order/receipt and I will happily wait for my over payment of 949.04 just for a nissan radiator. They are also finally covering the fuel gauge issue so I am thrilled about that. Give them a call, hopefully you and others are covered as well...I've been dealing with this since 02/10 when I had to fight them to cover the transmission.
  • lovedmyxlovedmyx Posts: 4
    edited November 2010
    Just brought my 2005 X (77666 miles) in for the extended radiator/tranny debacle.
    Mine popped in July.
    Nissan jerked my chain for 6 weeks before denying any assistance.
    Was set to bring it in to an independent shop for repairs and then join the KGG lawsuit.

    Now Nissan will have one last chance to satisfy a long term customer.
    I made it very clear that I will not accept a tranny flush or a rebuilt.
    And if Nissan didn't make things right, I will pull it out of there and go the lawsuit route.

    I will also be receiving a $478 refund check for the fuel sensor replaced at 62,000 miles. The warranty on this has been extended to 7/72,000.

    I will update when Nissan calls me regarding my situation.
  • sstanisstani Posts: 11
    that is great to hear about some of you getting Nissan to take care of payment. Our mileage is about 102,000 and we do not have extended warranty; my issue is that this is a NISSAN radiator defect regardless of mileage. We did nothing wrong with driving our car for this to happen to us; I don't want NISSAN to not take care of us just because of us not paying for extra warranty on the car; I am already paying monthly car payment, insurance, car tag and NO CAR TO DRIVE
  • gkj2-Could you elaborate, it sounds like they only covered a portion of the work or did they already cover the transmission?
  • Statement from Nissan to all service managers.

    Please be advised, the radiator warranty extension pertaining to 2005~2010 Frontier, Pathfinder and
    Xterra also applies to US vehicles. To confirm US vehicle VINs for eligibility, refer to Service Comm.

    also as far as the transmissions:

    Also, when submitting a radiator assembly claim with consequential parts or labour, please add these
    additions to the one Work Order line with the radiator assembly as the PFP (primary failed part). This will
    help expedite the claims process.
  • qkj2qkj2 Posts: 14
    Sure...back in January I took my truck to Nissan and discovered the radiator/transmission issue. Originally they refused to cover either but finally gave in and covered my transmission and I had to pay for the radiator. A month later my fuel sensor stopped working and they refused to cover it. I checked the boards the other day and discovered the warranty extension, gave Nissan a call and they said I qualified for reimbursement of the money I spent for a new radiator and I could bring my car to Nissan to replace the fuel sensor for free. My only issue is that I never received notification of the recall or extended warranty so I could potentially missed out. So glad I can come to these mesage boards for info...I also joined the lawsuit, recieved a message to return the call and I did but never heard back from the office again. It sucks that those with higher mileage are still stuck paying for these repairs caused by Nissan. I've already decided that this is my first and last Nissan!
  • I am totally with you qkj2. This was my first, and definitely my LAST Nissan. I'm still trying to work some things out with Corporate. I did receive the extended warranty letter from Nissan, but it's pointless because I have 123K miles.

    Although it's better than nothing, I'm glad that they were willing to cover the expenses of your tranny. I find it ridiculous that they won't cover everything, especially considering the primary cause of the issue was with the COOLER. Their whole cooling system is flawed, and quite possibly INTENTIONALLY designed to crack over time, not only to damage the radiator, but also the transmission. A lot of things are not built like they were in the past... nothing is BUILT TO LAST any longer... they're all BUILT TO BREAK just so that we can get raped in the long run. My uncle owned an '86 Sentra that lasted 230,000 miles on nothing more than BASIC maintenance and oil changes. I'm pretty sure no car built in this generation are ever going to see anything past 160 to 180K miles.
  • We have 2005 with 64K miles, started getting rumbling vibration this summer. Dealer did 60K service and assured us that no antifreeze was in trans so flush should solve problem. Problem did go away for awhile, but similar rumble is back and shifting to OD now does not feel healthy. I'm seeing your references to extended warranty on radiator, but closest I see on Nissan warranty site: ( N&model=PATHFINDER&submit=Submit)
    related to transmission is issue 10V517000. That one is about IPDM unit that can cause stalling.
    What is Nissan issue number you are referencing?
  • There still is no mention of this on the nissan website.
    I heard about the extension from surfing the web.
    Called the dealer and he confirmed.
    Truck had been at nissan since 11-12-10.

    Still haven't heard from them.

    Nissan HQ is again playing phone tag with me regarding my fuel sender refund.
    They have all my phone #'s but still prefer to leave VM at my home.

    Nissan never notified me about these 2 warranty extensions even though I have case numbers filed.

    I think the radiator extension was more to try to head off all those class action suits that are popping up then customer service.
  • Go to and you will see the form for the radiator assembly.
  • That helps! Good to see something with Nissan Logo. Elephant in the corner- what if the radiator leak takes out the transmission? Is that cost covered? Seems to be ominously missing.
    We don't have clear signs of coolant in transmission, my fear now is that trans is just going bad on it's own accord.
    I saw that consumer reports rated the 2005 as a reliability mess, but by 2008 rating is pretty good. I'm skeptical that there was much change, given that the radiator warranty extension goes all the way to 2010.
    Such a bummer. We still can't help but like the vehicle. It has the perfect towing/seating/offroad/daily driver mix that we want.
    Trading for a new Pathfinder seems a little risky?!
  • I'm so glad I found this board. I have been through all of the above with my 2005 Pathfinder. To make a long story short, a transmission shop diagnosed that my radiator was leaking and as it was there flooded the transmission, they wanted 4200 dollars to fix, I called Nissan of Omaha (the worst location in the vicinity) because they would cover the towing cost to them and the radiator replacement because of the service bulletin they just received the week before. It was undrivable at that point - hence the tow. Well, they replaced the radiator, did one flush and put me on the road. It was still slipping so I took it back the next day and many times so they could verify and fix but they refused to admit that it was slipping - Nissan Corp was contacted but they keep siding with the dealer. I have documentation that from the Transmission shop and from another Nissan dealer that it is slipping and that it will fail if not repaired but Nissan of Omaha and Nissan of America Corp. refuses to allow the other dealer to fix it for me. Nissan closed my ticket with them at Corp. The head service person for Nissan Corp - Charlie - is who they are saying is behind the decision to not fix or replace the transmission. I won't rest till it is fixed and they help all of us. Please continue to do everything you can on your end. I am going to do lots of research and turn it into as many media outlets and attorneys as possible. If any of you have some names and details of the people involved with your situations please send them my way. I'll submit updates when I have any progress or news.
  • That is an optimistic way to look at it. But was poor person is going to then get our 2005 Pathfinder when we trade it in? Why would we do that to someone else if we don't want this done to us?
  • They finally replaced my fuel guage also when it was in for the radiator, but it was out for a year and I called them a few times but my particular VIN wasn't covered - then all of a sudden they extended the warranty and fixed it this fall.
  • That is what they are doing with me. I won't give up though.
  • Is there any way to get a copy of the service bulletin or could someone post a link? The Nissan website ( would imply that all consequential damaged components (transmission) are covered.

    “Nissan is extending your vehicle's New Vehicle Limited Warranty as it applies to the radiator assembly and its component parts from 36 months/36,000 miles to 96 months/80,000 miles, including damage, repairs, replacement, and related towing resulting from this issue”.
  • I have posted it online so anyone can access it. These were given to the service staff at dealers - not mailed to Nissan owners. Let me know if you can't get to it or have questions. Service Bulletin for Radiator Warranty Extension
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