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2009 Acura RL



  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Thanks NebraskaGuy, I've been meaning to get in to Acura one of these days to check out the 2009 in person. The 2005 is running perfect at 44,000 miles. Good to see you are still in the forum.
  • Yes, you should definitely check it out. I suspect, though, you'll come to the same decision I have. I have just over 37,000 miles on mine and still running perfect. Only problem I have is lack of gas - currently in Asheville and haven't found a gas station that actually has gas!!! Who knows when I'll get back home.
  • went to test drive a RL.Seemed like a nice car a bit more road noise then the GS I thought and lacking a few things (multi position heated seats) but still a real possibility.

    I'm not sure I understand correctly what you wrote, but my interpretation is that you're saying the RL does not have multi-position heated seats. If that's what you said, it's not correct. The RL does have multi-position heated and cooled seats.
  • RL is a nice car... but I cant think of its purpose. Its not significantly better then TL... both in terms of performance and cachet!! so what the rationale to buy RL?

    Have you considered Infiniti M, Jag XF, or Audi A6?

    If you like the drive of might want to wait till Jan/Feb when revamped model hits... and you probably will be able to get #350 with leather around guess.
  • Doesn't the RL have real wood?
  • Doesn't the RL have real wood?

    I assumed it did since the RL always has had real wood. However, the RL page on Acura does not say it's real wood which is suspicious.
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    The RL does not have real wood its "simulated" (plastic).I called Acura when I read the "simulated curly maple wood grain trim" in the brochure.One other thing I found out was the only only leather was on the seat bottom and back,the edges are "leatherette" (vinyl) Very dissapointing as I really liked the look inside and out but think I may have to try some others makers.The GS does have real leather and wood,the MB has real wood but same thing with the leather only inserts (and only with option),otherwise its vinyl ("MB-Tex")

    The M does look nice,will have to se about that as well.
  • The RL is available in 3 configurations. The base option does have "simulated" wood, but the other 2 packages both have real wood as follows:

    Technology Package - "Upgraded genuine wood interior trim"

    CMBS/ACC package - "Genuine curly maple wood trim"
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    Direct from Acura: its all plastic.Call them
  • "....One other thing I found out was the only only leather was on the seat bottom and back,the edges are "leatherette" (vinyl) Very dissapointing as I really liked the look inside and out but think I may have to try some others makers."

    I used to feel this way too but I changed my mind when I noticed that after a number of years--despite using the best leather care products--I found that the seatbacks and seat (the leather parts) were showing a lot of unhappy aging with cracks, delaminations and an overall discolored, shiny appearance, while the "leatherette" parts of the seat still look fine. This has happened to two of my cars including one I currently own. Interestingly, the passenger seat looks fine, but nobody usually sits in it.
  • I believe you-I know for sure the TL has the fake wood.
  • Clarification on my previous post....I am referring to other cars in regard to the leather showing cracks and aging, not an RL. I have no experience with an aging RL.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    My nephew lives and works in Charlotte and I know what you were going through. Interesting that today we are in Arizona :shades: where he used to live and work. Plenty of gas here in Mesa and @ $3.30 per gallon we are enjoying it (My rental is a Mazda 6 and I'm burning regular.) I miss the comfort of the RL.though. We have 2 years to wait for the major changes that will come on the 2011 RL. I'm going to wait.
  • The RL does not have real wood its "simulated" (plastic).I called Acura when I read the "simulated curly maple wood grain trim" in the brochure.

    I just got around to looking at my RL brochure. The bottom two models have simulated wood. However, the CMBS model has real wood. I'm not sure I really care either way.
  • We have 2 years to wait for the major changes that will come on the 2011 RL. I'm going to wait.

    Yes, I'm going to wait too. I was at my dealership last night for a roll-out party for the new TL. A salesman was talking about the 11 RL. It sounds like it will be a totally different car. It will be interesting to see what they do to it. Btw, the 09 TL is a gorgeous car!! Especially the Tech version.
  • Wonder what's going on with the 2009 RL. Nobody has any.
  • I think Acura thinks that there is a subset of potential RL buyers who want the car so much that they will pay full price. They know that there is a larger population of buyers who will buy the cars for, say 3500 to 4500 below msrp. In the past everyone was able to buy for the lower figure, so I believe the current strategy is to cut production back to a trickle in hopes they can hold on price.

    I see problems with this approach in light of the current economic meltdown and the availability of the TL model in AWD at a much lower msrp. But time will tell.

    One of the first 09 RL's in my area sold at a $2500 discount from msrp per a salesman I know.
  • I see problems with this approach in light of the current economic meltdown and the availability of the TL model in AWD at a much lower msrp.

    The TL Tech I saw a week ago had an MSRP of $40k. Once the AWD is added in, will it really have a "much" lower MSRP than the RL?
  • Good question.

    The Acura website lists msrp on a TL with sh-awd and Technology package at 42,235.
  • ocimocim Posts: 45
    There have been a lot of folks that have paid around 41-42K for a 50K MSRP 2008 RL. The few subtle changes Acura has made cannot possibly make folks want to pay 8-9K more for it. The way I see it, the TL-SHAWD is just about the same size now. The rear leg room, which a lot of people look at, is now identical. The new TL is somewhat lighter, slightly more HP and has better fuel economy. Why would you want to pay 50K for something old when you can have something new (and better) for about 43K.
  • Your question is a straw man; they are different cars. Each has its own circle of people to whom it may appeal, and while the circles may overlap somewhat, they are not the same. I've sat in both 2009's and the RL definitely has more polish and elegance than the TL, while the TL has a more sporty, edgier interior that--in its own right-is very well done. Different cars. Most people would say that the new engine, retuned awd system, cooled seats, new sheetmetal and trim,shifter, etc. is a significant change. Acura says it is the most major MMC it has ever made. Also, the RL (now including the 2009 model) has five star crash test performance in every category in IIHS tests. While I'm sure the new TL will be good in this regard, its performance in crash testing is undocumented for now.

    That said, I did think that the TL had a nicer nav screen, I think they changed the technology to create a crisper, brighter VGA display. Also, the TL has an option for uploading CD music to a harddrive....nice feature if you don't already have an iPod, which both models now have native USB support for.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    It's Early...but I had a black 2009 RL go past me yesterday, first one I have seen on the road. I followed it in my rear view mirror and it pulled into a parking spot so I did a yoyo and caught the owner before he left the area. (Would never have taken the time to do this during my busy working years...retirement is great :D ) The driver was a 45ish dapper dressed executive looking man and when I rolled down the window of my 2005 he immediately knew what I was probably going to say. He smiled and said he just bought it and traded in his RL like mine. Said he really liked it a lot. I told him before he went away to just leave his key fob so I could check it out. We laughed and as he walked away I went over and checked it out. It's a great car but it makes sense to wait 2 more years to find out what comes with the MAJOR changes to the 2011.
    (don't know why you use the ID Desert Rat but we recently returned from a trip to Arizona and while there we toured the Desert Museum in Tucson... really getting to appreciate that part of the country... especially after the crazy winters we've had in Wisconsin in recent years.)
  • Your question is a straw man; they are different cars.

    Yes, I agree. While I've always liked the TL styling and really like the 09 TL, it just doesn't have the feel of a luxury car, in my opinion, and the RL does.
  • Thanks for visiting. We love it here.(still working)
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Howdy Nebraska Guy! In Oct 2003 the redesigned 2004 TL was unvailed and my wife and I were visiting our daughter in Houston. My son-in-law and I drove to the nearest Acura dealer and stood in the dealer showroom checking out the all new design of the new TL. I owned a 2000 TL and was excited to see what the 2004 had to offer. I don't think I was quite ready for that body style, or that interior, and the way it felt sitting behind the wheel so we waited another year for the new RL...We heard it was going to be "All New" but for several months before the 2005 arrived, many long time potential buyers and many curious auto enthusiasts gathered in the Edmunds forum to post their thoughts on the emergence of this all new RL and it was an amazing collection of auto buffs of every kind of background; engineers, Canadians, lawyers, braggarts, car guys from all backgrounds, salesmen, jerks, gentlemen, blah blah blah. I loved coming into that forum because you could usually read 20 to 30 new posts everyday more or less and there were brilliant contributions. (Some not so brilliant :sick: ) I have never been exposed to that kind of thing before but it was truly a worthwhile experience and those of us who stayed with it learned a lot about the car and were able to make a decision whether or not it was the right luxury performance sedan for us at the time or not. In another 15 months or so I expect there may be a new RL forum that could possibly take off like the 2005 but until then I will be content to drop a regular e-mail to my good friend ACURAPHILE in New York (Whom I met in here) and compare notes on how well we are doing with our 2005's. and our lives. And I expect George will be back in here again posting supurb contributions..... after all he is only 84! ;)
  • JJACURA and I have been good friends since the early Forum days in 2004. The excitment that attended the yet unknown 2005 RL was at fever pitch. We Acura buffs waited nine years for a model change, and our excitement could barely be contained. I hope that we can resurrect that enthusiasm while waiting for what has been described to be a real 'flagship' RL.

  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Hi jjacura, I grew up in Wisconsin, graduated from the U of WI in Madison, and one of our cars is a '99 TL. It's been excellent, and we're happy with it, but I'll amplify on how I feel about Acura below.

    I think the styling of the 09 RL is improved over the '05-'08, but my main disappointment regarding the RL is that Acura didn't take the opportunity to convert it to rear wheel drive for '05. I think Honda-Acura should have followed the Nissan-Infiniti business model in terms of drive wheel architecture; FWD for Honda and RWD for Acura, with optional SH-AWD for whichever models of each brand is appropriate. AWD makes sense in Wisconsin, but doesn't make much sense in most of the sunbelt, for example.

    I think that Honda, even more than Nissan or Toyota, is the most promising Japanese company, from the standpoint of engineering resources and corporate culture, to take on the German luxury brands. To do that successfully, in my opinion, the Rl and TL must be RWD, and since the TSX is now a larger car, they might as well make the TSX a RWD direct competitor to the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class.

    From what I've read, the next generation RL will probably be RWD. That's good, but also disappointing that it took so long. It suggests that Honda has lost some of the entrepreneurial spirit it used to have, and has been playing it too cautious, hoping that SH-AWD would trump RWD and RWD based SH-AWD. Or maybe they were counting on the fact that most drivers neither know nor care which set of drive wheels move the car.

    Incidentally, FWD made perfect sense for the first two or three generation Acuras, when luxury cars had significantly less power. The game changer was when, several years ago, horsepower and torque rose dramatically. That amplified the shortcomings of FWD.

    My conclusion is that each drive configuration involves various tradeoffs. That means that one or another is better for certain applications. Of the Japanese manufacturers, I think that Nissan-Infiniti has done the best job of sorting out the tradeoffs.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Hello Wisconsin Native ...Congrats on graduating from UW Madison..a great University...
    What is going on with our Badgers this fall? :cry:

    Your thoughts regarding the RWD based SH-AWD platform are consistent with much of what we have read in the Car Mags. It suggests that you have gone deeper into the competitive engineering aspects of performance based luxury sedans and comparisons are important to you. How do you feel about Acura adding a 420 Horsepower, 4.8 liter, V-8 to the mix? We have seen Spy photos of the 2011 but indications are that the designers have gone back to the drawing board. Many of us really count on THIS one to be designed exceptionally well with show stopper distinction. Acura has an opportunity to knock 'em dead with a true flagship leader this time. I look forward to it. :)
    Good Luck to you.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Well, the badgers aren't doing as well as last year, when they won 69% of the games versus only 43% so far this year. However, there's time left in this season, and one can hope that they'll turn it around.

    Regarding a V8 for Acura, just this morning I read in Automotive News that...

    " Acura dealers: A V-8 engine is on the way - Acura dealers say they have been told that Acura will offer a V-8 engine option within 18 months. 'It's confirmed,' says Dave Conant, principal owner of the multibrand Conant Auto Retail Group in Cerritos, Calif., which includes one Acura dealership."

    Since I'm not a subscriber I was unable to access further details, such as which model(s) will get the new V8, its size, power, and features to be relatively fuel efficient. I'm sure more details will come out soon.

    This will be a big opportunity for Honda to establish Acura as a credible competitor to the German luxury brands, plus Lexus and Infiniti, and Cadillac. It'll be interesting to see how Acura balances the need for a flagship and the increasingly stringent fuel economy requirements. In the meantime, the RL is merely a place holder. That doesn't make it a bad car, but "not bad" isn't good enough in the current environment. With auto sales as weak as they are, the consumer has too many choices and too much power for anything less than an excellent product to succeed. For this reason, and the fact that there's insufficient differentiation between the RL and the new TL to justify the price differential, means that RL '09 sales will be weak, and the cars will be heavily discounted.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Yes a v8 will be coming out in 18 month. The v8 is still unknown. It might not be 4.8L but depends. It will probably have A-vtec, VCM, but no IMA. I could see a DSG gearbox instead of a 6 speed Auto. Maybe Honda is skipping a traditional 6AT for a 6 or 7DSG.

    The v8 has been well rumored for the past couple of years. It's really no secret but the actual specs are. The v8 could be a 8 cylinder version of the NSX replacement's v10.
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