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Hyundai Santa Fe Radio



  • Please search this forum. We keep discussing this over and over. It is a known problem and is curable. Not all SF's with the Infinity stereo do it, but many do. Do some research on this forum and educate yourself.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Unfortunately the buzz posts are scattered over several discussions here and didn't see a cure thread when I did a quick search of all the Santa Fe discussions. Maybe you or someone can summarize the fix since this discussion is solely about the radio? Thanks!
  • This forum hold topics like Stereo goes in and out, Muffled sound, Switches back and forth, FM radio, 07' to 08' changes, antenna problems, XM, Treble all the way up and all the way down, no sound from speaker, heat issue. My problem and the problem with every Santa Fe I've been in is that there is a Constant buzz that comes from the tweeters. It happens no matter what your listening to FM, AM, a CD. Doesn't matter. Dealership said it was a design flaw all the Santa Fe's are that way. Only fix they gave me was to unhook my tweeters.
  • This forum has a "search" function and it works very well. I put in "Infinity" and got one hundred and eleven posts that mention Infinity. Not all relate to your problem, but most do. Try this:!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%2- 0limit%3A.eea499a%20infinity&count=20

    Here's an example, the very first post under "Audio and rear seat entertainment problems":

    "Hello and thanks for the help! I have two huge problems with my 2007 limited touring and ultimate santa fe built 10/06. I have the infinity 605 watt system but do not have xm radio.
    Problem 1: When i listen to the radio(or cd player) at low volume levels (anything under 15) i hear a high pitched tone that is almost as loud as the radio itself. This tone is not present when i use the radio with the car off. So i am annoyed and do not use my radio.

    Problem 2: When i put a dvd in the rear entertainment system it starts to play the previews just fine. Then about half way into the preview it will flip over to the radio which is much louder and that is really horrible. I have to push the rse button to get it to go back to dvd.

    Both of these problems have been acknowledged by the service manager after 2 weeks of my car being at the dealer. In fact i sat in another santa fe that was right next to mine that had the same annoying tone and did the same thing with the dvd. I have put in a call to hyundai because they are making their service department look bad by putting their cars out this way. Since there were at least 2 santa fe's on the lot built in different years that had the same problem i would imagine that other people have noticed this. If you have noticed this please reply with what you have found out because i am tired of dealing with it and want both issues fixed.
    thanks "
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I found several posts like that too. What I didn't find was the cure that you mentioned, unless disconnecting the tweeters is the "cure."

    [edit] Ok, I found your recent post about the ground:

    denvertrakker, "Audio and Rear Seat Entertainment problems with 2007 santa fe" #18, 7 Sep 2008 11:33 am
  • Boy, I sure am glad I only got the basic radio and not the Infinity. Anyone else want to chime in? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    OK, one last time. The cure is not disconnecting the tweeters. The issue is a grounding problem with the external amp that allows alternator noise to enter the system. Go to "Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+) and go to post #128. The information is here if you look for it....although maybe not a solution.

    It's very annoying that the dealers blow everybody off on this. I worked in the audio business for many years, and if someone had a problem it was addressed. How do car dealers get away with "they all do that, sorry can't help ya."?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Does anyone here know how to remove the radio head unit from a 2007 Santa Fe? I have a small rattle that sounds like it may be coming from behind the radio. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue as to how to pull the radio out. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  • Your best bet on this is to visit a car stereo installer. If you catch one in the right mood, chances are they'll tell you how to pull it. It's likely just a pop-off trim panel, after which the radio de-mounts with 4 or 5 bolts, but I'd make sure before fiddling. If you tell me where in the country you are I might be able to recommend someone to try.
  • I did some searching and found this:

    As you can see, it's a bit involved. I'd still suggest going to an installer for help.
  • I picked up my 08 Santa Fe Limited AWD with Nav. August 21st and experienced the same problem. The audio "mutes" for no apparant reason. It's only happened twice. After shutting off the car and restarting it, the radio worked. I thought it might have been an anomoly but I guess I can expect it to continue. By the way what and where is the Logic 7 mode toggle? Thanks.
  • I have a 2008 SF with a rattle behind the dash. I hear it through the AC vent on the passenger side. Please let me know what you find or how it gets resolved.

    Thank you.
  • anonyanony Posts: 1
    According to Hyundai this is the way it should be. See TSB # 06-90-023 on their own web site: . I've tried for resolution to no avail. If you really love the Fe and want a real radio you might have to go 3rd party - but note that warranty may get affected. I recommend telling your friends about the customer service you get when trying to fix this. I'm not a happy camper when it comes to Hyundai - PERIOD! I would not have purchased if I knew now what I knew then (goes beyond just the radio).
  • I own a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. We live in Sarasota, but I often drive the vehicle through downtown Tampa. My car is equipped with the standard Hyunndai Santa Fe Limited radio,with XM.
    I have experienced none of the reception or tone problems that have been posted. I have, however, had my Sante Fe in for at least 9+ times in the 12 months I have owned it.
    Issue revolve around squeaks and creaks. I have filed a complaint with the FL Lemon Law people, and we shall see what happens next.
  • anybody knows since when the mp3 player comes in the santa fe radios?
  • I am also have this issue, if it is a bad ground from the amplifier has anyone fixed it themselves or got the dealer to fix it? If so, what was done?

    If someone can share this info then all of us with the problem can get it addressed at our dealers. I remember some people even opening cases at Hyundai America for this, any feedback from them?

  • I have a 2008 Santa Fe GLS with the base 112-watt radio. I'm pretty disappointed with the flat sound quality and of course the lack of an audio jack for a MP3 player (knew this when buying the vehicle). I have spent plenty of time adjusting the equalizer to improve the sound, but still missing clarity. Compared to the radio in our 2008 Mazda3, the SF radio sounds like a blue light special.

    One recent review of the 2009 SF stated that the only significant upgrade for the model year will be a radio with an audio jack and USB connectivity. Has anyone seen and heard the new radio? I'm curious if the entire radio was replaced and the sound quality is improved. Next I would like to know if dealers will be allowed to install the new 2009 radio into a 2008 (inflated dealer cost could be an issue). I would be curious in researching this option before buying an after market radio that will not have the same fit/finish as a manufacturer radio and avoid potential compatibility issues with the steering wheel control buttons. Thoughts?
  • The standard radio in the SF is, overall, not that bad. Replacing the speakers should make a considerable difference in the sound quality. If you really want an MP3 jack, then an aftermarket unit is the way to go. Getting an OEM radio from a Hyundai dealer would be ridiculously expensive compared to an aftermarket unit, and likely is the same radio only with a front panel input added. As far as fit and finish and the steering wheel buttons are concerned, a good custom install kit from Scosche or Metra would do a good job (NOT American International - they're junk), and there are interface/adapters available to maintain the function of the buttons - as long as the aftermarket unit provides for their connection.
  • The AM on the AM/FM radio in my 1998 Isuzu P/U truck started going dead. I can get it back for varying lengths of time by going to FM which works fine then back to AM. I have tried reseating the antenna and wiggling the wire with no affect. It even goes out while I am at idle so I no longer suspect then antenna. It probably needs a new radio unless someone can suggest what else might cause the problem. I'm a talk radio junkie and never use FM. Thanks.
  • @ torscotty

    I just purchased an 08 Santa Fe 1 week ago and am having the same exact problem as everyone else is. It's odd how this forum has started so long ago, and how there are hardly any more posts about this issue. If it wasn't resolved you would think people would still be complaining.

    If this has been resolved, PLEASE help! Is there a solution to this? Did anyone actually determine if this was a external amp grounding issue? Did anyone actually fix it?
  • johncjohnc Posts: 7
    Have a 2004 Santa Fe with loss of radio (Monsoon) reception in AM mode. Twice previously I had the dealer correct (under warranty). The fix was to replace the glass amplifier under the drivers side rear window (the antenna is located in this window). There could and probably is a loose wire on the amplifier or the ground connection (dealer stated).
    Question... How does one remove the inside panel under the window without causing any damage? Are special tools needed? Is there a trick?
    I need detailed instructions and a few prayers.
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