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Acura TL vs Subaru Legacy GT Limited

zdonut316zdonut316 Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Acura
I am looking to lease either the TL or the Subaru Legacy GT Limited 5-speed manual. I know the Legacy is the exact wheelbase as the TSX, but for some reason I don't consider it in that league. I can get a great lease price on either. I have the connections, but just don't know which one to go with?


  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Which do you prefer? AWD or FWD?

  • I honestly could care less.....FWD is cool. All wheel sounds safer but it really isn't a factor. My main focus is the price of the lease, the performace (very similar), and the believe it or not, the factory sound system. I know the TL's is amazing...i don't know much about the one in the Subaru.
  • While the TL has the LGT (by the way no such thing as a LGT limited anymore) in interior refinement, and quite possibly sound, the LGT absolutely blows away the TL on the road. The LGT is much faster and handles better. I too was in the market for an upscale sedan. Looked at the 3 series, C series, TLs, audi, volvo to name a few and ultimately chose an 08 LGT after driving several of the listed vheicles. I was impressed by the performance of the LGT, especially with the 5spd, and the traction and handleing was great. Even the interior was nearly as tight as the Acuras. I really hated how the FWDs felt at WOT on the TL, they exhibited quite a bit of torque steer which is extremely annoying to me. Also the LGT is top of the pack when it comes to safety ratings FWIW... Oh yeah one last thing, another reason I went with the LGT is it's uniqueness. I get tired of seeing countless 3 series and Acuras all over the place, everyone has one. With the LGT you will get asked what kind of car it is all the itme, kinda cool!!
  • You gotta care about FWD vs. AWD....I test drove both before buying my '05 TL. The acura was light years ahead of the suby in terms of refinement. The suby was faster (you gotta love that turbo!) and will do infinitely better in bad weather. Now, the '09 TL will be out in the fall if you can wait that long and it will have SH-AWD, better IMO than subarus system, BUT expect a price tag approaching 40k.(w/ all the toys)
  • Agreed, I look forward to trying out the SH-AWD. I hear it is very similar to BMWs approach as well. They are supposed to be really good and way better than the Subbies. The Subarus are about as basic an AWD platform as you can get, especially if you get a manual, totally a drivers car with no electronic nannies to help out. But I do like the fact that the SH-AWD will actually alter the speed of the inside vs. outside tires when turning which should make for excellent handleing!!
  • I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but the Subie is NOT faster than the TL or TL-S.
    The are quite closely matched, with the Legacy quicker down low with AWD traction.
    The Subie is governed at about 136 mph and the TL-S is about 147 mph. The Legacy GT is quicker by .4 seconds to 60 at most (thanks AWD) and the Legacy GT is quicker than the TL in the 1/4 mile, but very close to the TL-S in elapsed time(.1-.3 seconds ahead) but the TL-S is anywhere from 1-4 mph faster in the 1/4 mile (depending on who is testing). The Subie is also well behind in lateral acceleration and the TL-S is about 1 mph faster in the 700 ft slalom.

    The Legacy GT B Spec was on my short list, but ultimately lost because of a lack of refinement, it is just not a luxury car.

    Buy the Subie IF you need AWD for foul weather OR; you intend to modify the car for more speed. You simple can't beat the Legacy GT for cheap after market speed, and with stealth to boot. Oh don't forget reliability, Subies are rock solid reliable. Again, I have nothing against the Legacy GT, I almost bought one. If I had it would have a Cobb Tuning kit already, it's amazing what $600 can do for a Subaru! Watch out G35's and M3'!!!!
  • Doesn't surprise me about the lat acc as the LGT has horrible OEM all weather tires. The acceleration numbers are also assuming perfect launch conditions. I believe that in everyday driving on wet or dry or dirty roads the LGT will launch harder and pull on an Acura TL or Type S.
  • Don't forget the "average driver" will have a harder time launching the FWD in less than "perfect launch" conditions. Yes, AWD can be quite an asset in everyday driving, especially if you have enough HP. Heck, average drivers cant do much with perfect conditions either :P
  • To be honest I didn't realize the TL and TL-S were as fast as they were. When I initially googled them I was seeing low 7s for the TL and low 6s for the S. After looking at those numbers again they seem to have come from 05 models. Did they add vtech (or whatever their proprietary valve adjustment is called) in 06 or something?
  • I don't think a great deal has changed since they introduced the current Gen. The TL-S is of course much more powerful although about 20 horses short of the G35 and IS350 (which isn't even competition as it is way overpriced and has no manual trans).
    It is possible that some testers are just better drivers. It's also possible that some road tests are done on a track with professional equipment and others may well be a two average Joe writers with a GPS accelerometer on a back street. Here is the best results I have seen from the TL-S

    I'll take a 14.1 1/4 any day when it comes from a luxury car that gets better mileage than my 98 Maxima. I love the car, 1300 miles so far and I am just barely getting used to it so I am still driving what I would describe as "conservatively".
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